‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 17 “Edge of the World”

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After waiting a bit since the last time we touched base with King and his journey to find his father and learn more about his family, we got an informative and unfortunately heartbreaking episode. “Edge of the World” also helped to give us some big important revelations about King, his past and the potential importance he unknowingly holds. The episode also helped to pull back some of the bigger key themes of the series, setting up even more questions as we head into the final episodes of the season. The Day of Unity is rapidly approaching. How will our heroes stop Belos and any other nefarious plans that lie ahead? 

“Edge of the World” begins with King preparing a meal when there’s a knock at the door. Luz, Eda and King are all dressed up formally, awaiting a special guest. Eda welcomes King’s father into the room with two tiny kids. His father says he was happy to see King’s video. The kids give King a big hug. Luz invites them all to sit at the table. Owlbert and Hooty are also dressed for the occasion. They all sit around and King offers thanks before they dig in. He says he’s thankful his Demon Family can finally meet his Owl Family. King is so happy, but then he suddenly realizes he’s in a dream. I knew it was too good to be true!  

Eda rubs King to wake him from his deep sleep. He jolts awake asking what’s wrong. Eda tells him she thinks Luz is finally ready to talk as they watch Luz siting sullenly in the living room. Luz sits under a blanket with a hot mug steaming in her hands as she tells Eda, King and Hooty about her journey into Belos’ mind. They all have looks of shock on their faces. Eda says it’s a lot to take in. Luz stands up upset saying they don’t have time and they have to stop Belos. She’s distraught that she unwillingly helped his plans. Hooty wraps himself around Luz in a hug and King joins. 

Eda says it’s only a matter of time before Belos sends his scouts to the house and tells Luz she needs to hide. Luz says she’s not going to hide. She’s going to find a way to stop Belos from using the Draining Spell. Lilith bursts into the house saying she got there as fast as she could once Owlbert filled her in on everything. She offers to help in any way she can. Hooty gets so excited to see Lulu that he regurgitates the stuff around the house that had eaten. 

King spots a letter addressed to him among the things Hooty ate. As he opens the letter, a stone falls out. He reads the letter and it tells him to go to a location to meet a warrior clan to learn more about his past. Luz asks how it can help with Belos. King says they’re a clan of warriors and maybe their army could help defeat him. Lilith and Luz see potential in the plan. Eda still thinks they should hide while the adults take care of everything. Lilith sees the plan as a good idea as it would take them away from Belos and the Boiling Isles. Lilith says Hooty could protect them on their journey. Hooty’s eyes well up and proudly proclaims he’ll protect them with his life. Luz gets the idea to travel by boat with the Selkidomus crew that she had previously spent time with. Eda finally caves and agrees. Eda and Lilith will work on a plan for when they get back. Luz and King hug Eda and thank her. They run off to pack. 

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Lilith tells Eda she’s been where they are heading and there’s nothing of note there. She calls it a wild “Luz” chase. Eda begins crying saying it’s so much bigger than she could have imagined. She just saw Luz as a lost kid originally, but now because of her, she’s wrapped up in everything with Belos. Eda doesn’t want kids like King and Luz to have to deal with anything like this. Lilith embraces her sister and reminds her they still have a week until the Day of Unity. They’ll figure out a way to keep them safe. 

On the boat, King asks Salty where the rest of the crew is. He tells King he’s no longer working for the Golden Guard so the crew left. He laments that they were like his family. 

Luz spots land ahead and notices it is in the shape of the finger. Salty tells them it’s not a part of the Titan but from another beast. Luz rows King and Hooty to the island. They climb to the top of the structure and don’t see anyone around. Luz spots a hole in the side and puts in a rock to fill it in. Suddenly the structure comes to life and thunder claps. The stone lights up. Salty on the ship can see it too and is amazed. A giant light portal opens up above the three and lifts them. They suddenly get dropped. 

Hooty checks if everyone is okay. They look around and note it doesn’t look like the Boiling Isles. A booming voice from behind tells them it’s not. A giant looming figure approaches and welcomes them to the other side of the world. He then becomes offended that they trespassed when he suddenly notices King. He tells them his name is Tarak and his demeanor gets much friendlier. King asks if he is the one who sent the letter and if he’s his father. He says his father isn’t there but he did send the letter. Tarak tells them everyone will be excited to meet them. They look over the ledge and Tarak welcomes them to Titan Trapper Island. King’s eyes bulge as he gasps. 

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As they walk through town, King is amazed to see so many demons who look like him. Tarak tells him they are Titan Trappers. They protect the world from giant monsters, though not many have actually seen one. 

They enter a giant hall and Luz wonders out loud that she thought all Titans are extinct. Tarak says not all of them. They look up and see the giant skeletal remains of a Titan. Tarak says The Grand Huntsman says that one Titan remains. They’re preparing for the day he reveals himself so they can hunt him down. Tarak tells King he can join them and become a Titan Trapper too. 

Luz and King try to ask them to help the Boiling Isles in their fight against Below. The crowd cheers and tells King an enemy of his is an enemy of theirs. Tarak says they can’t make a commitment like that on their own. They have to speak to the elder Bill (Cipher? No? lol). 

King shows Luz a weapon he was given and gets all excited to learn the ways of the Titan Trappers. Luz sees how excited he is and says she and Hooty will go meet the elder. That way King can go learn about being a Titan Trapper. 

King goes through a series of training setups. He knocks down a pinata. He balances on a slippery stone. He blows into a magical horn. He is given a spiky crown. You can tell he’s really enjoying himself.

Tarak brings Luz and Hooty to the elder and leaves them be. They enter the room and Luz gets excited seeing all the items and weapons scattered around the room. A grumpy old man mistakes them for Tarak and then asks what they want. Luz begins to tell him about Belos when Bill interrupts and brushes the threat off, saying he has battle scars older than Belos’ reign. Bill eventually agrees to help but warns Luz she hasn’t seen the evil of a true Titan. 

He begins to describe the evils of the Titans. He tells her he saw one before and it blew his eardrums. As he speaks, Hooty brings Luz into a back room. Inside Luz sees objects that look familiar and realizes The Collector is their Huntsman. She also sees that Bill is actually a human-like figure and is wearing demon clothing as a disguise. Bill says once they kill the final Titan, they can free the Huntsman and go from Titan Trappers to Titan Slayers. Luz grabs Hooty and quickly flees the room. They run to find King to get him out of there. 

Tarak is spending time with King when Bill sends a bird to tell him the truth about King. Tarak’s body language changes and he comes up with a lie to get King elsewhere. King is unknowingly walking into a trap. 

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The Trappers begin a ceremony. Tarak informs King to light a tablet with a blue flame he hands him. King approaches the broken crescent moon tablet. It suddenly begins to glow and King can feel the connection. Bill covers King’s head and tells him it’s almost done. As he’s about to drive a dagger into King, a force suddenly grabs Bill and tosses him aside. A glyph goes off and King suddenly disappears. Bill says Luz is responsible. 

King gets upset they took him away from the Trappers. He tells Luz he knows she’s going to leave him to go back to the human realm. King thought he had to prepare for a world without Luz in it and was looking for another family connection. King asks if he’s not one of them, then what is he. Luz tells King he’s a Titan. 

The Trappers stop them and begin firing off magical attacks. Luz grabs King and the three flee. They dodge attacks as best they can. King jumps on Tarak saying he’s one of them. Tarak’s skull comes off, revealing his non demon truth. Tarak cries out proclaiming the start of a new hunt. Bill begins to say how he’ll benefit from the Huntsman once they get the Titan when Tarak and the rest begin to question what is in it for them. Luz asks if Titans are even evil. Bill says not to be fooled by Luz but they seem to not trust Bill as much anymore. Bill tries to attack King but Hooty tosses him out of the way. 

Luz grabs King and runs to the portal. It opens and the three begin to fall. Hooty wraps around a structure to prevent them from hitting the ground. Luz says they have to destroy the structure so they can’t come after them. King tells them to stand back. He huffs and puffs and lets out a giant “Weh” sonic soundwave. The structure begins to crumble around them. Hooty wraps himself around the two as a shield as it collapses around them. Once safe, King hugs onto Luz’s leg. With teary eyes he asks to go home. 

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Back on the boat, they sail home and see the Titan bone remains that make up their home of the Boiling Isles. King sadly waves and says hi to the Titan. Luz calls out to him asking if he wants breakfast. King gets up sadly, looks at the remains again, and walks towards the food and his Owl family. 

Back at the Owl House, guards suddenly arrive and have their fingers charged with magic pointed at the house. A guard tells Kikimora over the phone that they have them surrounded. She tells him to arrest anyone there. They all cry out “For the Emperor!” in unison.

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Wow what an episode. Deeply emotional, informative and makes me even more nervous for what is to come as the Day of Unity approaches. We’re a week away from the event, though in the series it will probably be a few episodes until we’re at that point. 

I enjoyed the way they blended in the end of last week’s episode, seeing Luz tell everyone about what she went through. Plus we got to see she’s still emotionally reeling from the fallout of the events. No Hunter sighting yet. He seems to have gotten away from the Owl House before the guards showed up so that was promising that he may be safe elsewhere avoiding capture now that Belos knows he knows the truth.

Kings dream sequence was rough to watch. He has this dream of a perfect father with other siblings so that he can have his own family once Luz leaves. It’s even more heartbreaking knowing that most likely all his family is long gone. We went from knowing of one Titan, to now knowing there were many of them. Now we’re told there is just one left, and on top of that knowledge, it’s the fact that King is the last one. The fact that the Trappers didn’t really know the truth about anything and are just following the words of The Collector, we should probably take this knowledge with a grain of salt. We also didn’t know a world outside of the Boiling Isles existed much before today, let alone another group of people out there. 

Now that we know King is a Titan, could his blood be used to help Luz get home?! Or is that specific one Titan’s blood the key to that door, and maybe King’s blood could be some other key or mystery. So many possibilities now! The thought that King could be a Titan crossed my mind, but I didn’t expect it to actually be true! 

As we now know the series has serious ties to the days of the early Witch trials from the days of the early colonies, it’s all beginning to seem a bit clearer. Belos is using the same tactics of the Trials to get people to submit, fall in line and not stray from societal expectations. The trials were arbitrary and unjustly used to keep a sick sense of order and “what is right” as set by the few and the powerful. 

We also see these same tactics used with the Titan Trappers. They have been raised to believe all Titans are bad. The cracks begin to grow when Bill reveals his own selfish intentions, and we know The Collector is the one who ultimately gains in the end from them following these baseless traditions. 

If I had to guess, The Collector is the one who is truly running the show, having his hands in all aspects of plans in the realm. The Trappers are part of the plan along with Belos and he tells them what he needs them to hear so they help him, while they think they are actually helping themselves. 

Could it be that the day of unity isn’t just a way for Belos to destroy magic in the Boiling Isles and the magical realm. What if the unity is also meaning unifying the realms as in the human realm as well. We know there is a connection between the realms obviously, and that there are weak points in it. Items can travel between realms, and there are doors that exist that can connect the two. Getting the doors to properly work is a fragile process but it means there has to be a reason they exist to connect them. 

If the Collector’s true purpose is to release himself into all the realms, some sort of The Owl House’s take on Weirdmageddon, and be the one true overlord, that could make for a way to solve Luz’s problems, in a sick twisted way. If the worlds blend into each other, it will get her home, keep a way for her to still hold on to magic, and she can still be with her Owl family and Amity herself. The more we see and learn about The Collector, the more I feel like he is the real evil force we have to worry about. Just a thought! 

Greed, power, scapegoating and an unjust fear of what is different are just some of the cornerstones of the biggest evils and villains in our own history. Why not in the world of The Owl House too!

It’ll be interesting to see if Eda and Lilith came up with a plan. They’re surrounded now, though we know those guards aren’t the most skilled. Will Luz, King and Hooty get home in time to help? Will Raine swoop in? Will Amity, Willow and Gus come into play? I don’t want this season to end!!

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now.

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