‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: A Sinn-Filled Return


After much anticipation, Steffy and Finn are finally back on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sharing their first scenes back with Thomas and Ridge, the new parents wasted no time showing off their post covid restriction closeness. For those that were wondering what the chemistry would be like once they could finally touch, today should have alleviated any questions. They were on fire.

Quickly explaining their absence, Steffy and Finn both spoke with Steffy’s daughter, Kelly as a focal point of their family unit along with their shared child in her womb. Unlike her biological father, Finn seems to enjoy including the precocious toddler in his plans. The way he speaks about her and lights up when he says her name is a clear sign of how much he adores her. Spending a few minutes with Ridge, updating him on their adventures, makes her father happy. He even comments on how pretty they are together. Soon afterward Thomas arrives and remarks that he’s been in contact with Finn during their hiatus and has cute pictures of his niece, Kelly. It was a sweet family moment just before Steffy and Finn departed to head to their doctor’s appointment.

At the appointment, Finn and Steffy are virtually inseparable, his hands caressing her baby bump, sneaking in kisses just as the doctor arrives and comments on how ecstatic she is to see the happy couple. Offering a quint smile, she asks if they are ready for their appointment, and they advise that they are.

Hearing the news that their baby is healthy and growing on schedule, the happy couple is presented with an incredible choice, Knowing the gender of their unborn child. At first, they both agree to keep the gender a mystery, but after a few seconds, both become antsy. Steffy wants to leave the choice up to Finn and he admits that he would really like to know, and they both cave.

With their anticipation mounting, the doctor announces that they are having a boy. Steffy and Finn are both overcome with emotion and Steffy reveals she hoped for a boy. They most adorable part of the reveal, was the pure excitement from both to share the news with Kelly. Finn truly does care so much for his new stepdaughter. It’s great to see, considering the lack of attention she receives from her other set of “parents.”

Staring at their ultrasound picture, the couple shares several tender moments and revel in their joy. Finn is happy that he gets to share this exciting time with a woman he loves completely and he’s happy to begin his life with their children. And yes, he included Kelly in every breath. It’s refreshing to see her being more than an afterthought to a father figure.

With the first day of Sinn being a huge success, I can’t wait to see what comes next for the attractive young couple. Seeing them interact with their new baby as well as Kelly will be a welcome change. Also, I hope wedding plans are coming as well. At this point, an intimate wedding with just family and close friends is what I hope for, and no exes or wives of exes, that is, if they aren’t incarcerated.

One thing I really hope to see is good angst. While Finn and Steffy are compelling, and Steffy deserves a great love story, we still need more layers to this couple. The chemistry is there, so that’s not an issue, but we will need more to sink our teeth into. Maybe some relatives for Finn and definitely more of his backstory and familial history. We need to know where he comes from. Are his parents alive? Does he have siblings? What happened in his past relationships? Those could be some interesting ways to incorporate the missing angst.

There is so much that can be done, but whatever we get, I know one thing for certain, Liam needs to be far away from it. Just last week he acknowledged that Finn would be a good father figure for his eldest daughter and pretty much wrote her off as being taken care of. It was almost as if they were writing it to make sense that he was not going to be as involved with Kelly as he should be. The character of Steffy is a complex and multilayered person that operates better being independent of Liam and his constant need to be praised. He literally sucks the life out of her and reduces her to the role of a glorified babysitter and it was beyond time she shared a romantic connection with someone that matches her maturity level. In Finn, she has her match, and whatever comes for them, I expect it to be interesting and handled like functioning adults. I’m excited to see what comes from this dynamic duo.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. If you are going to write a review at least tell the truth. Liam was NEVER an absent or unfit father. Lying about a person’s character should NOT be the way to get your ratings up. The lies make you NOT want to watch the soap anymore. Just stop manipulating and twisting the truth. Character assassination stinks any time it is done.

  2. The show was so terrible I stopped watching it! I love Steffie, but you are right, Liam is a big piece of tofu, and I don’t like any of the Logan’s especially Brooke and Hope! Stephanie should of stuff with her original thoughts of her! Eric, is also a weakling, and I hate Ridge is with Brooke! Thorsten Kaye deserves better and a better show! Bill Bell is a pervert, who I still thinks must long to sleep with his ugly sister!

  3. Thank you for this. Everything I have been thinking and saying. Liam who? So happy that she has a grown up relationship and a man to match. Keep Hope and Liam together with their highschool crush playing house mentality. Definitely no to them coming to the wedding. Don’t even want Brooke there.

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