‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 11 Midseason Premiere “Follies at the Coven Day Parade”

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The Owl House returned after an extended break, picking up in the aftermath of Luz’s trip to the human realm, uncovering what has been happening back home while she’s been in the Boiling Isles. Not sure how to feel about her life being split between the two worlds, she tries her best to make it all work. Starting off the second half of the season without a beat, the show continues to shine, highlighting the strong relationships between characters, the multilayered emotional depth they each go through and remaining reliably heartwarming, charming and funny for all ages. 

Luz continues recording videos for her mom, telling her what she’s been up to while away. She records moments of her learning magic, but accidentally blinds Boscha. She tries footage of the school, but ends up recording a chilling moment. All of her good intentions seem to show how dangerous her life can be, not helping her case of convincing her mother she’ll be okay there. 

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Gus and Willow hang out on the steps talking about Belos while Luz is distracted rewatching her videos on her phone. The two ask Luz what Belos looks like since she’s been up close with him. She tells them she hasn’t seen him, when suddenly Amity sneaks up behind her and scares Luz, telling the group she heard Belos was disfigured by wild magic. She greets Luz by saying “Hola batata.” Luz is surprised to hear the phrase and Amity tells her she’s been reading a book of human language she got from Gus. When she pulls it out, we see it’s a cookbook! That gave me a good laugh. Luz calls Amity a sweet potato and the two blush. How I’ve missed all the blushing!! 

The group asks how her attempts to talk with her mom went and she gets nervous, reliving the trauma and the moment she promised her mom she’d come home for good. Luz attempts to brush off their inquiries. Luz kisses Amity goodbye as Eda and King fly in to pick her up. Once Luz departs, Amity realizes Luz forgot her phone. 

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Eda and King try to relax and calm Luz as they know the truth about her time with her mom. They notice the town is setting up for the Coven Day Parade. Eda and King continue walking through town when Luz notices Kikimora on the phone with her mom, looking and sounding distressed. 

King reveals to Luz that Eda hired someone to spy on her ex Raine. Luz gets heart eyes hearing the story of Eda’s past relationship and passes out, overjoyed. Luz reads the file on Raine crying of joy. Eda reads in the file that Raine is still working for the coven, despite being caught a traitor. They then notice a billboard going up in town showing that Raine will be at the Coven Day Parade. 

Luz notices Kikimora again, and comforts her, while trying to get her to help them out with getting to Raine. Eda is taken aback since Kikimora once tried to turn Luz to stone, attacked Luz and all of the other evil things she’s done before. “Oh she is bad, and not the hot kinda bad.” Eda continues to have some of the best lines. Luz reveals her plan to the group. They’re gonna kidnap Kikimora and Raine during the parade. 

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They gather materials and go over the plan. They’re gonna set off glyphs, potions and fireworks to distract the guards. Kikimora will then send them to check on it. That’s when they obscure the stage and kidnap Kikimora and Raine, that way Kikimora has an excuse to go to her family reunion without angering Belos. Luz suddenly realizes she must have left her phone at the Owl House. 

Willow is working out when Amity stops by. They exchange a few awkward words then Amity tells Willow that Luz has been acting weird and she left her “phoon, uh, phun?” and wants to watch the video on it to see if Luz has been lying about going to the human realm. She tells Willow she doesn’t want to violate Luz’s privacy. Willow says she will only give her advice if Amity braids her hair. The two share a sweet moment about being able to spend time together again. 

Kikimora gets nervous about the plans when Raine suddenly startles her. They talk about hating people but Raine says they’re happy to do their part for the coven. Kikimora notices they’re more calm than before. Terra suddenly appears and says Raine was fixed by her. Raine’s been getting headaches and Terra has been giving them tea to cure them. That doesn’t seem sketchy at all!!!  Kikimora tries to alert the group that Terra could ruin their plans, but Terra catches her and tells her the parade is about to start. 

The parade begins. King and Hooty give Luz and Eda the signal, hidden inside one of the floats. They set off the fireworks and Kikimora sends the guards off to investigate. Luz and Eda jump in to capture their targets. Luz and Kikimora oversell their parts, and Eda grabs Raine, and runs off. Away from the crowd, Eda tells Raine she was worried. Raine doesn’t recall their previous encounter saying they’ve been sick in bed all month and the two of them haven’t spoken in years. Eda says she’s not gonna let Raine leave until she gets through to them. The two prepare to battle. 

King and Hooty continue to keep the guards busy. Luz runs with Kikimora and she tells Luz she has to use the invisible spell again or else Terra Snapdragon, head witch of the plant coven,  will find them. Terra uses plant spells to break through the ground and appears nearby as the two hide. Terra thinks out loud about where Kikimora could have gone, knowing she is nearby. She says out loud that she’s about to get a promotion and a new badge plus respect. Figuring out where the two are hiding, she shoots a vine towards them. Before it hits them, one of Amity’s abominations grabs the vine. Amity caught on to Luz’s plans because of the Azura books they both love. Amity conjures a skateboard shaped abomination and the three of them retreat. 

Raine fires off spells saying Eda isn’t giving them a choice and they don’t want to hurt her. Eda calls Raine out for going easy on her. Eda dodges more attacks and tries to get through to Raine when Raine fires a powerful blow. They ask Eda why she won’t leave them alone. Raine offers Eda one last chance to move. She declines and Raine is about to attack when they hear guards approaching. Eda realizes she lost her glyphs hidden in her hair, when Raine sees one and hands it to her, telling her to go and not contact them again. 

Luz, Amity and Kikimora arrive at the docks where Princess is waiting to take her to her family. Luz tells Kikimora she can get to spend time with her family, then brag about her “daring escape” from “captivity”. She says it’s proof you don’t have to choose between worlds. Aww Luz. Heartbreaking. Kikimora calls Luz a good person but then begins to laugh devilishly. She tells Luz and Amity that she believes the words about a promotion Terra mentioned while they were avoiding capture. Amity says Terra was probably lying but Kikimora threatens to hand them over to Belos. Amity and Luz use their magic and run away. Kikimora pursues them. Luz and Amity team up their magic to slow Kikimora down. Just when Kikimora is about to catch the two of them, Terra captures Kikimora and laughs at her. Terra reveals she was sent to watch over Kikimora, not Raine. Kikimora had to prove her dedication because the promotion was in fact real. Terra says she passed and her reward is that she gets to live. The way she delivers those words to Kikimora is chilling. Terra ties Kikimora up in vines to head back into town and stop the chaos that’s still going on. Terra turns to the girls and says the Emperor is looking forward to meeting the human. Wait, what? They have met?? Terra makes her exit. 

The two collapse to the boards of the dock. Luz jumps onto Amity exclaiming how happy she is that Amity saved her. She asks how she can make it up to her. Amity pulls out Luz’s phone and asks her to tell her about the video. She tells Luz she didn’t watch, but knows she finished the door, saw her mom, and that it didn’t go well. Luz looks away ashamed and apologizes. Amity tells Luz she knows it’s a crazy time, but she can’t help if she doesn’t know what’s going on. Luz says that Amity was looking so hopeful and that she was even learning Spanish for her. She thought if she could help Kikimora out there would be hope for her too. Luz begins to tell Amity the story of what happened as they walk back to town.

In town, King and Hooty successfully avoid getting caught, and sneak off. The head witches stand on stage, waving at the crowd. Raine looks dejected. Terra is keeping her eye on Kikimora and Kikimora is looking a bit unsure. Eda, Luz Amity, King and Hooty sit on the rooftop overlooking the parade. 

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Kikimora announces to the crowd that the Emperor himself has an announcement to make. A hologram appears above them. He announces that the Day of Unity will be in exactly one month, when the tide is at its lowest and the moon obscures the sun. We see Lilith and Gwendolyn are also watching it all unfold from their house. Belos continues that at that time, they’ll go to the head of the isles. There the worthy ones will inherit a utopia free of wild magic. Everyone in the crowd gasps. 

King asks how Belos can do that and Eda gets a look on her face, as if she’s ready to take on the next fight. Belos then says because of everyone’s support, he can take his mask off. Eda says he’s just trying to distract everyone from his plans. Belos then takes off his mask and the crowd cheers. 

Amity asks Eda if Belos is planning something. Then she asks Luz why Terra said he’s going to meet if they already met. She grows more concerned as she asks these questions. Luz comforts Amity saying they’ll take them one day at a time. 

That’s how you do a midseason return episode! Full of excitement, big reveals and great character growth. My biggest question was why does Belos want to meet Luz when they’ve already met. Is there something going on with Belos? Is his memory iffy? Could there be an imposter? Lots to unpack there. Now it seems like Luz is going to have to be extra careful if she’s in the crosshair of Belos’ plans. I’m going to have to read up on some theories!

It was heartbreaking seeing Eda and Raine reunited but Raine has no knowledge of their recent reunion. This will surely spark a fire in Eda to get through to Raine again, and come for Belos and his newly revealed plans. Hopefully Raine figures the truth out before they accidentally do something they regret in the name of the Emperor.

The growth in the relationship between Luz and Amity is one of the best parts of the episode. Luz doesn’t want to burden Amity with the truth at first, but realizes they are a pair now, and Amity can help her out if she just lets her in. Amity learning Spanish to connect with Luz was such a sweet moment. I love that Gus’s human book was a cookbook and that her pet name for Luz is “batata” aka sweet potato. It’s so sweet and perfect for their young relationship. Amity is quickly picking up on how Luz works and knows when she is struggling. I love how she is really trying to be a great girlfriend to Luz. Lumity is going full force!! 

I was hoping to see more of Willow and Gus as they weren’t used as much as I expected in the first half of the season. The little bit we did see of them was great through! I enjoyed seeing Willow and Amity growing closer again and hope see them grow more as friends in the coming episodes. Gus and the cookbook was a great moment. Also hilarious was Willow and Gus debating what the Emperor looks like underneath his mask, and their reaction when he took it off. More of these moments please!

Disney Channel released all of the titles and dates for the final ten episodes of the season. Episodes will run through May 28. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds. I also don’t want to think about the show ending with the third and final (abbreviated) season. Let’s enjoy the rest of the season!

Photo Credit: Disney Channel

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now.

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