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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Better Dig Two”

WYNONNA EARP -- "Better Dig Two" Episode 411 -- Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Last week’s big cliffhangers set the stage for some key big moments that have been building for a while. It comes as no surprise that this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, “Better Dig Two” was filled with lots of reveals and wrapped up some of the bigger stories for the season. Waverly, now a dark angel, was a big shock to both Wynonna and the viewers. The usual bubbly and optimistic sweetheart, now taken over by a monotone and mission focused unknown entity was scary to witness. Not only was Waverly an issue now, but we also still had to deal with BBD and Cleo.

Picking up at BBD, agents carry Mercedes’ body, who was shot by Agent Graham, into the cell with Doc and Jeremy. Jeremy holds Doc back who is vamping out due to the rage and smell of blood from Mercedes’ wound.

Wynonna stares in disbelief at Waverly and her transformation. She looks around and realizes the fog is completely gone. Waverly says it’s no longer necessary because she is the failsafe now. Wynonna asks what Jolene did to her and Waverly says she helped her evolve. Waverly turns to leave saying the affairs of man are no longer her concern. Wynonna says she’s no man and she’s worked too hard to rescue her. She won’t watch her become whatever this new Waverly is. Waverly touches Wynonna’s face and blinds her, telling her that now she won’t have to watch. Angel Waverly walks off.

Rachel is still holding Cleo at gunpoint. Playing bored, Cleo files her nails and asks how training is going. Cleo taunts Rachel about Wynonna’s choice to save her out of everyone in the cell and then reveals that she did in fact send Billy into the fog with Wynonna. Rachel initially resists but lowers the gun when she realizes the truth. Cleo tries to get in Rachel’s head, but she lifts the gun again at Cleo. Suddenly, Jolene’s hair catches fire, meaning the target is dead. Cleo tells Rachel now Billy is going to go after an Earp, unless they turn Billy back into a human. Rachel, trying to help everyone, agrees and offers her blood in a ritual to tie her and Billy together. As she performs the ritual, Cleo slowly reaches for the gun.

Wynonna stumbles through the woods when she hears branches snapping. Billy is lurking nearby. Wynonna hears his grunts, realizing it’s a reaper and calls out to Waverly for help. Wynonna runs away, tripping as she blindly flees. Suddenly Billy reaches her and speaks normally, not in grunts. Billy is back to normal. He hands Wynonna Peacemaker. Wynonna hugs Peacemaker and asks Billy how it’s possible that he’s no longer a reaper. He has no clue. Billy helps Wynonna up off the ground and offers to help guide her.

Mercedes continues to bleed out in the cell and Doc tries to compose himself. Jeremy tries to stop the bleeding. The other creature in the cell tries to hold Doc back. Doc says Mercedes is already dead, so just let him eat her. Jeremy says he’s not stopping him for her sake. He’s stopping him for Doc’s own self. Doc is a changed person, and he doesn’t want to be that person. Jeremy offers himself to Doc instead. Jeremy says he’s lost his love, his job, and if Doc eats an innocent person, he’s lost his friend too. Doc stumbles over in a trance but ends up embracing Jeremy. He says he’ll resist. Doc tries to open the doors but he’s not enough of a supernatural force to do it himself. Mercedes offers to be turned into a vampire since she’s going to die anyway. Doc’s never sired anyone before but agrees. He bites Mercedes.

In the woods, Nicole tries to reach Wynonna on the radio. She picks up interference and realizes it’s a communication from BBD. She hears the call for the protocol and realizes her townspeople are being left behind and as Sheriff, she needs to save them. She says, “looks like I’m going to kick some government ass” and runs towards town, leaving Wynonna and Waverly in the woods.

A now revived and turned Mercedes helps Doc try to open the cell door. The two bend the bars and they escape, taking out BBD agents and stealing their ID badges to free all the prisoners. The lights turn red in the building and they head to the exit realizing they don’t have much time.

Billy and Wynonna walk through the woods and try to figure out where Cleo and Rachel are. Wynonna’s eyesight returns and they spot blood and realize they were the ones who brought Billy back. Billy says Cleo is unhinged and likely took Rachel as bait. Wynonna says she’s going to go look for Waverly, but Billy convinces her that she owes Rachel and him to look for her first. Billy tells her he can’t go back on the ranch or he’ll be re-reaped. He says he’ll go get help and Wynonna heads off to help Rachel. Wynonna pulls out Peacemaker and tells her it’s just the two of them, but they’re going to do it differently this time.

Angel Waverly arrives at BBD to see the prisoners fleeing and attacking BBD guards. She pulls a cigarette off of one of the bodies, lights it and watches as BBD burns and guards get beat.

Doc, Jeremy and Mercedes arrive at a heavily enforced exit door realizing they’re stuck. BBD begins to gas them. They suddenly hear a keypad being entered and the doors open. Agent Graham opens the door and announces that “you won’t get away with it.” Mercedes proudly tells him they already did. Graham says, “not you” and Nicole walks into the frame with a gun pointed to Graham’s head. Graham says she can’t let the monsters out but she tells him that the town is inclusive. She tells him that BBD messed with the wrong town and hits him in the back of the head with her gun. They get outside and Jeremy warns them to be careful about the fog. He pulls a device off of a downed agent and realizes the fog is gone. Doc leans against a wall, hearing voices in his head. He says he has to get ready. Jeremy asks for what and Doc doesn’t know what exactly. Doc offers to go back into BBD to get anyone left and weapons while Nicole gets everyone away safely.

Wynonna arrives at the ranch and sees the pit of reapers. In the barn, Cleo goes off on a rant about Mam and tells Rachel that she probably had a nice mom. Cleo says it’s time her family gets buried once and for all. Wynonna bursts in pointing Peacemaker at Cleo. She unties Rachel and Cleo thanks her for taking the bait. Suddenly the former Sheriff who Wynonna shot in the back, enters the room as a reaper. Cleo goes off about her legacy. Wynonna tells her she can just leave. Cleo pulls out a branding iron and begins to pass the title of heir on to Wynonna so she will forever be cursed to hunt her friends and own family. Wynonna hands Rachel Peacemaker and tells her to run.

Doc continues to hear the voice in his head. He loads his guns and heads back outside and runs into Waverly. She announces that she is no longer Waverly. She says she’s there for her property and if he doesn’t give it to her, she will take it from him. She tells him she’ll return home once he gives it to her. She goes to take the book from the Garden from him when a brand appears on his hand. He suddenly disappears leaving Waverly alone outside BBD.

At the barn, Cleo is on the ground and Wynonna slowly walks over saying that she doesn’t feel any different. Cleo realizes the spell didn’t work. Doc suddenly appears, gun raised and says that he is now the Clanton heir. Doc shoves Wynonna outside into the middle of a ring of stones. Cleo, now free of the weight of her family’s curse and legacy, runs to a car, wishing Wynonna luck. Wynonna tells her off and Cleo drives off. Wynonna tries to run but a forcefield keeps her inside the stone border. Wynonna tries to reason with Evil!Doc and tells Doc to fight it. He tells her they will have to duel while the Clanton reapers all watch which harkens back to when the feud began. He says this time the Clantons will prevail. She tells Doc she won’t fight him and she doesn’t have a weapon. Rachel, now apprehended by the reaper tosses Peacemaker into the ring and apologizes for getting caught. Evil!Doc tells her to pick up the pistol or Rachel will die. She asks Evil!Doc for his assurances that no harm will come to Rachel if she picks it up. Wynonna again tries to reach Doc but Evil!Doc tells her that he’s dead. She tells him he’s been dead before and came back.

At BBD, Nicole gets the townspeople into the back of a truck to drive them to safety at Shorty’s. Jeremy, sitting in the driver’s seat, tells Nicole she has to go back because she’s the only one who can get through to Waverly. Nicole rushes off.

At Shorty’s, Billy rushes in asking Nedley for help. He asks Nedley for help with an incantation to make him the Clanton heir to save Rachel and Wynonna. Nedley gladly pulls out a spell book and wolf head from the last time his duties were needed, and they get to work.

Rachel tells Wynonna she doesn’t have to do this to save her. Wynonna tells Rachel she’s got her. Doc begins to count down their duel. When he reaches the end, he turns around but Wynonna doesn’t. He yells at her to face him. She says that Doc Holiday wouldn’t shoot somebody in the back (like she did! She told Peacemaker they’re going to do it differently this time!!!) and she knows he’s still in there. She knows Doc’s code and apologizes for breaking it herself and how those actions affected them. Evil!Doc says the Clantons have no code. Still not turned, Wynonna fires Peacemaker in the opposite direction, which ricochets, hitting the reaper in the head, freeing Rachel. Evil!Doc then fires his weapon. It instantly backfires, knocking him to the ground. Wynonna runs to Doc and sees that he put the wrong bullets in his gun because he knew what was coming (when he heard the voices in his head). Doc then hears the reapers are coming.

At Shorty’s, Billy and Nedley work on the incantation. Billy’s hand begins to glow with the symbol, and he yells at his family to stand down. Nedley holds him as he yells out.

The reapers suddenly stop. Doc tells Wynonna to finish what he started. Doc tells her that he doesn’t want this anymore. If she kills them, the reapers stop, and his pain stops. Wynonna begins to cry saying that her pain never ends. He points Peacemaker at himself and tells her this is the last thing he’ll ever ask her. Wynonna begs that there has to be another way. Waverly appears and says in response “maybe a miracle”. Wynonna begs her to save Doc. Waverly says he wasted the lives he was already given. Wynonna harkens to when Waverly left the throne behind but then Waverly blames her for that. Wynonna says everyone makes mistakes. Wynonna gets on her knees and says she gave so much and lost everything. She begs her while crying for Waverly to save Doc before she goes away forever. Waverly tells Wynonna she must take the book back to the garden. Wynonna pulls it out from Doc’s body and says she has to save him first before she’ll hand it over. Waverly touches Doc and brings him back to life. He wakes up and asks what she did and that he feels different. Waverly’s nose begins to bleed, and she wipes it saying humans are so fragile. Waverly reaches for the book. Wynonna holds it tight for a second begging her not to go. Waverly takes the book. She tells Wynonna that Waverly did this for her and that she loved her. Wynonna falls into Doc’s chest, crying. Waverly walks off and turns all of the reapers on the property into birds, who all fly off, now free.

Waverly walks to the stairs in the woods leading to the Garden. She gets halfway up when Nicole runs to her. She gets stopped by a forcefield, preventing her from getting to Waverly. Waverly tells her to go home, saying this is none of her concern. Waverly says she has to be the one to close the door for good. Nicole keeps trying to get to Waverly but the forcefield keeps stopping her. Nicole tells Waverly that she got left behind once before and she’s not going to do it again. She reminds her that where she goes, she will go too. Waverly tells her the garden isn’t for her kind. Waverly says she is the guardian and the failsafe, and she must protect the ghost river triangle. Nicole asks what about Wynonna. Waverly replies that she has served enough. Nicole begs Waverly for her to be the one who watches over the entire ghost river triangle, both supernatural and humankind. Waverly is taken back by her offering to be the “shield”. Nicole says she’d do it if it would keep Waverly safe. Angel Waverly says she broke the rules once before. Nicole tells Waverly to look in the book saying that she will see that Nicole’s story is her story too (just like Waverly said last week!) Waverly opens the book and gasps. Nicole asks if they’re in there. Waverly tells Nicole that she’d be bound to the ghost river triangle forever and would never be able to leave. Nicole tells her that everything she loves is already there. Waverly slams the books shut, shooting an energy at Nicole who binds her to the ghost river triangle forever. Nicole swears her life to protect the ghost river triangle, proclaiming herself as the angel’s shield. Waverly’s energy explodes sending Nicole flying to the ground. Waverly, now back to normal, throws the book through the Garden doors which then slam shut. She runs to Nicole and kisses her, embracing her head and touches the back of her neck. Nicole wakes up and winces in pain and we see that a tattoo is now on the back of her neck symbolizing her as the shield. Waverly lovingly tells Nicole that she sacrificed herself for her. She lovingly responds that she committed to a permanent staycation with her girl (HEART EYES). They kiss again.

Graham stumbles out of BBD and runs into Jeremy. Graham tells him to call headquarters to have them send everyone. Jeremy tells him he’s not going to do that. An emergency phone rings and Jeremy answers. He tells them it’s fine and everything is under control. The person on the other end asks about Graham and Jeremey lies, telling them he didn’t make it. Graham tells Jeremy this is insubordination and treason. Jeremy says he’s done with BBD fucking up Purgatory for everyone who lives there. Jeremy calls on Freddy, the werewolf, who charges at Graham and attacks him. Jeremey walks off with a smile on his face.

At Shorty’s, Nicole, Waverly, Wynonna, Doc and Jeremy relax at the bar after the events of the day. Nicole reads a text from Nedley out loud saying he took Rachel and Billy to get burgers in the city. Waverly comments about it being nice that they can go to the city again now that this ordeal is over. Doc’s happy everyone can go wherever they want now. Wynonna wraps him in a (fourth) blanket and tells her he’s hot. She flirts with him and they both seem happy things are back to normal now. Wynonna is about to lean in for a kiss when Nicole clears her throat, wanting to get a word in. Waverly says the dark angel seems to be gone for now. Jeremy says that BBD has retreated from the area but if they come back, they’re ready. Doc looks at this flask and realizes he can see his own reflection. He’s no longer a vampire. Waverly says it only could have happened if he wanted it to while she was the angel. He says he wants a fresh start. Nicole, finally able to get a word in, brings up the biggest issue left hanging. The wedding!!!!!

That was such a great episode. Lots of sacrifices, resolutions and happy moments despite all the hardship they had to endure. BBD is now leaving the town alone finally. Graham is gone for good now after making things worse than they had to be. Jeremey took it a darker direction than I expected by letting Freddy take him out for good.

The Reapers are all gone now! They’re freed from the curse too. Cleo is off somewhere out there still, hopefully not getting into more trouble now that she’s free. With the Clanton/Earp rivalry over, Romeo and Juliet can get a happy ending with Rachel and Billy.

The Garden is closed again for good. The book is back, the fog gone, and the Dark angel gone. Nicole is the Shield now and is not just the Sheriff now, she’s the protector of the whole area. Wynonna is the Champion still. The town is safe for now.

Few things still left in my mind that hopefully get addressed in the series finale (cries). Casey is still dead. I was hoping Angel Waverly could have fixed that. Hopefully he can get a proper burial since it was such a traumatic event for Rachel. Billy is now the Clanton Heir, can he end their troubled past and start a new legacy? Is Mercedes still a vampire now that Doc isn’t? Are we going to see Bunny flirt with Nedley again at the wedding? What about Robin???? The fog is gone for good. Could that help him recover from his exposure?

Now that everything has been handled for the most part, it’s time for the wedding to happen! I’m glad they wrapped up the bigger story lines and we can focus on the love these characters have for one another. What a perfect event for the show to go out on.

The Series Finale of Wynonna Earp airs next Friday on Syfy. You can stream the current season on Syfy.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 of Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

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