‘The Owl House’ Review: Season 2 Episode 19 “O Titan, Where Art Thou”

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Last week we saw Willow, Gus, Amity and Hunter see first hand how Belos and his coven wants to control everyone into submitting to his power. In the end, we see they’re against this notion and Hunter reveals the ultimate truth about Belos and his plans. Bump is in the know now and hopefully that group will be a key in pushing back against the Day of Unity, Belos and The Collector. We didn’t get to see what Luz was up to last week, so this week we pick up with her King and Hooty, tie it in together with Eda and Lilith, and get some deep emotional punches. The pieces are beginning to fall into place even more. 

King awakens as a projection in the In Between Realm. The Collector begins to laugh saying that he’s almost free. King calls out trying to figure out where he is but gets no answer. The Collector suddenly hears his voice. King begins to leave his projection as the Collector calls out to him to wait. King wakes up on the ship with Luz and Hooty. They’ve arrived back in Bonesborough. King looks out at the Titans’ remains looking worried. 

Once the crew is off the ship, Luz sees messages from Amity. King tells Luz it’s okay if she wants to check on Amity and that he can head back home on his own. Luz remembers the hard time he had just gone through, learning he’s a Titan and all and suddenly looks upset. 

Hooty notices wanted signs are up for Eda, Lilith, King, Luz and Hooty. They decide to take the long way home to avoid getting spotted. As they get close to home, they see scouts carrying confiscated items from the house, one item being Francois. They run to the house and find it empty. Luz spots a note with a hidden message on it saying they’re hiding at the knee. 

Lilith and Eda brainstorm how to stop the Day of Unity. They bicker like sisters. Suddenly they hear a noise that someone has tripped a booby trap. Luz, King and Hooty are tangled up, caught in a trap. Luz tells Eda and Lilith that the letter was sent by Titan Trappers and the whole ordeal they went through. Eda rubs the news in Lilith’s face to get back at her for saying there was nothing at that location. Luz reveals that King is a Titan and the two sisters gasp. 

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Eda and Luz talk about everything and wish they could do to comfort King more. Lilith is very excited to learn the truth about King. She thinks maybe he can help in their fight against Belos. Eda shuts the idea down quickly. Luz asks if they have come up with a plan yet. Not wanting to disappoint Luz, Eda says it’s a secret. Lilith tells Eda they need to be honest with the kids but Eda just wants them to have one nice day. Eda asks them what they want to do today and King just wants things to be normal. Luz wants to go on a heist. 

Lilith brings tea to King who is uncomfortable with the new attention from her. He gets freaked out by her new attitude towards him. He tells her he just wants some alone time. She bows and takes Hooty with her. 

Eda and Luz fly towards the precinct where she thinks their confiscated items are located. Luz wants to rescue Francois for King to cheer him up. In town, guards are everywhere. Luz spots them carting items into the precinct. Eda says things are different now that Belos knows they know the truth and that they have to be inconspicuous if they want to stay alive. They dress up as guards and ask to see the Owl Lady’s confiscated items. 

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In town, King wanders sadly bumping into people. He runs into Steve and asks why he’s not helping Belos. Steve tells king he always wanted to join the coven but realized it’s not everything he thought it would be. King understands. Steve questions how Belos can know what the Titan wants and even speculates that maybe he’s just a normal guy dressed up. Steve offers King a spot in his side car on his motorcycle and King accepts the offer. The two drive off together. 

Lilith questions her interactions with King and Hooty tells her that he just wants to be treated normally. Just then Hooty realizes King is gone. 

At the precinct Eda and Luz ask for the key to the warehouse and easily get it from a guard who could care less. Eda questions why they’re being so lucky. They reach the location and decide to split up to cover more ground. Eda tells Luz if things get heated Luz should fly out as fast as she can. She sadly agrees, taking her staff. 

While looking around, Eda overhears a scout reporting they secured Eda’s items but didn’t find her. Raine is on the other end of the discussion, saying to alert them when they find Eda. 

In a montage, King and Steve reach an abandoned area and King hugs one of the Titans bones. He hops back into the sidecar and they drive off again. Hooty and Lilith arrive at the location, just missing them. King and Steve then play in the ocean and skip rocks. Steve spots a cute elderly couple and begins crying. King comforts him. They drive off again and Lilith and Hooty arrive just a little too late again. They spot tire tracks and continue after the two. Steve and King help a family repair their tire and then they arrive at the head of the Titan. Lilith and Hooty are still on their tails. 

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Eda hides, overhearing Raine’s conversation. When the guard exits, Eda calls Raine back. She tells them she’s not trying to start trouble but Raine notes she’s wearing a stolen uniform. Eda tries to reach out and tells them she knows they still care and are trying to help. Eda tells them she knows about the Day of Unity and the draining spell. Eda asks Raine to help and says she’s doing it for her kids. Aww. Eda says the kids can’t be around during the Day of Unity. She asks Raine to lock them up or whatever they can do to keep them safe. Eda offers to turn herself in right now if they agree. They get interrupted by Terra and Raine quickly ends the conversation.

Luz stands in the doorway holding Francois and asks if Eda is sending her away. Luz gets upset and raises her voice catching the attention of a guard nearby. Luz can’t believe Eda is still underestimating her after all they’ve been through. Luz storms off. Eda turns into the Owl Beast and flies to her, telling her she’s going with Raine. Luz says Eda can’t make her. Luz uses a glyph and flies off with Owlbert. Eda chases after and calls for Owlbert. Luz falls to the ground. Luz uses a fire glyph to blind Eda temporarily. Luz sneaks off with an invisibility spell, but knocks into a box, revealing her location. Eda begs her to stop but Luz uses an ice glyph to slide past her. Eda smashes the ice, sending Luz tumbling. Eda catches up to Luz and tells her that Raine will keep her safe and King will join her soon Just then something hits Eda. Guards launch attacks and they capture Luz and then Eda.

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King and Steve sit next to the motorcycle eating burgers and fries. King tells Steve he always wanted power and respect and to be feared. Now that he has it, he feels off. Steve tells him that wants can change and so can people. King doesn’t want to be seen as a big scary monster anymore. Steve tells him he feels the same way, taking off his mask and revealing his face. Lilith arrives and tells the scout to hand over King, but then realizes it’s Steve. Lilith goes to praise King again and he begs her to stop. He reminds her that he is still King. He realizes this is a pattern with her having seen how she acted around the Emperor. Steve offers to give her the name of a good therapist. Hooty goes into attack mode thinking Steve is tricking Lilith and attacks Steve. 

At the precinct, Eda and Luz are locked up. A scout tells them that an envoy is coming to collect Luz. Eda is going to be taken away for petrification. Luz asks Eda if she’s happy now that neither of them can stop Belos, her eyes full of tears. Luz asks why Eda wouldn’t let her help with her plan. Eda reveals there is no plan, tears in her eyes too. Luz gasps. Eda says the two sisters don’t have magic or allies and that they’re useless. They just have Luz and King and Eda was going to do everything she could to keep them safe. 

Luz gets tossed into the back of a cart and she tells Eda she will do whatever she says now as long as Eda fights back. She begs with tears in her eyes. The cart takes off and Luz is now angry. The cart suddenly stops and Luz kicks the doors open. She tries to run but is caught by an abomination. She demands to be brought to Eda and if they hurt her she’ll— Eda cuts Luz off and says it’s okay. Eda, Lilith, King, Raine, Steve and a group of others stand together. Darius and Eberwolf are also there. Darius sets her down with his abomination magic. 

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Raine introduces themself saying they’ve heard a lot about Luz, and that Eda has been bragging about her for hours. Awww. Luz gets super excited to meet them. Raine finally reveals that when Darius captured them he was protecting them. Darius initially thought he was the only one who found the Day of Unity to be suspicious, but then brought Raine into his thoughts. 

Steve approaches Lilith and asks if she knew any of this was happening when she was in charge. Lilith is taken aback. She says she’s starting to think she wasn’t good at her job. 

Eda asks why Raine didn’t fill her in because she could have helped. Raine responds saying they wanted to keep her safe, but because she’s Eda, she wasn’t going to stop until she made things right. Raine and the rest have come up with a plan to stop Belos. Before they can reveal it, Luz wants to make sure they have a cool rebel group name. In fact, they do! Raine says they’re The Covens Against the Throne. Aka The CATS. The group hisses together. Darius makes it known he didn’t agree to the name! Luz pulls her cat hoodie over her head and says everything has come full circle. 

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At The CATs hideout base, the group sits together, unwinding from their rescue mission. Luz and Eda sit together off to the side and give King Francois. Eda reveals the box she also saved while at the precinct. Inside the box is the Palistrom Wood. Eda hands Luz a carving knife saying it is time for her to make her Palisman. Luz hesitates saying the Day of Unity is only two days away. She has to focus and help stop Belos. Eda pulls Luz in for a hug and reminds her this isn’t all on her. They’re a team and they have other teammates now. Luz wonders what if the Palisman doesn’t like her. King reminds her she’s befriended more enemies than he has claws. Eda continues saying she’s constantly learning and fighting, so what’s not to like? Luz blushes and gets emotional, thanking her and says she thinks she’s ready to carve now. Eda begins to teach Luz how to carve the wood. King asks if Luz is going to carve him. Haha. Eda says they’ll take it slow and that they have all the time in the world. 

I really enjoyed how the unexpected pairing of Steve and King was a highlight of the episodes. The two were able to bond over different feelings they were having, yet understood what the other was going through. It was an important learning moment for both of them. Plus it helped them sort through their feelings rather than having them stay bottled up inside. King was overwhelmed by Lilith’s praising of him and in the end he was able to tell her to cut it out because it made him feel uncomfortable. In a way it also helped Lilith see she has her own issues she needs to sort through still.

It was heartbreaking seeing Luz’s reaction to Eda wanting to send her away. Luz is ready to fight for her family and those she loves. She feels personally connected to the fight against Belos since she played a part in his rise to power. There’s so many moments where you can see and feel the emotions coming off of these characters. They want to do what’s best within their own power. 

It was interesting seeing Eda beg Raine to help, when Luz was doing the exact same thing to her. Eda is so blinded to save her kids, she doesn’t want to even entertain them helping at first. The same way Raine doesn’t want Eda getting in trouble or hurt. Everyone wants to look out for those they love. 

In the end, Eda got what she wanted momentarily, allowing Luz to have a moment to not worry. They can carve Luz’s Palisman together. I wonder what it is going to end up being. A cat would be too obvious, no? Or would it be just the right amount of perfect?! Either way I eagerly await that reveal! 

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It’s hilarious that they named the rebel group The CATs. The moment Luz pulled her hoodie up I cracked up. It’s good to know there is this group helping to push back against Belos that is coming from within the castle. Our group now has these allies, plus we have the allies Hunter, Amity, Willow and Gus were able to form at Hexide last week. There seems to be a growing coalition that will be able to push back against Belos and his plans in these final two episodes. 

It feels like there is so much to cram into these final two episodes of the season! I’m glad we know we have the final “season three” specials to give full closure to the series so if they don’t answer everything, we’ll eventually get more. Bring on next week’s episode!

The Owl House Season 2 airs Saturday mornings on Disney Channel. New episodes can be streamed on Disney Now.

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