Funko Brings Disney+’s Loki and What If…? Characters To The Fans

Loki Funko

With Disney+ currently airing the new series Loki, starring the fan favorite Marvel movie character Loki, Funko has brought many characters from the popular series to their Pop! line. 

Up first, Funko released a common Loki Pop! wearing his “Variant” jacket. Alongside this common release is a Mobius Pop!, featuring Loki’s handler at the TVA, aka the Time Variance Authority, holding a pruning baton device. 

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Also joining the line is a common Ravonna Renslayer Pop!, the mysterious TVA member, with Miss Minutes in her animated glory. Anything with Miss Minutes is a must have! Released alongside the two characters is a Hunter B-15 Pop! in her TVA uniform. This Hunter B-15 Pop! is an Amazon Exclusive figure. 

Photo Credit: Funko

Sylvie, the tenacious Loki variant, also gets the Pop! treatment with two figures. The common figure is Sylvie wielding her blade, while the Walmart Exclusive features the same mold but with a glow in the dark element to it. 

Just announced is another round of Loki pops, featuring many of the other variants we have met along the way. First up is a common Kid Loki Pop! featuring the young Loki variant with Alligator Loki on his back. Alongside him is a common President Loki Pop! arms crossed, with his Vote Pin displayed on his chest. Alligator Loki gets his own Pop! with a Hot Topic exclusive figure. The fan favorite Loki variant is grinning and sure to be a hot seller! Classic Loki, off of his heroic turn on the series, gets his own Pop!, arms crossed with his yellow cape, exclusive to BoxLunch. Lastly, Kid Loki gets an exclusive metallic version, exclusive to Funko’s website and own stores. 

We will likely get more Loki Pop! figures following the season finale this coming Wednesday. 

The upcoming animated new series What If…? comes to Disney+ August 11. The series follows the heroes we’ve come to love as we explore “what if” something changed in their stories, leading to a different journey. 

Photo Credit: Funko

In one episode, Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum, resulting in her becoming Captain Carter. This Peggy Pop! common release is joined by The Hydra Stomper, a plus sized Pop!, created to take on Hydra. Another common figure coming soon is a Pop! of T’Challa as Star-Lord. In this episode it appears Peter never became Star-Lord, and instead T’Challa does. Also common are Doctor Strange Supreme, an evil Doctor Strange, and a badass looking Gamora with her sword. 

There will also be some other exclusive figures in the line. In the official Marvel released image, Thor is shown to be getting a Walmart exclusive Pop! figure, but Funko did not share information on it at this moment. FYE gets an exclusive T’Challa Star Lord unmasked, showing his face. BoxLunch gets a metallic version of a leaping T’Challa Star-Lord. Amazon gets an exclusive glow in the dark version of Doctor Strange Supreme. Target will release an exclusive King Killmonger, an episode which features a world where Killmonger becomes King. Captain Carter will get another Pop! of her in a battle pose, exclusive to Gamestop. Funko has another line of products called Soda, and Captain Carter will also get a figure in that style with a chase figure. 

More What If…? Pop! figures will likely be announced in the coming weeks and also once the series begins airing on Disney+.

You can get these Funko Pop! Marvel figures from Funko and at many other retailers.

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