‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 12 “Elsewhere and Elsewhen”

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After Luz’s attempts to get the best of both worlds last week, Luz decided to dive deeper into what happened with the door and what went wrong. In this mythology filled episode full of interesting details, Luz gets to spend time with Lilith, and along the way, reveal truths from the past which could have huge implications on the future. Eda also confronts her own past in a different and emotional way.

The episode begins with Luz in her room trying to figure out what went wrong when she made the door. Downstairs, Hooty throws a party to celebrate Lilith on her new job at the museum. Luz runs down after Hooty gives a toast and she laments missing it. Flora D’esplora congratulates Lilith on the job and Lilith seems humble, saying she’s just an assistant. She’s surprised Flora even came or heard about the news. Flora tells Lilith the Emperor wanted to make sure she wasn’t getting into any trouble. She also dropped off her belongings she left behind. Flora leaves in grand fashion, lassoing a bird out of the sky and flying off on it.

Luz asks Lilith who Flora is. Lilith tells her she’s a celebrity historian and her former mentor in the Emperor’s coven. Lilith grows excited and frustrated proclaiming she’s going to come up with an exhibit to knock her socks off.

We see more footage of Philips entries from the echo mouse. Philip is beginning to lose track of time but he found all the ingredients for a portal including Titans Blood. Now all he has to do is find The Collector and he will tell him everything he needs to complete his mission. Eda and King make fun of his name but Luz wants to figure out what she did wrong and she wishes she could go back in time to talk with him. 

Luz asks Eda if time magic exists. Eda pulls out a book of urban legends and shows Luz an entry on Time Pools. She explains they act as windows to the past, but they’re never in the same place twice. Eda says she used to look for them with Lilith when they were younger. Luz runs off to find Lilith.

Lilith is working on her exhibit for the museum about the architectural history of Deadwardian balusters. Only to realize it might not be a great exhibit. Luz shows her the entry on Time Pools from the book, and Lilith is instantly pulled in. She says coagulated Titans Blood mixed with magical algae of the Boiling Sea creates temporary holes in time. Luz says she can make an exhibit on time pools and Luz can get information on how Philip made a portal door. Lilith made a device to help locate them when she was younger, and it should be in the box of things Flora dropped off earlier. She warns Luz it was faulty back then and that it needed a lot of power to run it. Luz runs off and gets her little bit of titan blood and Lilith agrees to do it. 

A montage of Luz and Lilith setting up the device plays out and it leads them to a location. Luz appears exhausted and Lilith is overexcited. They arrive where Lilith’s calculations say it should be but they just arrive at the beach. Lilith trips on a rock and yelps. Luz spots a different rock and kicks it, then it suddenly disappears. She sticks her head where it disappeared and comes out on the other side to a rupturing volcano and smoky dark sky with a giant beast, a stone sleeper, roaring. They mark the spots where the pools are, popping their heads in and seeing other scenes unfold in the past. Lilith comments how they’re hidden in plain sight and that’s why they’re so hard to find. She puts her head into another pool and Lilith from moments ago trips over current Lilith’s emerging head. That gave me a good laugh! 

Luz looks into one and ends up in the Deadwardian past where the town is still small and is the era where Philip is from. Lilith warns Luz that if the tide comes in they could get trapped. After giving warning about the implications of visiting the past, she says “let’s boogie down to History Town.” Lilith has come such a long way from the first time we met her! 

Back home Gwendolyn arrives and tells Eda her father wanted to stop by, and is right outside. King runs in, excited to finally meet his grandfather. Gwendolyn tells King that Dell was the best at making palisman. Eda cringes as he approaches the front door, not prepared for this moment.

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Lilith and Luz enter the time pool. They disguise themselves with a hat and helmet they find on the beach. Lilith warns Luz that them being in the time of wild magic means the people in town might be menacing. When they finally arrive in town, everyone is friendly, using magic freely and helping one another. Luz asks the townspeople if they know where Philip is to no luck. They hear a commotion and run over to find two people taunting Philip and holding his writing hostage. They attempt to burn his writings when Luz uses an ice glyph to put out the fire, telling the two the writings don’t belong to them 

At home, Eda has hid herself in a room and Gwendolyn tries to get her to come out. Eda hurries her potions into her bag and tries to sneak out. King asks why she’s hiding for her dad. She tells him she hasn’t seen him since the owl beast ruined … she trails off. She’s just not ready to see him. 

The two troublemakers in town walk off and Luz helps Philip pick up his papers. She notices she’s already gotten his Titan Blood as he wrote about it on one of the papers she picked up. She asks if they could talk, but he brushes her off. She gets him to turn around when she offers to help him find The Collector. They enter a cave and Luz uses a fire glyph. Philip is surprised to meet someone else using picto glyphs. Luz is surprised he uses them too, and he tells her how else he could survive in the realm? They walk through the cave and Philip gives a few concerning looks at Lilith, who is also trying to read him right back. He compliments her for obviously influencing her niece then stops and draws a giant glyph pattern in the ground saying it’ll be a shortcut to The Collector. 

Eda puts on Lilith’s clothes and tries to trick her mother to avoid seeing her father. Gwendolyn  sees right through her disguise. King tells her to let her have this. Thinking she escaped, Eda bursts outside, but runs into her father, his back turned looking out in the distance. Instead of flying off, she greets her father. 

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In the past, the group arrives inside the head of the Titan. They come upon a giant door and Philip says The Collector is behind it. He tells them he can’t figure out how to open it up. Luz offers to help and Philip says perhaps they were destined to meet. Lilith notices the puzzle has been partially completed. She also notices that Philip is confident and always has the right things to say. It makes her feel uncomfortably familiar. Luz mentions she feels it too a but, but says it’s the Boiling Isles and everything is a bit weird there, brushing off the feeling. 

Luz goes to talk to Philip while Lilith continues trying to solve the puzzle. She sees Philip writing in his notes that he was able to defeat the beast behind the door, but his accomplices didn’t survive. Just then Lilith solves the puzzle and a rumble sounds. Luz grows worried and asks why he really brought them there. He says he needed a sacrifice. Just then, Lilith is pulled back through the darkness of the door and screams. Philip tells Luz he needed them as a distraction so he can go through the door. 

Luz uses an ice glyph to knock down the monster, freeing Lilith. Philip walks to a carved out landing behind them and begins digging. He pulls out a shiny mirror like plate with a crescent moon inlaid. As Luz and Lilith hide, Luz tells Philip she knows he wants to go home but it’s not worth hurting people. Philip begins drawing a new glyph pattern and wishes the two good luck. He teleports out. Luz and Lilith, now alone, keep hiding from the monster. Luz apologizes for not seeing what Lilith saw earlier and says she should have listened to her. Just then Luz says she has been listening and charges towards the monster. Lilith, now freaked out, keeps repeating that Eda will kill her and covers her eyes. The monster thuds to the ground. Lilith opens her eyes and sees Luz giving the monster belly scratches. Luz realized the monster is a stone sleeper from the Hecktaceous period that she saw in the time pool earlier. It must have hibernated in the cave for ages. 

Philip walks home recounting in his notes his warped detailing of events that transpired and admires the plate he recovered. He hears stomping behind him, turns and sees the stone sleeper. Luz and Lilith jump down from its back and Luz demands he tell them how that item is going to help him build a portal back to the human realm. Philip tells her he needs it for something else. Philip smugly offers an exchange for the information, insinuating he may need them for another distraction in the future. Lilith punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. They leave him and Lilith comforts Luz that if a jerk like Philip can make a portal, she can too. 

Luz tells Lilith they have time before the tide comes in and asks if she wants to do something fun. They find a woodworker making balusters, so Lilith gets an up close account for her original presentation on Deadwardian balusters. 

Eda and her dad sit alongside one another and Eda apologizes for not being in touch. He tells her that he knows everything that happened to her, from being on wanted posters to the petrification. He wishes she would have him help her. He is happy to hear he has a grandson now too. He tells Eda he can’t keep chasing her. She asks him if he’s been able to craft a new Palisman ever since she attacked him. He reaches his hand out but it trembles. She tells him to stop forgiving her because she doesn’t deserve it. She runs off, but he catches her and reaches his hand towards her, holding a palistrom seed. He’s been helping the Bat Queen replenish the forests so someone new can pick up the trade. He tells her to let the past stay in the past, and that it’s okay to move on. She takes the seed from him. He tells her to give Owlbert his regards. Their time together crafting him is one of his favorite memories. Awww. He leaves her be, and Eda watches him leave, eventually cracking a smile. 

Luz and Lilith arrive home and Lilith reminds Luz that they got lucky today because next time the time pools could be on the other side of the world. Eda asks how their plan went and is surprised to learn they actually found Philip. They tell Eda how he was a jerk and that Lilith punched him. They give each other finger guns and Eda begs them to stop it. Too funny! 

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Back in the past, Philip arrives back at his place in pain. He angrily screams out over Luz and Lilith, cursing the two witches. His body begins to morph, glyphs all over his body, fighting back a curse. He winces in pain and falls to the ground, looking for something in a pile. He breaks a palisman and absorbs its remaining magic. He shakes it off saying it doesn’t matter and he just has to see his plan through. He rubs the mirror plate and it begins to shimmer and release light. Light shapes appear projected above him and Philip says you’re going to help me Collector.

Philip is truly going mad! When Terra proclaimed last week that the Emperor is looking forward to meeting Luz… did she mean this moment in the past when she first met Philip? Ooooohhhh. That would be such a cool twist. 

Operating under the assumption that Belos and Philip are one in the same, which let be real, is pretty much a given after this episode, could Luz and Lilith’s journey into the past be part of the reason why the Emperor is so against unregulated magic being performed by witches? Plus could this be why he created the coven system to be a keeper of who can and cannot practice magic. Also his desire to eliminate all wild magic and again being a gatekeeper as to who can and cannot use it. 

Plus there is the fact that Lilith was put off by Philip because he seemed familiar. She couldn’t shake the feeling the whole time. His manipulations and demeanor scream Belos and she was picking up on it. It’s also discerning that Philip has been bending the truth in his writings. The fact that he was willing to sacrifice others and framed it as an accident throws many of the other entries into question. Luz teaching Philip a new glyph in the past was an interesting point. She’s now a key part in his past and how he possibly rose to power.

Now there is the deal with The Collector. We last saw him in Eda’s Owl Beast dream. His face had the same crescent moon as the mirror plate had. Him appearing in the dream of Eda’s curse, and now with Philip’s body being affected by a curse, likely from the glyphs on his body possibly trying to imbue himself with magic, it’ll be interesting to see how the Collector comes into play in the present. Dana is so good at dropping little bits of information that become bigger details in future episodes! 

I liked how King was trying to be there for Eda and was being a good son. He knew when to give her the space to act the way she was acting, and knew nothing he could say would change her feelings. I wonder if the fact that she was having issues with her father, who is still in the picture, though on the fringe, had something to do with King being hands off. He has his own issues and struggles with his absent father who is still somewhere out there. In a way it was kind of sad that Eda didn’t think of this in the moment, obviously conflicted by her own issues, because as his mother figure, she should have put the two together. 

Now that Eda has had a bit of a breakthrough over her self hatred for hurting her father, and he told her she has to move on, it’s bringing their whole family closer than they’ve been in ages. Is there a chance they could grow even closer? She successfully was able to rebuild her relationships with Lilith and Gwendolyn, so there is hope! She also has the seed now, I’m sure it’ll come into play down the line. 

Philip mentioned multiple times about needing groups to help him on his quests. We know he sugar coated them in his writings, as he betrayed many of them, but in the end he did require help. Could Luz building such a strong group of friends and family in the Boiling Isles be the key to defeat the Emperor who only gets things done through manipulation, lies and fear? Maybe that’s the key to solving not only her current issues, but to having the best of both worlds in the end. I cannot wait to see how everything we learned in this episode comes into play down the line. 

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now

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