‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week in Review: Overstepping Boundaries B&B Recap: August 31 - September 4, 2020


This week’s The Bold and Beautiful episodes were a lot better in my opinion than the previous few weeks. There seemed to be more balance this week. Instead of just one-story dominating, we had three stories to keep us entertained this week, so let’s get into the good and the bad for B&B for the week of August 31, 2020.

Not The Villain

For now, it looks like Ridge is going to let things fall where they may when it comes to his marriage to Shauna. She is giving him her undivided attention and he is clearly happy about that. The newlyweds spent some time flirting and swimming this week. It wasn’t terrible, but I think we all still know it’s not going to last. The odds are highly stacked against them. Meanwhile, Brooke was updating Donna on her situation and of course Bill waltzes in like he owned her house to once again try to stake his claim. However, for the moment at least, Brooke has turned him down.

Remember when I said in one of my previous reviews that I thought that we would hear some stallion talk between these two again? Well, I was right. Bill actually opened his mouth and told Brooke to get back on her stallion and ride into the future. I can’t even deal with the amount of disgust that filled me when I actually heard him utter those words. The stallion talk, and eventual noises, will forever be the reason that I can and will never take this couple seriously. Thankfully, Quinn interrupted just in time.

Quinn got some one on one time with Ms. Logan this week and she used it appropriately taunting Brooke about her slutty ways. She told no lies and I found myself rooting for this week. Quinn stands to lose just as much as Shauna when the truth about their schemes comes out but at this point, she really doesn’t care and is in full glee mode at Brooke being miserable. It makes for a fun rivalry and I am kind of enjoying it.

A First (Safe) Kiss

Zoe and Carter got much more screen time this week and it was glorious. They had a sweet, flirty lunch date at Forrester Creations. Carter was charming and chivalrous. He had Zoe, and me, swooning. We were even treated to a first kiss. Thanks to Covid-19 precautions, it was an awkward one but a first kiss, nonetheless. I am a fan of this pairing so far. I’m sure that it will not get the time and attention it deserves but for right now, I am enjoying them, and I look forward to whatever may happen next for them.

Losing My Grip

Hope and Liam made an appearance this week. I mentioned wanting some domestic bliss for the two of them and we got it for about five seconds. Liam was coloring. Hope was folding laundry. We heard the sounds of three kids playing in the background. There was even a fun little game of hide and seek between Hope and Liam. The pleasantness was quickly replaced by annoyance however when Hope decided to make decisions, she shouldn’t be the one making. First let me preface this by saying, I am a unicorn. I like Hope. I like Steffy. I have enjoyed both women with Liam once upon a time. I have also liked both women with other people. This is not a case of wanting one of them with Liam and being blind to faults. I am coming from a place of a mom who wouldn’t react well to my ex’s new wife making promises and choices for my child like Hope did for Kelly. She overstepped.

Even Liam knew it. Maybe Hope feels like she is helping Steffy but she isn’t. She isn’t helping her marriage either. Liam was clearly uncomfortable with the fact that Hope all but made it impossible for Steffy to tell Kelly she couldn’t stay another night at her dad’s house. Hope just came off badly in the whole situation, in my opinion. Especially when she promised Liam that she would return Kelly to her mom the next morning but instead showed up at Steffy’s alone with breakfast.

Steffy is struggling. It’s been building for weeks and now it’s clear that she has a full-on addiction. She has Thomas supporting her but I’m not sure that he sees how bad off she really is. He seems more concerned about her feelings for Liam at this point.

However, I have to give him credit because he can at least clearly see that her real pain is from missing out on the life that she had with Liam. I just don’t think that Thomas gets how serious things are right now. Honestly, I don’t even know if Steffy is aware of how deep down she is right now. She is mixing pain meds with alcohol. She is depressed. All of this is a setup for disaster. I do think that Hope sees how bad off Steffy is, but I don’t think that Hope realizes that she is adding fuel to the fire. She may think that she means well, but it is not coming across that way. Finn gets it though. He can clearly see that Steffy is struggling. He is dedicated to being there for Steffy, as her doctor and as her friend. She tried to get another med refill from him, but he saw through her desperation and instead told her that he would be there for her.

The Wrap

Performer of the week: I think that there were a lot of good performances this week, but I have to give it to JMW again this week. She is doing a fabulous job of showing Steffy’s struggles with loneliness, missing her daughter and dependence on pain pills.

Worst Character of the week: Initially I was going to go with Bill this week but then he had to be all sweet with his sons and he took himself off my list. Instead, I’m going with Hope Logan. I think she should have handled the situation with Kelly differently. I think that she should have handled her confrontation with Steffy differently. I most certainly think she should have shut her mouth when she met Finn instead of stepping across the line and not minding her own business. Yes, she can see Steffy struggling. However, the last person that Steffy is going to accept help from or concern from is the woman whom she believes is living the life she should have.

Biggest Let Down of the week: That damn picture in Steffy’s house is still there. I hate it. It needs to go. The fact that Thomas and Finn both commented on it this week was amusing and a huge indicator that it is way past time for the thing to come down.

Ship of the Week: I decided to add this to my reviews simply because sometimes there really are some great moments from different couples that are worthy of being mentioned. I may not ship the couple, but little moments matter even if it’s between a couple that I may not necessarily like matter. This week that moment goes to Hope and Liam. I actually do like them, so this is extra special for me. Their little game of hide and seek was adorable. We got to see them in a rare moment of domestic bliss, and it was a nice touch, in my opinion. Thanks to Covid, we didn’t actually get to see Liam catch Hope, but we heard it and it wasn’t hard to imagine if we had the actual visual what it would look like.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Episodes are available on and CBS All-Access.

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