Days of our Lives Spoilers October 17th – 21st

Photo Credit: NBC

This week on Days of Our Lives, Brady drops a bomb on Chloe while Rafe has had it with Nicole cozying up to Eric. Here’s a preview of what happens in Salem the week of October 17th, 2022, on NBC’s Days of Our Lives:

Days of our Lives Spoilers!

Promo Recap: She’s Got Options, He’s Got No Choice, They’re at a Crossroads and They’re Out of Time!

Joey and Tripp are both competing to win Wendy’s affections, Brady ends things with Chloe, Rafe comes upon Eric and Nicole hugging and questions if he made the right choice with her and Marlena, Kayla and Kate are running out of time!

Brady Dumps Chloe!

Brady makes a deal with Kristina to save Marlena’s life. He agrees to break up with Chloe to get the drug they need. Chloe is in the dark about the whole thing and tries to get Kristen to call a truce. Later, Brady kisses Chloe and Kristen sees it. Kristen has words with Brady and he ends things with Chloe which throws her into a tailspin!

More Days of Our Lives Spoilers: 

Marlena learns they may have a cure for her illness and Kristen pays Marlena a visit at the hospital.

Brady tries to stop John from making a big mistake.

Kayla’s situation becomes dire and Chad visits Kate, who’s fading fast.

Tripp decks Johnny and Joey and Tripp compete for Wendy’s attention.

Stefan presents Gabi with divorce papers and Gabi gets key information from Rafe. 

Jack offers to help Gwen and Ava tries to enlist Gwen in a revenge plot against EJ. 

Xander and Sarah make a surprising move.

EJ catches Johnny snooping around his office.

Li interrupts a fraught moment between Gabi and Stefan and Stefan wonders if Kristen had anything to do with his change of heart.

Eric receives stunning news about his job.

Source Sneak Peek – DOOL Edition – Week of October 24th!

Chloe is stunned to learn Kristen is moving in with Brady.
Li urges Stefan not to give up on Chloe.
Gabi demands the truth from Rolf.
Eric and Nicole find themselves in a familiar position.