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CBS Cancels ‘Magnum P.I.’, ‘Good Sam’, ‘United States of Al’, ‘B Positive’, and ‘How We Roll’


CBS has canceled the bulk of their series on the bubble. There will be no new seasons for dramas Magnum P.I. and Good Sam or comedies United States of Al, B Positive, and How We Roll.

Magnum P.I. the highest rated series of the cancelled series was a remake of the classic series of the same name. The series followed a private investigator as he takes on cases with the help of his friends and coworkers. The series aired four seasons.

Medical drama Good Sam followed a doctor who takes over the head of the department when her father falls into a coma. When he regains consciousness, he tries to get his job back, bucking heads with his daughter. It aired one season

United States of Al follows two military veterans who adjust to life in the US following their time in Afghanistan. Al is an interpreter from Afghanistan who has to adjust to a new way of life while also worrying about his family back home. Season two is currently airing.

Comedy B Positive went through a creative reboot in its second season, shifting from a show about a guy needing a kidney transplant, to a comedy about a senior living community and the residents and employees who work there. It aired two seasons.

How We Roll is currently airing its first season and follows a man who loses his job and decides to become a professional bowler. His wife has to adjust to their new normal.

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