General Hospital Spoilers October 10th – 14th

This week on General Hospital, Brando’s family unites to celebrate his life. Plus, the Hook claims another victim and everyone in Port Charles remains on edge.  Here’s a preview of what happens in Port Charles the week of October 10th, 2022, on ABC’s General Hospital:

General Hospital Spoilers:

Promo Recap: As Port Charles Grieves Danger Lurks in the Shadows!

Brando’s friends and family come together for his funeral and the Hook Killer’s next victim is discovered. Dante declares that there is a serial killer in town and everyone in town is concerned.

GH Sneak Video: Jordan Has Something to Tell Curtis About Trina!

Jordan and Curtis talk about their impending divorce and Jordan is about to share something about Trina with Curtis before she gets interrupted by a phone call she has to take.

Nikolas Discovers That Esme Is Alive!

Nikolas finds Esme trying to break into his safe at Wyndemere. He is about to call the cops when she stops him by revealing her next secret!

More General Hospital Spoilers:


The PCPD finds a body.
Brando’s loved ones gather for his funeral.
TJ confronts Nina.
Jordan makes a realization.
Sonny gets an important reminder from Gladys.


Trina confides in Ava.
Sonny pleads with Michael.
Dante has questions for Dex.
Nikolas is stopped in his tracks.
Anna’s plan suffers a setback.


Ava counsels Sonny.
Carly makes an impassioned speech to the Jacksonville city council.
Josslyn confronts Dex.
Nikolas gets the upper hand.
Michael and Cameron are in agreement.


Bobbie and Carly catch up.
Sam vows to help Spinelli.
Britt seeks out Cody.
Victor hatches a new scheme.
Robert worries that Anna is playing with fire.


Carly is in for a surprise.
Mac and Felicia update Scott.
Lucy confronts Anna.
Victor makes Valentin an offer.
Britt reveals more of her past to Cody.

Source Sneak Peek – GH Edition – Week of October 17th!

Lucy is in a dangerous spot.
Cody offers his help to Britt.
Esme defends herself.
Scott advises Ava.
Anna worries about Valentin.