‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy and Finn Turn Up the Heat During Delivery


Baby on the way! On the heels of the birth of baby boy Finnegan, the audience of The Bold and the Beautiful was blessed with some Sinnfully adorable moments. Steffy and Finn are home awaiting the birth of their child and in waltzes Grandpa Ridge. Excitedly, he jokes with his daughter and soon to be son in law and gushes over how proud he is of them and their family unit.

Ridge is in a tizzy, he’s all over the place, attempting to provide names for the newest addition to the family. Throwing out the most horrendous names for the baby, which the young couple quickly rebuffs, Ridge finally settles on the name he thinks will be the perfect fit for his grandson, Bubba Finnegan. Finn, the strong silent type, reacts nonverbally while Steffy flat out says no. It was an amazing scene where Steffy gets to be completely relaxed and is enjoying the last days of her pregnancy. It’s a tremendous upgrade from her pregnancy with Kelly, where she spent most of it crying and pleading for forgiveness.

While Ridge is still in attendance, Steffy begins to feel the contractions start, and Finn rushes her to a seat to relax and she assures the duo that she’s fine. Again, Finn is very attentive and soothing, attempting to make her as comfortable as possible. She catches her breath and breathes through the pain and can conclude her visit with her father. But once Ridge leaves, in true Sinn fashion, they tug at the heart strings with their affectionate banter.

Finn utters I love you and Steffy returns that she loves him more, and he advises her that it’s not possible. She tells him he’s going to be a great father and attempts to walk away to check an email. She doesn’t get far before the contractions intensify and her water breaks. At that point Finn goes from confident doctor to excited dad, his first and only concern being her comfort and wellbeing. While they had agreed on a home birth, Finn made sure to ask if the plans had changed. He made it clear he was willing to do whatever she wanted to make sure she felt secure.

When Steffy steps to change into her birthing outfit, which was better than most of the fashion usually selected for the show for normal wear, Finn called the midwife to come and help with the birth. Finn is less than confident—he even asks if Steffy thinks they will be enough, but Steffy assures him that she feels great that he is a doctor and he will take care of her. How many times has she been able to say that to a man?

While the midwife is there getting the water ready for the birth, Steffy and Finn are off to the side talking and it ends up leading to a dance without music. The dance is more of a slow grind and set our screens on fire in the process. When I say this was one of the most intimate birthing scenes, I mean it. Finn was continuously kissing Steffy’s forehead and holding her. He was reassuring her and propelling her with his words. There was even a point where she was on the other side of the birthing pool and rushed to him when her pain intensified. He was there waiting with open arms and his reassuring words. It was one of the most enduring scenes in recent Bold and Beautiful history.

The midwife and Finn being the only people present for the birth was a good call in my opinion. With the scenes being just those three people, they were able to give a more simplistic display of the connection Steffy and Finn share. For as long as Steffy has been on the show, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her have a deeper connection with any love interest than in this storyline. They were good moments to share, and the shirtless images of Finn didn’t hurt either. Tanner is gorgeous.

As a person who frequently live tweets the show to gauge the audience, one of the biggest things that stood out was how free and light she seemed to be in this pregnancy. Even giving birth to a baby, she was able to display how in love she was, and the scenes were very intimate. And the chemistry between Jacqui and Tanner was off the charts. How could they take something like childbirth and make it sexy? Their natural chemistry oozed into all the moments, and they made giving birth look—erotic. They raised the bar, and I truly don’t ever want to see a normal soap opera birth again. I’ve been spoiled.

It is refreshing that Finn has been the only person to always put Steffy and her kids first, and this was something I feel that Steffy fans needed to see—her being taken care of to this extent. Now if all this will last is yet to be seen, but for now, this was amazing content. It has me intrigued to see what the love scenes will be like, because—whew. It was a birthing experience, but the magnetic chemistry between these two talented actors was reminiscent of an intense love scene. And if that’s what we’re in store for, I for one, need more!

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‘The Bold and The Beautiful’: A Baby Makes Four, Make Room For Two More! The Arrival of Baby Sinn and Finn’s Parents!

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