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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Life Turned Her That Way”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Life Turned Her That Way" Episode 410 -- Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

After so many fun episodes of Wynonna Earp in a row, and with only a few episodes left, we were due for a deeply emotional outing. “Life Turned Her That Way” put all of our heroes in precarious situations causing them to look deep into themselves and decide who they want to be for themselves and who they want to be for others. The fallout from the events in the Garden and after are all coming to a head and things aren’t going to be so easy going forward now.

Wynonna wakes up and immediately begins her day with Peacemaker. She goes out, hunts demons, goes to bed and does it all again. With each repetition, she grows more tired, drunk and bored as it repeats over and over. One day she wakes up and Peacemaker isn’t on her bedside table. Wynonna asks Waverly and Nicole if they know where it is and they grow concerned that she blacked out. Waverly pulls out Peacemaker, places her on the table, and confronts Wynonna with an intervention. They are concerned that all she does is hunt, pass out and isolate herself. They can tell she’s really sad and lonely, but she brushes their concerns off as just doing her job to keep all her friends safe. Wynonna storms out and Waverly follows. They exchange harsh words and Wynonna runs off and Waverly runs back to Nicole crying. Nicole says she’ll come around and realize she’s right, only having her best interests at heart. Waverly says she doesn’t want to lose Wynonna. Nicole offers to stay with her, but Waverly tells her to get to work.

Waverly calls Doc and tells her to meet her with the book she took from the Garden. It is still blank inside. She tells Doc to keep it, so Wynonna doesn’t find it and she tells Doc that Wynonna’s not doing good. She hopes the book would have the answers she’s looking for in it. She explains that she chose her book to take with her from the garden because Wynonna and all their friends are part of her story. Doc calls it smart, but Waverly ponders if it was selfish. Doc calls the Garden “Hell” and Waverly recounts that it was more like Heaven to her, asking Doc if that is what it feels like to be an angel. Two demons approach Doc and Waverly and tell Doc to get out of the way so they can hunt Waverly. Waverly pulls out Peacemaker and attempts to fire, but it doesn’t. Doc asks why she has Peacemaker but then quickly realizes she has to run. One demon goes after Waverly but stops when she runs into the fog. She covers her mouth and nose trying not to breathe it in. She finds a cabin and enters only to quickly realize she’s run right into Jolene. UH OH! Waverly asks how she could be there, and she tells her that after Bulshar died, she was released and reentered the world. Then the fog came and trapped her in the cabin. Jolene knocks Waverly out.

The demon that was chasing Waverly runs back to Doc and the other demon and tells them what happened. Doc tells them he’ll get them food from the Glory Hole, but they inform him that BBD raided their stash. Suddenly they all get tranquilized by BBD agents.

Back at the barn Wynonna takes out her frustrations on a punching bag. Rachel walks in and tells Wynonna she wants to train with her. She likes how Wynonna is the only one who doesn’t treat her like a kid. She wants to be able to defend herself. She asks Wynonna to teach her to be like her, causing Wynonna to pause momentarily, but agrees.

At BBD, Cleo brings paperwork to try to be able to leave the Ghost River Triangle. She tries to use her title as magistrate, but the woman informs her that most people, even with titles, can’t get out these days. She wishes her luck and goes back to her computer screen to submit her request. Suddenly the door creaks open and an invisible Billy walks in. The woman tells her she’s been cleared to leave the Ghost River Triangle.

Rachel and Wynonna train in the woods, but Wynonna isn’t taking it seriously and continues to drink. Rachel says she’s family, but Wynonna tells her it’s better she’s not because nobody wants to be an Earp. Wynonna notices a trail of blood and follows it to one of the demons we last saw with Doc. Rachel runs to the demon to tend to his wound, having recognized him and knows him. He tells them about BBD and how they took Doc. This snaps Wynonna out of her mood and becomes concerned. He then tells them about Waverly and the fog. Now Wynonna is really scared!

Doc and the demon wake up in a BBD holding cell. Doc tries to speak to someone to get out but the man in charge says that there’s been a lot of turnover… uh oh is this a coup? They go over what kind of demons they are and say they already have one of the other demons and immediately torch him, causing Doc to vamp out in a rage.

At the cabin, Jolene has tied Waverly up and slaps her awake. Waverly tells her to just kill her. Jolene talks about how her plans failed and Waverly was saved and is now thriving. Jolene taunts her and tells her she’s not mad at Waverly anymore. Waverly tells her she’s been in the fog too long because she’s lost her mind. Jolene tells Waverly that they’re the same no matter what she wants to think.

At the edge of the fog, Rachel, Wynonna and Nicole pace around. They know every second Waverly’s in there is hurting her chances of staying sane. Nicole tells them that on top of all of this, Cleo is now the Clanton heir and sent her reapers to attack a bus of seniors. They keep trying to call Jeremy, but they can’t get to him. They say they haven’t heard from him in days. They try not to panic, and Wynonna says Doc can handle himself with BBD, and Cleo can wait. Waverly is priority number one. They guilt Casey into helping out after sending Wynonna and Waverly into the fog on Halloween. They plan to put on harnesses and use his knowledge of the area to navigate through it. Only problem? He’ll only take one of them through. Wynonna and Nicole go back and forth as to why they should be the ones to go with Casey. Rachel puts up her hands and backs away slowly with Casey. Their argument hits a peak when Nicole firmly puts her foot down and announces that it’s her turn to save Waverly. Wynonna went into the Garden to save Waverly and she just went home. Now it’s her turn to bring her home. Rachel agrees. Wynonna calls Rachel Judas but begrudgingly agrees. They strap Nicole up in her harness.

Jolene goes to Waverly’s purse and pulls out Peacemaker. She taunts Waverly but suddenly drops Peacemaker when it begins to burn her. Waverly laughs at her, but Jolene then pulls out a knife and threatens Waverly again. She holds the knife to her throat, but Waverly confidently tells her she’s no longer afraid of her. Jolene stabs the knife into the wood beam beside her. Jolene gets extremely close to Waverly’s face and tells her to make herself at home. She walks over to the wall and we see slash marks which Waverly assumes signal how many days she’s been trapped there. Jolene asks Waverly if it gets boring playing damsel in distress all the time or does she just not want the burden of being the hero. Jolene tells her she wasn’t willing to sit on the throne in the Garden nor did she stop Bulshar from enslaving humanity. Waverly says she knew Wynonna would stop it and she did. Then in a low blow Jolene tells her how Wynonna drinks herself to sleep every night while Waverly giggles in Nicole’s arms. Jolene asks if she’s punishing Wynonna for being chosen. Jolene then tells her all of those marks on the wall are all the lives Wynonna took from the earth to save Waverly. She tells Waverly to imagine the weight of all that blood on her hands because she didn’t do anything as an angel to help her. So many mind games!

Casey and Nicole enter the fog. Wynonna and Rachel communicate with them on the radio. They tell them they see a cabin and head in. They find Waverly tied up. Casey goes to free her binds and we hear him scream over the radio. Casey tells Nicole to run and Wynonna loses contact with them both. After a long period of silence, Nicole responds saying it’s Jolene. Wynonna becomes scared and confused because she already killed her. Rachel asks who Jolene is. Before she can answer, they get the tug signal on the rope and they begin reeling them back through the fog. Casey comes through the fog unconscious and Nicole’s tether is severed. Wynonna tries Nicole again on the radio and she finally replies saying she’s okay. The fog spat her out somewhere. She’s safe but doesn’t know where she is. She confirms to Wynonna that Jolene has Waverly. Rachel doesn’t know what to do with Casey when she realizes he has a broken neck. Wynonna yells Waverly’s name into the fog.

In the cabin, Waverly calls Nicole’s name as Jolene closes the door. Waverly threatens Jolene if she hurt them. Jolene taunts her again saying she’ll do nothing again as usual. Waverly frees herself from the ties and runs over to Peacemaker. She lifts it at Jolene, but it begins to burn her too! Jolene tells her that it looks like she’s starting to embrace her dark side. Waverly in a rage charges at Jolene, pushing her into a coat hook. Jolene stabs Waverly saying she wanted to do it the nice way, but she insisted. Jolene pulls a feather out of the wound in Waverly’s back.

Wynonna puts a blanket over Casey’s body. Rachel, distressed, says they have to bury him on his land. Wynonna tells her they have to leave him and Rachel tells her they can’t because he’s their friend and died trying to help them. Wynonna yells at Rachel that they don’t have time. They have to get back in there to stop Jolene. Wynonna says she’s going in even though she doesn’t know how to get there. Rachell grabs her hand and tells her that Waverly is still alive so Jolene has her for a reason which gives them a moment to come up with a plan. Wynonna begins to cry remembering the harsh last words she spoke to her. Nicole tells her on the radio that Waverly wouldn’t want her to die to save her, so they have to go to plan b. Rachel tries Jeremy again and Nicole tells them her radio is about to die. Wynonna tells Nicole to get back as soon as she can. Wynonna tells Rachel to stay with Casey’s body to protect it so they can bury him properly.

At BBD an agent holds Doc at gunpoint making him walk down a hallway. The agent tells him he’s going to the “Arc”. They walk past a cell holding Jeremy. Doc demands the agent let him out and the rest of the humans that are in there with him. The agent says he must have done something bad to end up in the feed pit. Gulp! Doc grabs the gun away from the agent who says he’s just doing what he’s told. Jeremy tells him to go home to his wife and kid. He runs off. Jeremy says upper management initiated a protocol and he objected. That’s why they put him in the cell. Doc tries to get the humans out, but BBD agents surround him and the building goes into lockdown.

Wynonna arrives at BBD and is put in a room where she demands to talk to someone. The agent we met earlier in charge enters. She holds a gun to him, and he says he comes in peace. He says he would be honored to have her as a soldier in his army. He’s agent Graham, in upper management. He calls himself the “upperest” management. He says they need to move her and the other assets to a safer facility. The entire Ghost River Triangle is about to be swallowed by the fog in a few days. Wynonna says she’s not going anywhere without her sister of her friends. Wynonna says they have to stay and fight. He tells her there’s no way to fight it. They tried to contain and destroy the fog but failed. She says she’s been fighting bad guys for too long to lose Purgatory to “magic weather”. He says he’s sad to lose his best agent but if she changes her mind, where to find him. He brings her to Jeremy and Doc’s holding cell. She tells him she needs both but Graham says she can only take one. She chooses Jeremy and Graham questions her choice when Doc is strong. Wynonna then notices Cleo in a cell nearby. Wynonna apologizes to Doc and then announces she wants Cleo. Cleo loudly proclaims, “say what!?” with a shocked look on her face. Doc and Jeremy both gasp at her choice and she tells them to trust her. She promises to come back for them. Wynonna apologizes as she leaves and Jeremy screams “they’re going to turn us into food!”

Jolene cradles a bleeding Waverly on the floor. Waverly begs her to stop but says it will only stop if she “lets it out” and becomes what she was always meant to be. Waverly cries that she doesn’t want to be an angel, she just wants to go home.

Rachel gathers flowers for Casey and promises they’ll take him home once Wynonna fixes everything. Wynonna runs to Rachel, still struggling with Casey’s death, who in turn asks if this is what it’s like for Wynonna all the time. Rachel wipes away tears and asks where everyone is. Wynonna brings Rachel to Cleo. Rachel protests her decision immediately for choosing Cleo over their friends. She explains since Cleo is the Clanton heir now, she has control over the reapers. She can send one after them and Wynonna can follow it so she can get to Waverly. Cleo asks for something to act as a guide to her mark. She hands a clump of Jolene’s hair that was pulled out by Casey during his struggle. Wynonna tells Cleo to hurry up and holds a gun at her. She asks if she’s going to shoot her in the back too. Rachel asks which reaper she is going to use. Wynonna threateningly tells Cleo “not Billy” and hands Rachel the gun telling her to shoot her if she tries anything. Cleo begins the ritual. Suddenly Wynonna can see Billy. Cleo says she put a piece of Wynonna’s hair in with Jolene’s hair so she can see him and follow him… sure Cleo! Wynonna suits up and Cleo tells Billy goodbye. She then tells Wynonna not to die, or do, she doesn’t care either way. She hands Billy’s leash to Wynonna and they enter the fog. They arrive at the cabin and Wynonna kicks the door open, telling Jolene to “get your hands off my sister, you unholy bitch”. Billy lunges at Jolene and the two begin to struggle. Wynonna runs to the injured Waverly on the floor and asks what Jolene did to her. Waverly struggles to get up and tells Wynonna that Peacemaker is in the cabin somewhere, to get it and stop Jolene once and for all. She also says if it comes to it to stop her too. Wynonna tells her to stop talking and find a way to get out. Waverly becomes concerned when she only sees one mask. Wynonna tells her they’ll share and figure it out on the way. Jolene successfully fights off Billy and throws Wynonna out of the cabin. Waverly screams. Her eyes change and she suddenly rises and turns to Jolene. Waverly flicks her wrists and Jolene falls to the ground, twitching in pain. Jolene calls Waverly beautiful and more glorious than she could have ever imagined. Waverly tells her she’s nothing to her. Waverly flicks her wrist again and Jolene falls to the floor dead. Waverly!!!

At BBD, Doc attempts to open the cage doors unsuccessfully. Jeremy tries to figure a way out and understand what they arc is for. Suddenly Mercedes saunters into the room saying she’s been hiding in the vents for hours waiting for BBD to clear out. (I missed her!!!) She pulls a key card out of her top. She walked over to the busted-up keypad that Doc damaged and asks if Jeremy could fix it. She holds out a pocket mirror for Jeremy to see around the corner as he attempts to fix it. She reveals she was at Amon’s before her curtain call when BBD stormed the bar. Suddenly the cell door pops open but out of nowhere Graham appears and says he’s disappointed. He shuts the cell door again as Jeremy pleas with him that this isn’t what their mission is about. They swore to protect the people in the cell with him. Graham says they’re all acceptable collateral damage. Mercedes tries to talk her way out of the situation, but Graham shoots her.

In the fog, Wynonna crawls on the ground, writhing in pain as she tries to keep her mouth and nose covered with her hand. Suddenly the fog shifts and she gasp for the normal air. She then sees a demonic Waverly walk out of the fog in front of her. Waverly tells Wynonna that her journey is over. She releases her wings and pronounces that her own journey has just begun. THAT’S NOT GOOD. I REPEAT. NOT. GOOD.

The events and fallout from being stuck in the Garden are starting to catch up to the Earps. Waverly being overtaken by the darker angel side of her is troubling to say the least! After years of the bubbly happy go lucky Waverly, this dark take is jarring. I found that it was awfully convenient that Jolene just happened to be in the exact cabin Waverly stumbled into, but it was an interesting way to have her angel side unlocked. Jolene had the perfect opportunity to question everything with Wynonna’s down in the dumps state making sense. She masterfully manipulated the situation. Wynonna’s going to have to work extra hard to be able to convince her that she can help. Nicole will be key to bringing her back hopefully! I wonder why the fog spat her out where it did (and where that is). Hopefully she can catch up with everyone else to figure out how to save Waverly, stop the fog, and stop BBD from taking their friends on the arc or killing them. I hope Robin is okay!

The moment Mercedes sauntered into the room I was laughing. She just casually happened to slip into BBD, hide, wait and come to their rescue. Hopefully the gunshot she sustained was not fatal because I want to see her more before the series wraps!

I also wonder if Cleo still has more planned for the Earps and can take advantage of everything going wrong now. Rachel was not happy to see her when Wynonna saved her. Plus, if she learns the truth about Billy, she might go scorched earth herself. She’s got a bit more of Wynonna in her now after they spent time together.

With two episodes left, the Earps still have to deal with the Garden (including the fog and the book), Cleo (if she’s still out for revenge on everyone), BBD, and now Waverly’s dark side. I know these crazy kids can figure it out, but hopefully they do before any more harm comes to the Earps. They still have a wedding to plan!!!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Fridays on Syfy. You can stream the current season on Syfy.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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