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‘Wynona Earp’ Midseason Premiere Recap: “Love’s All Over”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Love's All Over" Episode 407 -- Pictured: (l-r) Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haugh, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

We’re back! Now knowing these next 6 episodes are (likely) the final episodes barring a last-minute rescue by another network, it was bittersweet to see our favorite hot messes back again. After the big events of the midseason finale, the episode took it slow with the big reveals and centered on our lovable characters. While taking it slow, it was still filled with big moments to be explored over the course of the following episodes, and really cute moments showing the love between this family.

The episode begins with a drunk Wynonna in the woods holding Peacemaker, now being reunited. She approaches Amon who is deep in a dead deer. She points Peacemaker at him. Amon reminds Wynonna that she wouldn’t have Peacemakers without his help. Wynonna lowers the weapon and says it’s nice to remember that she can kill him any time she wants and kisses her gun.

Haught shows Waverly the ring she bought now that their engagement is official. At the bar, which Nedley is now running full time, the group minus Wynonna celebrate the engagement. The real party is the next day but Doc says he won’t be able to make it. Waverly says it’s been over a month since the events we last saw, and he has to come. She tells him that it is only a blip between him and Wynonna. Doc offers to build something for Waverly’s wedding, and she thanks him. Wynonna walks in and Doc’s mood changes. He leaves as she begins to hurl barbs at him. Waverly asks where she’s been. Wynonna lies and Waverly sees through them.

Wynonna throws a “bachelorette party” at a male strip club for Waverly and Nicole. They are both clearly uncomfortable being there. Waverly tells Wynonna that Haught wants to get married quickly, maybe at city hall. Wynonna tells Waverly she knows she always wanted a fancy wedding, and she should tell Haught what she really wants. Male strippers dance for them and Waverly reminds Wynonna that reverse sexism is still sexism, causing Wynonna to more respectfully talk dirty to the men. One of the men turns around with scars on his back and Waverly thinks she recognizes him.

Back at the bar, Nedley tries to convince Rachel that she should be out with kids her age and at school. He offers her a job as a barback with the stipulation that she doesn’t drink or visit Billy locked in the basement.

Wynonna drinks more with the stripper with the scars, Dimitri, who has now joined the two of them at a table. Wynonna begins to talk about all the things she hates about Doc. Dimitri says love isn’t real and Waverly challenges him saying it is. He makes a bet that it isn’t, and Waverly accepts, even though she says there’s really no way to tell who wins. He leans close to her and slips something in her jacket pocket and his eyes glow red.

WayHaught go to city hall for a license form, and they talk about the wedding. Nicole doesn’t want public affection because their love is between themselves. Bunny, an obnoxious woman who works there, disturbs their moment and gives Haught attitude about her former role as Sheriff. Nicole notices some heart shaped glitter on her and picks it off. Suddenly she sees Waverly in a whole new light, like a slow-motion dream sequence. Suddenly she is completely enamored with her, quickly becoming over the top obsessed with how great she looks. Without a magistrate around due to Cleo’s disappearance, Bunny says she can’t guarantee a quick turnaround for their license. Bunny hands Waverly a form, then shakes hands with Waverly. She then notices a piece of heart shaped glitter on her hand and flicks it off. Suddenly Bunny is also in a trance seeing Waverly in the same slow motion dream sequence.

Waverly goes to Amon’s club and offers peace to him. He reminds her that Wynonna is killing his customers and it’s bugging him. Waverly appeals to him to find a day they can make a truce to hold the wedding, so nothing goes wrong. Once again, the glitter appears on Amon turning him into a lovesick puppy and says he’ll help her. Doc confronts Waverly as she leaves and asks what happened to Mam. She says she can’t remember, but we know she killed her. She tells Doc she just wants to be happy and everyone else to be happy. They hug. Doc tells her he’s going to find out what happened to Cleo who is also missing after the events of the mid-season finale

Waverly returns home and Haught is still completely enamored with her. Waverly calls her horny octopus and asks if she’s possessed again. Bunny suddenly pulls up and tells Waverly she can’t marry Nicole. Waverly gets upset and tells her to stop being homophobic. She pulls out a bunch of fake roses and tells her she loves her. Waverly caught off guard says NOPE and pushes her back into the car. As Bunny drives off, she says, “I have an old copy of Bend It Like Beckham we can watch it together!” She tosses the flowers at Waverly. Wynonna wakes up in the back of the truck clearly hungover and is curious as to what she just overheard. She asks why suddenly she has everyone’s attention. Waverly begins to realize it might have something to do with the bet she made.

Doc goes to investigate Cleo’s disappearance and finds Mam’s dead body and Cleao cowering nearby. She asks if Doc is there to kill her. He says he promised her brother he wouldn’t hurt her, but she tells him she wants him to kill her. Doc notices glitter on his jacket and brushes it off. Suddenly he becomes enamored with Cleo.

Wynonna goes to confront Amon. As she arrives, she brushes glitter off her shoulder and suddenly sees Amon in a different light. Wynonna tries to seduce Amon who protests as they run around the club. He tells her he’s in love with Waverly, but she persists.

Waverly goes to Dimitri, but she covers her face to protect him. He tells her he’s immune to the spell, confirming her suspicions. She asks how he did it and tells her to check her pocket, where she finds a glitter bottle totem. He tells her that they fall in love with the first person they see when they are touched by the glitter holder. She tries to give him back the glitter totem but won’t let her. He tells her Cupids can only pass on the glitter by choice. She realizes his scars were wing scars that he had removed.

At home Waverly tells Wynonna about the glitter and says she is trying to find a way to responsibly pass on the glitter to someone else. Wynonna distracts Waverly and steals the glitter. They arrive at the engagement party. As soon as they enter, Haught, Bunny and Amon all approach Waverly instantly, showering her with love and gifts for her. Wynonna pulls Bunny aside and tells Nedley at the bar to get her liquored up. She touches him, now possessing the glitter, and he falls in love with Bunny. Everyone at the party is sloppy in love trying to gain the attention of their love target.

Bunny sings a song for Waverly which leads to everyone under a spell to rush the microphone to sing their own love song. Waverly runs off, ducking out of the room. Rachel, realizing Nedley is distracted, takes his keys and heads for the basement door where BIlly is. She goes down and screams at what she sees.

Back with Cleo, Doc tries to get her confidence up. He tells her to be her own legacy, now that the family is in shambles. Cleo asks why he’s helping her and he tells her it’s what he does. He’s a damn good sidekick. Waverly hiding in a bathroom stall calls Doc for help while the rest bang on the door trying to get her attention. Cleo reveals Nicole’s deal with Mam to Doc, who doesn’t seem surprised. Doc leaves to go help Waverly and Cleo’s face changes to show that her intentions may not be the best, glancing at a chainsaw near her.

Doc arrives at the bar and shortly after, Dimitri arrives. Waverly asks for his help. She says she left the glitter at home, but Dimitri realizes it’s already there. Wynonna tries to pour more on Amon only to get bumped into, and the glitter falls everywhere, covering everyone in a healthy dose of glitter. They all embrace each other, now in love with everyone. Wynonna and Doc embrace, and Waverly says she can see the love coming off of the two of them. Waverly realizes Dimitri is sad and asks about it. He reveals that Amon was the cause of his love and heartbreak, which Waverly tells him proves that love does exist. Dimitri reveals his spit is the antidote to the glitter. Dimitri agrees to take the glitter back only if Waverly helps undo the mess she made. They begin shooting spitballs at the lovesick dancers’ butts to break the spell. They hit Wynonna and Doc first, breaking free of the spell. Wynonna says she doesn’t want to let go, but Doc quickly lets go, leaving Wynonna hurt again. The rest get cured and they all agree to never speak of what happened again. Nicole runs to Waverly and they embrace, deciding to meet halfway on a “medium fussy” wedding. They help Bunny get her things together to leave and acts kindly towards them. She tells the couple that she means it and that she is inspired by their love for each other, catching them off guard.

Wynonna surprises Amon at the club, pointing Peacemaker at him. She wants to make sure he’s alone and Amon tells her Dimitri already left Wynonna says she wants to stop feeling guilty for what she is, when what she is, is necessary. Amon calls her a confusing woman and the two’s flirtation suddenly becomes more.

Cleo finally moves Mams body declaring to her that she will get revenge and destroy the Earps for what they did to their family. She also declares that she’ll never give Mam her wish to become a reaper after she dies for what she did to Billy. She proceeds to feed her body to a pit of reapers. Cleo suddenly sees footprints in the dirt and says to them welcome home Billy. She follows him and tells him it’s time to take back what is theirs.

The episode was extremely cute, playing off of love as a mysterious force with powerful implications. I was surprised Jeremy didn’t appear in the episode, especially with it being an engagement party. He was so excited for them to finally get engaged! I’ll chalk it up to filming restrictions but I’m sure he’ll appear later on.

The chilly reception between Wynonna and Doc continues. Doc is really upset with her for the actions she took in the midseason finale. It might be a while before the two of them can put their pride aside like Waverly said. Wynonna is clearly conflicted because she feels she made the right decision but hates that it pushed her and Doc apart.

I figured Cleo would become the Clanton heir apparent after the deaths of Mam and Holt. She did a great job playing wounded puppy to get Doc’s guard down. I hope Rachel is okay since Billy, or whatever he is now, is back with Cleo. I don’t want this season to end! It is such a shame it is ending on Syfy. I’ll make sure to savor each and every episode we have left!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air Fridays on Syfy. You can stream the current season on Syfy.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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