The TV Source Podcast | Episode 111 – “Love Tension and Culture Vultures”

When the producer is away, the hosts will play! Ryan, Coryon and Ashley host a Johnathon-free episode that runs down Days of our Lives‘ inability to keep major plots secret, the cancelation of Hulu’s Love, Victor, 2022 Oscar nominations and Awkwafina’s non-apology apology for her infamous blaccent. 

Podcast 111 | “Love Tension and Culture Vultures”

Hosts: Ryan White, Coryon Gray and Ashley Dionne
Producer: Ryan White
Taped: February 13, 2021

Daytime Segment: What started out as a discussion about Days of our Lives’ decision to kill off a major character evolved into one about people jumping on other sources scoops. Spoilers are a necessary part of entertainment, but when to reveal is the key.

Primetime Segment: Better Call Saul finally returns April 18; reaction to Hulu’s decision to cancel Love, Victor and why the series was so important; people are loving Peacock’s Bel-Air despite initially throwing shade.

Trending Segment: The Oscar nominations are about; Dolly Parton is taking the girls to college; Awkwafina’s non-apology apology for her blaccent sparks intense criticism from our hosts, who detail exactly what makes her appropriation offensive.

Hot Topic: Let’s talk about the state of love in 2022. Our hosts open up about their romantic lives and whether or not things are good on that front, in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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