‘The Young and the Restless’ Week In Review: 2/17/20-2/21/20


Love was in the air in Genoa City last week on The Young and The Restless even as the week ended in tragedy at Newman’s anniversary gala.

Earlier in the week, Lola, who was still reeling from her recent break up with Kyle, put on a brave face as she ran into her soon to be ex and the love of his life, Summer at Crimson Lights.  Summer and Kyle were clearly feeling awkward but Lola assured them that she always knew what the rest of us have known all along: that Summer is who Kyle belongs with. Later while Kyle assured Summer that he does not want to hide their relationship, Lola confided in Abby her plans to open her own restaurant in Miami. 

Speaking of Abby, her excitement for Lola came along with disappointment when she was informed that Chelsea would be giving up her stake in the hotel to Phyllis. Abby, laughably, declared that Phyllis would pay. Obviously Phyllis could care less what Abby does or says because she has almost gotten everything that she wants now that she has used Chance and Adam’s Vegas secret to gain the hotel. Oh and by the end of the week, Phyllis is locking lips with her baby daddy at the Newman Gala, so she scored two big wins this week.

And Adam? Well, we now know the big secret. He killed a man in Vegas. He did it to protect Chance but the why doesn’t matter when Adam Newman is the killer.  Chelsea is standing by her man of course, however and by week’s end, Adam surprises her with a fourth marriage proposal at the Newman Gala. 

Last week’s big story was the Newman Gala. The show went all out to honor Eric Braeden’s 40th anniversary as Victor Newman complete with amazing flashbacks to some of the most important moments in his life and heartfelt speech’s from his loved ones.  Matt Miller returned as Victor’s brother and of course, Robert Adamson returned as beloved Newman son, Noah. Though Noah made it clear he was back for his mom just as much as he was for his grandfather. 

In typical soap opera fashion however, no big event is complete without a horrifying event ending said event early.  Ripley, the former flame of Amanda, decided he had seen enough after witnessing a close moment between his ex and Billy Abbott.  His anger got the best of him, he turned away for a moment and missed the fact that Amanda had walked away from Billy, and Victoria, who was wearing the same color dress, had taken her place. Ripley walked up behind Victoria and stabbed her before rushing off and leaving a shocked Victoria to fall into Billy’s arms. 

We can only guess what kind of drama will be in store for us next week.

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