Days of our Lives Spoilers: April 25-29, 2022

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: "Days of our Lives" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

This week on Days of Our Lives, Belle, Ciara and Paulina all deal with unexpected, and unwelcome house guests! Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of April 25, 2022 on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of our Lives Spoilers: The Devil’s in The Details!

Promo Recap: Belle confronts Shawn over his allowing Jan to move into their house. Paulina puts the kibosh on Chanel’s plans for Tripp and Andre terrifies Ciara!

Doing It All for His Baby

After finding out Jan’s pregnancy is high risk, Shawn agrees with her that the best solution for the health of their child is for Jan to serve the rest of her sentence under house arrest…at the house he shares with Belle. The prison warden agrees, and Shawn takes Jan home. Just as Jan is getting settled in Belle arrives home to tell Shawn she has decided to move back in to work on their marriage but is so angry at finding Jan living there she storms out again.

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers:

  • A possessed Allie reveals her true intentions to Ben. 
  • Beth attempts to tell Lani the truth about TR.
  • Jake turns to Gabi for help.
  • Ciara worries when she can’t get in touch with Ben and then makes a horrifying discovery. 
  • Possessed Allie seeks out an old foe of Ben and Ciara’s. 
  • An undead Andre offers a Devil’s bargain to Ben and then toys with him and Johnny.
  • Susan tries to convince EJ that Johnny was possessed.