General Hospital Spoilers: April 25-29, 2022


This week on General Hospital, Harmony’s web of lies starts to unravel! What will she do to try to keep Carly from revealing what’s she’s discovered? Sonny attempts at finding the resolution he seeks ends up alienating him from his son even more! Sasha’s past rears its ugly head at the worst time possible! Nik’s plans for romance don’t go as planned. Will it be to late for Ava to change course with her marriage? This is a must-see week of General Hospital the week of April 25th!

General Hospital Spoilers: Mothers & Daughters / Fathers & Sons

Promo Recap: Emotions reach their breaking point in Port Charles! Carly is completely unaware the Harmony and her syringe are approaching to silence her about anything she reads on the papers that Harmony tried, unsuccessfully, to destroy! Spinelli prevents Brando from attacking Smoltz while Glady’s comforts a hysterical Sasha who can’t take it anymore! Marshall explodes on Curtis and Michael throws Sonny out of his life!

Desperation Can Have Dire Consequences

Carly knows Harmony is keeping a secret that affects Willow which would lead to it also affecting her son, Michael and when her kids may be in trouble Mama bear Carly’s not going to just stand by and watch the fallout! Carly is determined to uncover whatever Harmony is hiding and Harmony is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her secrets hidden, even if she must get rid of Carly to do it! After Diane talks sense into Alexis regarding her living arrangement with Harmony, Alexis heads home to hash it out just as Harmony is attempting to silence Carly permanently!

More General Hospital Spoilers:

  • Willow finds a visitor at her door, and the conversation takes a turn when Michael arrives.
  • Curtis tells Marshall it’s too late.
  • Carly seeks out Alexis at home.
  • Brook Lynn is upset with Chase.
  • Diane makes a compelling argument.
  • Alexis and Carly find themselves in a dire situation.
  • Sonny’s upset by Dante’s inquiry.
  • Willow is concerned about Michael’s decision.
  • After a disagreement with Finn, Lucy offers a suggestion to help Elizabeth.
  • Sasha shows up at Nina’s in the nick of time.
  • Sasha is blindsided at a Deception celebration.
  • Maxie questions Austin’s intentions.
  • While Sonny gives Curtis advice about his father, Portia and Drew worry about how Marshall’s plans are affecting him.
  • TJ gets an unexpected gift from his grandfather.
  • Nina shares her concerns with Brando.
  • Sasha and Gladys make a horrifying discovery.
  • Nikolas sets up a grand romantic gesture.
  • While alone at the gallery, Trina alerts to the sound of the door being closed.
  • Dante meets Willow and Michael at the Metro Court Gardens.
  • Sam rushes to General Hospital.
  • Joss arrives at General Hospital.
  • Willow tells Michael she doesn’t want to be alone.
  • Brando tries to calm Sasha.
  • Ava comes to her senses.
  • Esme eavesdrops on Spencer.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of May 2

Carly shares shocking news with Willow. Felicia and Mac coo over Bailey and reminisce. Sonny and Spinelli share an unexpected warm moment. Britt, Nina and Obrecht spend a night out. Finn tries to cheer Elizabeth and take her mind off everything.

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