General Hospital Spoilers October 17th – 21st

This week on General Hospital, Lucy finds herself in a very dangerous position. Plus, Willow has a health scare and Olivia gets the shock of her life. Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of October 17th, 2022, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers:

Promo Recap: Get Ready for A Twist You Didn’t See Coming!

Olivia and Michael are concerned for Willow, Lucy’s in danger on the docks, Anna thinks Valentine is in trouble and needs help, Esme wields a candlestick behind Nik’s back and Olivia and Michael find someone shocking in the Quartermaine boathouse!

GH Sneak Video: Lucy and Anna Clash!

Anna is trying to convince Lucy to get out of her involvement with Victor before it’s too late, but will Lucy listen?

Holly Returns!

This week Michael and Olivia find Holly hiding in the Quartermaine boathouse! Olivia quickly calls Robert to come over right away without telling him why. He shows up with Dante and is shocked to see him presumed dead love there! Who had her captive and why will be revealed very quickly and the story is very heavy with GH vets!

More General Hospital Spoilers: 


Carly is in for a surprise.
Mac and Felicia update Scott.
Lucy confronts Anna.
Victor makes Valentin an offer.
Britt reveals more of her past to Cody.


Lucy is in a dangerous spot.
Cody offers his help to Britt.
Esme defends herself.
Scott advises Ava.
Anna worries about Valentin.


Robert and Diane connect.
Esme’s relief is short-lived.
Ava confronts Nikolas.
Kristina and Alexis try to mend fences.
Anna makes an accusation.


Holly Sutton returns!
Nina refuses an offer.
Ned and Michael butt heads.
Victor questions Trina.
Curtis has a change of heart. 


Carly finds peace.
Maxie and Sasha are concerned.
Anna and Jordan put their heads together.
Chase confides in Ned.
Brook Lynn gets an unpleasant reminder.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of October 24th!

Jordan makes a tough decision.
Victor is triumphant.
Sasha gets news about her legal situation.
Carly and Drew look to the future.
Holly is stunned.