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‘Infinity Train: Book 3’ Recap: Episode 7 – “The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car”


After the previous episode, I went into this episode of Infinity Train: Book 3 expecting to get a lot of answers to questions. We got some, but they led to even more questions! With only a few episodes left you can feel the story climbing to a peak.

The episode starts off exactly where we left the last with Amelia asking the kids again what they did on the train.  She tells them that she sees that they enter the car and seconds later lines of code don’t match the reality of the car. Simon claims that they are the victims, not the causes of the problems. Amelia tells them there’s a glitch on the train and One sent her to fix it. Simon and Grace begin to accuse One-One of being a false conductor and Amelia begins to laugh at them. She tells them One has no idea that they exist. He just sees passengers, not specific people. They’re just numbers to him. Amelia takes out a notecard and reads it aloud in a sarcastic tone trying to spread One’s cheerful tone to the rest of the train. “All aboard the growth train. Toot toot! Wee!” You could see it pained her to read it. Hazel laughs and calls Amelia weird. Amelia tells her that she is. Further she tells them that some of the cars are corrupted and she scans the train for that code in order to try to figure out what’s the issue. It was working fine until 3 weeks ago when cars started ejecting themselves. She says since Grace, Simon and Hazel keep getting ejected along with them, they’re the only lead she has. She takes off her coat and puts her supplies on the ground, revealing her entire body is covered in numbers. Simon realizes she’s the cluster of numbers they’ve been tracking, not the cluster of kids in the Apex. She tells them she doesn’t care about having high numbers.

Amelia starts going over the cars on her scanner that are corrupted and talks about the first car that ejected, the one with all the turtles inside. Hazel becomes nervous and tugs on Grace who also picks up on it. Grace pulls Simon aside and says they have to get away from her. Grace tries to come up with a reason and thinks of an Apex code that says never trust adult passengers. Simon sighs and agrees. They begin to run away from Amelia, but she follows in pursuit. They cross a bridge and flying snakes cut Amelia off from chasing after them. Amelia yells out to them, hidden below, saying she can see their numbers on her tracker and that the car they are in is marked for ejection. She sighs and goes back to her belongings.

Grace, Simon and Hazel continue walking away from Amelia and find a cave that they can use for cover overnight. Simon says they should check their numbers to see if they changed. He sees his remains the same and looks to Grace to see what hers is. He tries to take her glove off to check but Grace resists. Hazel shoves Simon away from Grace. Grace tells Simon she doesn’t want to know because it’s happening to her and he’s making it all about himself. She yells at him to back off and give her some space. He becomes dejected and tells Grace he’ll keep watch outside while they rest.

Hazel begins to throw and break breaking rocks on the ground telling Grace that she’s angry. She tells Grace that Simon is being mean to her like he was mean to Tuba. She begins to shift back into a turtle the angrier she gets. Grace tries to get her to calm down but Hazel says she’ll use her turtle shell to protect them from Simon. She says she’ll be Tuba now. My heart. It hurts. Grace hugs Hazel as she cries. Simon outside the cave hears Hazel crying and walks off. Simon exits the train and uses his rope and magnetic boots to run from the top of the car to the next car and continues running back towards cars they already passed through. He winds up back at the car with The Cat and kicks the door open. He tells The Cat that she’s going to help him and tells her that he wants something that will tell him what’s wrong with Grace. Simon tells her she’s going to do it to make up for leaving him before. The Cat tells Simon she didn’t leave, she ran. That there is a difference. She says she didn’t realize he wasn’t with her until she got to the next car, but she never came back. Simon slumps into the chair next to The Cat. She asks for more details about what’s wrong with Grace. He tells her that her number is broken and how it’s going down and she doesn’t want to fix it. He then tells her they met a woman working with One-One with numbers up to her neck, but Grace didn’t want to talk to her and made them run. The cat asks how old the woman is and realizes it’s Amelia. She goes into attack mode, scratching her chair with her claws, saying they’ve had run-ins and that Amelia tried to kill her before. She tells Simon she is dangerous and that he should stay clear of her.

They begin talking about the numbers and The Cat asks Simon what he thinks would make numbers go down. He says numbers are power. She tells him that he’s wrong. Numbers are supposed to go down. She says that he thinks something is wrong, but he just doesn’t want to accept how it’s working. He accuses her of lying. She tells him she never lies when she’s telling the truth. Hah! He throws a chair and says Grace isn’t acting like she should and she’s shutting him out. The cat tells him that the only way to find out what she isn’t telling him is to see what she isn’t telling him. She climbs a bookshelf and puts her paw against a book. It begins to glow green and a safe open. She pulls out a red bag, jumps down, and gives it to Simon. He takes out a multi sided cube and a vial. She tells him he’ll have to extract a tape of her memories and go inside. Since it isn’t his memories, it will be safe. Going into your own tape could be dangerous and unpredictable. He tells her “I knew you’d have something. You always do.” He smiles and walks off. She stops him and warns him that you shouldn’t know what’s in a person’s mind, especially the mind of someone you love. He tells her he isn’t a child anymore and that he knows what he’s doing. As he walks back outside into the cold, she speaks aloud that he has no idea what he’s doing.

We now know what the issue is with the cars being ejected. There’s something corrupting the code on the train. Maybe that is why Hazel is changing forms. Or could she be the cause of the issues. Amelia did say when they enter the cars is when they begin to act up. Simon is becoming scary now. He’s lost his trust in Grace but at the same time, it is because he thinks that he is losing her and wants to get her back. She doesn’t care about her number anymore and that is what brought the two of them together in the first place. Things are getting very interesting! Only 1 more episode in this release block and then the final 2 episodes! I can’t wait!

You can stream Infinity Train Books 1-2 and Episodes 1-8 of Book 3 on HBO Max now!

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