General Hospital Spoilers: September 14-18, 2020


This week on General Hospital it’s bad news, confrontations, and a little family bonding. Find out what happens in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 14, 2020.

  • Britt confronts Julian
  • Liz apologizes to Franco
  • Nina tells Jax about her mother (Whole family crazy as a Betsy bug)
  • Ned lashes out at Lucy
  • Sasha offers to help (With what? Scoring some drugs?)
  • Sonny looks to Felix for support
  • Portia has news for Brook Lynn (Ooh gurl!)
  • Carly gets the closure she needs
  • Ava decompresses at the cabin
  • Dante gets devastating news
  • Stella is sympathetic
  • Sonny reminisces about what might have been (If it’s not about Brenda, we don’t care)
  • Carly gives Jason an update
  • Michael and Willow grow closer
  • Brando has a moment with Josslyn

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Sonny receives an unexpected gift (No, it’s not a divorce)
  • Michael reaches out to Brook Lynn
  • Ava spends time with Avery (Finally!!!)
  • Nina feels hopeful
  • Ned offers to help Alexis (Gatekeepers Meeting)
  • Robert is backed into a corner (Nobody puts Baby in the Corner)
  • Alexis meets with Portia
  • Molly is caught off guard (Lord, if this is another WTD storyline…)
  • Curtis loses his temper with Stella
  • Cyrus taunts Sam

Source Sneak Peek: GH Edition – Week of September 21, 2020

Valentin defends Alexis; Jason receives a troubling phone call; Financial issues cause tension between Elizabeth and Franco in light of changes at the hospital; Dante’s agitation with his doctor grows.

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