‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 1 Season Premiere “Separate Tides”

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Following the events of the first season finale, Luz, Eda and the rest of the gang find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. Now, a short while later, guilt is the strong force guiding them all, trying to make up for past perceived and real sins.

Eda, now unable to use her magic, is no longer feared, nor respected, by the community. She doesn’t have access to the human realm so she is unable to sell the items she finds there to make money. Forced to complete small bounties which barely pay enough, she makes the best of her new situation. 

Luz feels guilty for her presence triggering all these events which led them to where they are now. She records a video for her mother, catching her up on the latest events, and apologizing for separating herself from her permanently due to the destruction of the door. She still has hope that one day she will find a way home telling her mother “Te quiero, Mama. Te lo prometo, regresaré a casa pronto.” With the door gone, she’s unable to get the video to successfully send, but it at least gives her an outlet to share the thoughts she wishes she could share with her mother. The moment was touches and still shows that despite the hardship, Luz’s eternal optimism wins out in the end.

Lilith feels guilty for causing the curse which led to all the events in Eda’s life, and her new place as an outcast. Now unable to do powerful magic after being one of the most powerful beings in the emperor’s coven, she is alone and wants to prove her worth and that she’s trying to make up for the past. She holds on to her independent, strong willed nature, even when she needs help. Hooty, of all people, is able to teach her that it’s okay to rely on others when you need help and you never have to go through a hard time alone. Lulu and Hootcifer forever! I hope we get more of their interactions throughout the season. It was an unexpected pairing which paid off well in the end.

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Golden Guard was a bit sillier than I expected him to be after being billed as a new main villain in season two, but he was a pleasant surprise and addition to the series. His parting words and the voice work in saying “BYEE!” when he left Eda and Luz had me cracking up. He’s now taken Lilith’s place in the coven. We don’t know who he is or his intentions beyond following the order of the Emperor just yet. We also don’t fully understand why the Emperor wanted the selkidomus creature slayed for such a high bounty other than creating a reason for the show to send Luz out on the high seas and become a pirate in a fun montage. 

Eda and Luz crossing paths due to both of them wanting to get the money for their own perceived sins was a great moment. They both want to do what’s best for the other and it shows how strong their bond has become. Luz wants to thank Eda for everything, make up for the perceived problems she caused and prove her own self worth. Eda wants to make sure that Luz can feel safe and at home (and fed) while she’s stuck in the magical realm with her. Eda was going to lose her power eventually with the curse, but because Luz was in her life, she was able to live instead of being petrified. Luz watching Eda fully enjoying herself successfully using magic glyphs like Luz was such a cute moment where the student is now the proud teacher. While they didn’t get paid directly, either by Luz doing the work or Eda attempting to steal it, they were able to ascertain a substance from the selkidomus which they can sell for money, at least setting them up with a resource for steady income for the time being. 

King was adorable with his dedication to Luz and joining her and her decision to go off on the mission herself despite Eda’s warning of the dangers that lay ahead. He was supportive and a good friend. With the whole pirate and boat theme, he became the show’s version of a parrot. His capture by Golden Guard was funny especially with him waking up and falling asleep every time Golden Guard lifted the sheet on his cage. 

We now know that the door is almost repaired at the Emperor’s castle. Lilith’s magical spell she was able to conjure to spy on her former coven works, but it appears the Emperor knows he’s being watched, with the spell possibly acting as a two way mirror instead of one way as Lilith likely intended. They can’t see the door he’s working on and that he’s still working on his evil plans, but I’m sure he’s going to be strategic in what they see. Luz still has the key as seen in her video message to her mom. Will he come for that next?

Everyone was put to the test in a strong season premiere which saw the return of our often dysfunctional heroes. While the tone and energy of the premiere felt slightly darker, it wasn’t a dark cloud over the cheerfulness the series has portrayed thus far. The hard adjustment to their new way of life in the realm was a wake up for them all. While they all went on their own missions, they all were doing so in order to provide for the group. They’re becoming an even tighter group without intending to or them even knowing it. We didn’t get to see Luz’s friends and how they’re doing since we last saw them, but I’m sure we’ll see them soon. If the premiere is any indication of the rest of the season, we’re in for another fun, exciting and emotional ride.

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now.

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