‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Shocker: Carter Satiates Quinn’s Sexual Starvation!


In a shocking twist of events, desperate housewife, Quinn Fuller—Forrester has delivered some much-needed soapy drama to The Bold and Beautiful canvas in the form of a steamy affair.

The first reaction to seeing Quinn after much anticipation of her newly teased big storyline was aggravation. It started when Quinn paid a visit to Forrester Creations and ended up eavesdropping on Zoe and Paris and decided to assist Zoe in a juvenile prank against her sister by putting digestive regulation agents in her smoothie.

Keep in mind, Quinn is a woman of a certain age, and that made her involvement questionable to say the least. Paris ended up succumbing to the prank played by her sister and Quinn, and it ruined a romantic evening with Zende. All of this was puzzling, because Quinn and Zoe had never shown signs of a friendship, and the reason for their friendship made absolutely no sense. Seeing Quinn was a refreshing change, but I did wish she hadn’t been wasted that way. But there would be more to this story, and I’m actually glad I gave it more time to unfold.

While Quinn attempts to go and delivery a heartfelt plea on behalf of her dimwit friend, Zoe she ends up stoking her own neglected flame. Making a trip over to Zoe’s now ex, Carter’s apartment, Quinn gets an eyeful of the gorgeous young man shirtless and loses her train of thought. With her womanhood already raging, Quinn engages in harmless flirtation and scurries home.

In an attempt to reclaim her emotional and physical relationship with her husband, Eric, Quinn arranges an evening and throws everything short of the kitchen sink at him in an attempt of seduction. Eric, under the pretense of being upset, rebuffs her romantic advances and continues to put her off. When Quinn begins to question her position as his wife, trouble begins to brew.

While Eric is being cold and passively aggressive with his wife, unbeknownst to him, she has found a sympathetic ear in her new friend Carter. He’s supportive and friendly and offers to always be there for the lonely vixen. And did I mention that he was gorgeous?

Although Quinn and Carter have developed a close relationship, no lines were crossed on their end in the beginning. Quinn was insecure, rightfully so, Eric seems to always put the Logan women over everyone else in his life. Even with the so-called love of his life, Stephanie, the Logans came first. So seeing Quinn fall into this hole of insecurity is understandable. She admitted that she made a mistake with tampering with Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, but Eric seems to be holding on to it a little too hard for someone that was unaffected. It’s almost as if he’s looking for a way out of the marriage.

And to add further confusion to the situation, Eric’s ex, Donna is sniffing around, driving a bigger wedge between the already strained pair. Donna has not made it a secret that she wants a relationship with Eric, and when Quinn catches them in a compromising position, the tension is thick between the trio. Eric then leaves for a business trip abruptly as Quinn again tries to appeal to his love for her. His quick departure leaves her feeling even more dejected than before. With Eric being cold and condescending, Donna being a little too helpful with her advice, and Carter being so understanding, and when you throw in Carter’s ex that wants a reconciliation, that has to be a recipe for disaster, right?

Quinn, at this point is still committed to her marriage and feels let down more than anything that Eric isn’t even willing to try to forgive her. She feels defeated. When Zoe approaches her again to speak with Carter about their failed romance, Quinn is initially hesitant, but Zoe insists that Quinn is her only hope. She requests that Quinn makes one more plea on her behalf.

While Zoe paces Forrester Creations, in an outfit that finally isn’t horrendous, Quinn goes to Carter’s place once more where he opens the door shirtless. Again, an obviously flustered Quinn brings up Zoe and Carter shuts down her requests. Carter and Quinn begin to compare their own situations and end up having a deeply candid conversation about forgiveness. Surprisingly, Carter turns the conversation on Quinn and digs into her own issues. I had my reservations about this pair, But the chemistry is insane between these two lonely hearts. Even when they were just sitting across the couch from each other with Carter listing off all of Quinn’s qualities there was this burning heat flickered easily.

“You have so many amazing qualities. You’re a talented artist, you raised a wonderful son as a single mother. You’re a great friend for going to bat for Zoe, and on top of that, you’re beautiful and mischievous. It’s very sexy.”

At that point, Bold and Beautiful fans began to swoon, and the heat turned up on the last episode of the week. Carter asked if his compliments made Quinn uncomfortable and she denied any discomfort. The conversation continued and Carter admitted he still has feelings for Zoe, but he’s not able to get past her betrayal, and Quinn admits she feels alone and starved for affection. She’s forthcoming about just wanting to be held. 

Quinn also is able to freely admit that she feels free to share her fears with Carter because he’s a great listener. He smiles at her adoringly as she expresses her desire to feel sexy and needed. As she concludes her thoughts, Carter tenderly places a palm on her cheek, and you can see the moment escalate past comfort into something much more. Quinn is the first to begin unbuttoning Carter’s shirt and the hesitation is very clear as they move closer. As he begins to unbutton her clothes and feather kisses over her exposed skin there is a moment where she protests “we can’t” but Carter is just as unconvinced as I’m sure most of the fanbase watching is and continues his illicit acts.

Covid restrictions have obviously been lifted, because once these two got started, there was nothing but fire. And coincidentally they had a tryst in front of his fireplace, against his wall, and also on his couch. And in true Bold and Beautiful fashion, they made sure her wedding ring was prominently featured in this sinfully delicious affair.

Rena Sofer, who plays Quinn, and Lawrence Saint-Victor, who plays Carter, definitely hit all the beats leading up to this steamy affair. It finally feels like a real soap again for the moment. Hopefully the eventual build to the blow up will be just as soapy and give starving fans the payoff we all deserve.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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