General Hospital: March 29 – April 2, 2021

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This week on General Hospital: Carly tells Jason the terms for his freedom; Alexis’ loved ones make a last ditch effort to convince her to plead not guilty; Nina fights with her conscience. Find out what else happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 29, 2021.

General Hospital Spoilers: Think Before You Leap

Feeling the heavy burden of her drunken actions, Alexis is prepared to plead guilty to attacking Dante. Sam and Diane make a last-ditch effort to appeal to Alexis’ better judgment and urge her to fight for her freedom. Meanwhile, Alexis has face time with Finn, Dante and Valentin before the hearing begins. Valentin’s explanation of Alexis’ POV to Diane leads to a pivotal moment those who love the fallen attorney have been waiting for – Alexis declaring she needs help and wants to be better. Will the judge show leniency or will she face harsh punishment?

More General Hospital Spoilers

  • Carly works with Anna. Finn and Diane rally around Alexis. Michael pays Jason a visit. Brando warns Gladys against associating with Cyrus. Laura thanks Curtis.
  • Jason learns the extent of the conspiracy against him. Carly won’t mind her own business.
  • Robert is curious about Anna’s latest plan. Maxie confides in Britt. Carly lays into Gladys. TJ comforts Molly. Curtis is unnerved with what he sees.
  • Jax wishes Carly would stay on the sidelines. Maxie and Britt discuss how to handle Peter. Scott confronts Jason. Elizabeth is disappointed. Joss sees a side of Cam she doesn’t like.
  • Liz and Cam clash. Jackie confronts Peter. Chase and Finn have an awkward cross. Carly joins Diane at the courthouse. Nina convinces herself she’s doing the right thing.
  • Ava and Nikolas are put on notice. Laura refuses to accept Cyrus’s deal. Brando comes clean to Sasha. Brook Lynn tries to reunite Ned and Olivia. Chase tells Willow she changed his mind.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of April 5, 2021

  • Sam steps in to help Alexis’ personal affairs.
  • Nikolas and Cyrus clash.
  • Scott pays a visit to Laura.
  • Peter makes a surprising offer to Anna and Valentin.
  • Britt and Maxie solidify their plan.

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