‘The Owl House’ Series Finale Review: Season 3 Episode 3 “Watching and Dreaming”

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This is it! We’ve reached the thrilling conclusion of the Disney Channel series The Owl House. After two seasons and a short final season of extended episodes, Luz, Eda, King and the rest of the Boiling Isles face their ultimate challenge. Can they defeat The Collector and Belos? Will Luz come to terms with her choice to leave the demon realm? Will we get happy endings for all of these characters which we have come to adore? “Watching and Dreaming” gave us so many answers and more.

The finale opens with Luz and the res of the group standing on the Titan skull. The ground begins to shake. Suddenly magic strings grab everyone. Luz suddenly wakes up unsure of what happened. A voice calls out to her. Suddenly a Titan head appears telling Luz she needs to wake up. 

Luz wakes up alone on a throne. She stumbles off wondering aloud if she’s in a dream. Stringbean bites her ear, solving that question! Luz hopes the others are all okay. The two wander into the halls. The silence is notable. She wonders where everyone is. Luz gets outside and sees everyone she knows has been turned to stone. Amity appears, telling Luz that this was all her fault. She calls Luz the real villain the whole time for helping Belos meet The Collector. Amity apologizes, but says she has to take Luz down. She launches at Luz casting spells. Luz flies off to avoid getting hit and realizes this is all a nightmare.

Eda suddenly lurches awake from her sleep. She finds herself in a cage. She kicks the door down in her beast form, calling out for Lilith and King. She flies through the halls and out the door. She attempts to fly away when a net captures her. Lilith and Gwendolyn appear above her, saying dangerous beasts need to be kept in cages. Suddenly Dell appears asking why she is acting this way when he already forgave her. 

King suddenly jolts awake from his blackout. He sees Titan skulls scattered all around him. Bill sneaks up behind him and King asks how he got there. Bill taunts King saying that they saved a spot for him to be slaughtered next. 

Luz runs through the halls, suddenly transforming, and finding herself in the woods. She spots Willow. She begins accusing Luz of destroying her home and her happiness. Luz runs away as Willow sends vines her way. Luz suddenly finds herself on a stage. Gus introduces her to a faceless crowd. He calls her a hypocrite for the group all helping Luz to get to her mom but he’ll never see his dad again. Luz promises she’ll help get him back. Gus suddenly shoves her off stage.

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Luz falls onto a roof where Hunter verbally berates her for causing him to lose Flapjack because he was helping her. He asks why she gets to have her own palisman and he doesn’t get to have Flapjack. Amity, Willow and Gus appear around Hunter. Amity says for the sake of everyone she hurt, she challenges Luz to a witch’s battle. Luz becomes confused. She approaches Amity who doesn’t move as she boops Amity’s face. Luz suddenly realizes none of them are her real friends. She realizes the phrase was supposed to be “I challenge you to a witch’s duel,” not a battle. She knows Amity would never misquote The Good Witch Azura. They go to attack Luz but are stopped by the magic strings again. They all suddenly come to their senses and tell Luz that they’ve all been collected and The Collector is playing games with her. He’s trying to keep her away from Eda and King. She has to wake up so she can save everyone. They ask her what’s the first thing you do when you have a bad dream. You turn on a light. Amity slips Luz a light glyph. The group suddenly gets pulled up and away by the strings. Luz falls to her feet. She activates the glyph. 

Luz wakes up and sees King and Eda being tortured by their own nightmares. Luz puts a glyph in Eda’s hand and activates it. Eda comes back to her senses and her family is pulled away by the magic strings. Luz does the same for King who also comes to. The three hug and embrace, giving each other kisses and even cry together. 

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The Collector sees them embracing and turns to Raine, reprimanding them. Belos, still inside of Raine, suggests wiping them out for good but The Collector says he still wants to be their friend and even if he tried, his powers won’t work on King. Belos is shocked to find out King is a Titan and comes up with an idea. Belos suggests they go in person and show the three of them his games. That way they’ll all want to be his friend. As The Collector flies off to enact the plan, Belos rummages through the night stand pulling out a star, proclaiming that his plan might be easier than he thought. 

Eda asks how Luz got back to the demon realm, thinking she’d never see her again. Luz begins telling an abbreviated version when she notices Eda’s missing arm. Eda goes to start telling that story when Eda spots Stirngbean. King wants to hear all their stories but says they need to find a way out. The Collector appears and asks King why he chose the two of them over his games. King tells The Collector that people aren’t things to be captured and tortured. The Collector says that things can be fixed when broken. Luz realizes The Collector doesn’t understand what death means to mortals. The Collector says he’s going to become friends with them and offers to show them some of his favorite games. 

Raine struggles down the hall, dropping Belos sludge as they move. The Collector’s hold on Raine drops and they come to, telling Belos to let them go. Belos fights back, regaining control. Belos uses the star to fly off. In a room nearby, Amity, Hunter, Gus and Willow lay as puppets motionless. Amity’s finger suddenly twitches. 

Luz, Eda and King find themselves in a real world pac-man-like game. The Collector trails behind the three, trying to chomp them. They next appear inside marbles which The Collector begins playing with. King uses the marble to move himself under The Collectors foot  making him fall. Next, Luz finds herself on a giant Jenga tower. The Collector pulls out a piece causing the tower to topple. Luz flies off before she gets crushed. Eda uses her beat wings to push the tower back towards The Collector and it collapses on him. Appearing defeated, The Collector brings them back to the room they were in before. 

Now relieved, the three notice The Collector crying alone. Luz heads over. Eda tries to stop Luz, but King makes a great point. If anyone can talk sense into them, it’s Luz. She approaches and begins talking with The Collector. The other two slowly come behind Luz. The Collector says he just wanted a friend who wouldn’t lie to him or try to trick him. We find out The Collector was even tricked by his siblings who sent him down to play with the Titans. He loved how cute they were, but the Archivists were afraid of the Titans’ power. So they made them all disappear until only one remained. Thinking The Collector was the bad guy, the Titan hid his egg and trapped The Collector. 

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Eda tells The Collector that she knows what it’s like to feel alone. King chimes in, adding abandoned to the list. Luz chimes in with being misunderstood. Luz offers to show The Collector how the three of them became friends. Luz hands The Collector pictures and asks if they can share the stories with him. 

Belos, as Raine, flies to his castle. Belos is almost out of Raine’s body. Raine whistles, telling Belos to get out of their body. Belos’ goo flies out. Belos doesn’t seem too upset, running inside saying there’s only one vessel he needs. Raine suddenly realizes what Belos meant and runs in after and goes into the throne room where the Titans heart is still beating. Belos sneaks up on them and bites their arm. Belos incapacitates Raine and crawls over to the heart. Raine grabs their instrument and sends a shock wave of magic to try and block Belos from getting to the heart. A tiny spec of Belos gets through, infecting the heart. The Titan skull begins to glow in one of the eye sockets. 

Amity manages to draw a light glyph with her twitching finger.  She comes back to reality. She sees all the other puppets in the room. Willow, Gus and Hunter also wake up. They realize they’re in the archives. They spot Camila, still as a puppet, and head to get her down. They suddenly realize Luz is missing. 

The Collector, Luz, Eda and King arrive at the Owl House. Eda is upset seeing the condition it is in. Luz begins telling her story about how she met everyone at the house. She shares how they all bonded because none of them fit in. She shows The Collector more pictures and she tells him how she then met other people. The Collector likes the picture of grudgby and wants to head there. They arrive at Hexide and begin telling the collector about the game when they spot Mattholomule and other kids hiding. The Collector flies to them and asks if they want to join his team. The kids run off scared. 

They head to the next spot where Luz uses an ice glyph. The Collector is surprised to see someone like her use Titan magic. The three are surprised to find out it’s been Titan magic this whole time. The Collector says the Titan must have liked her if he taught it to her. Luz teaches The Collector about kindness and forgiveness. The Collector then hears a sound. The trees begin shaking. The waves begin to crash harder. The ground shakes. Suddenly the Titan’s eyes glow green. They realize it’s Belos. 

They arrive at the castle as Belos begins to form into a dragon. It fires a destructive beam of light. The Collector flies towards Belos, dodging attacks. He stops in front of Belos’ face saying Belos just needs kindness and forgiveness, like Luz just taught him. The Collector hugs Belos then turns to the others. Belos goes to attack The Collector when he’s not paying attention. Luz blocks the attack before it hits him. Luz tells The Collector that he did good, but the situation is more complicated. Hit by the blast, Luz’s hand begins to become corrupted. It begins to cover her body. The Collector becomes upset seeing what’s happening. Luz tells Eda and King they should be used to being separated by now but she doesn’t know what to say. Her body becomes completely covered, eventually disappearing into a ball of light. The Collector grabs a speck of light and pulls it in close. Stringbean falls to the ground and The Collector becomes upset, asking where Luz went. Too shocked to respond, Eda and King just stare in silence. Specks of light land in different parts of the island. Citizens look on, scared and worried. Camila’s puppet body begins shedding tears. 

The Collector calls out for Luz to come back out. Eda and King still stare in disbelief. The Collector goes to try and fix Luz. It doesn’t work and The Collector becomes upset. Belos fires at The Collector but King shields him. King’s eyes glow and he looks like he lost all control, growling and screaming. The Collector goes to Eda looking for answers but Eda tells him to back up because she can’t control herself. The beast fully emerges, eyes glowing red. She pounces, picking up King. The two fly towards Belos, rage in their eyes. 

The Collector trips, dropping the speck of light. The Collector realizes Luz is gone. The speck of light travels to the in-between realm. It falls into the water and Luz appears in full form, sinking. She thinks to herself, realizing what she should have said to King and Eda. She wishes she could have thanked them. 

A hand suddenly pulls Luz to the surface. King’s dad stands in front of her. He has an eye resembling Hooty. She becomes confused seeing the Titan since his body is dead on the island. She falls to her knees wondering if that means she’s dead too. He picks her up telling her she’s not. She asks where they are and he tells her its an in-between and he’s been stuck there for a while. He’s happy that he can at least see what’s going on with King. 

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Luz admits she was hoping Belos would blast The Collector away, even as she was the one to save him. The Titan relates, saying he did everything to keep his kid safe, but attacked the wrong person. Luz asks if that makes them as bad as Belos. He tells her Belos only cares about being a hero and his own selfish delusion. Because of that, he fears what he can’t control. Suddenly the Titan’s chest becomes infected with Belos and glows green. He asks Luz if she’s ready to defeat Belos. He offers to use the last bit of his life to help her for all the help she did for King. Glyphs begin glowing on his hand. Luz accepts, shaking his hand. Lights begin emerging, surrounding Luz and lighting her up. He warns Luz that Belos will be able to control everything so she has to defeat him quickly. The power won’t last long either so she has to use it wisely. She asks him if there is anything he wants to say to King. He pulls her close and whispers in her ear. Her face grows happy and she sheds a tear, telling him that King will love it. The Titan suddenly is all bones and begins sinking into the water. He says goodbye and light engulfs everything. 

Back at the Archives Camila wakes up, seeing the kids. She asks for Luz and the kids whole demeanor changes. The room begins shaking, stones falling. Amity tries to use magic but she’s too tired. They ask Camila how they can save everyone and save Luz as well in their current states. Amity becomes upset and Camila pulls her in tight. She says that Luz is a Noceda and it means she’s way too stubborn to let any of this get her down. She says Luz will be okay. In the meantime she thinks she knows how they can help even without magic. She pulls out a pad and a pencil. 

King and Eda continue attacking Belos. They fall near The Collector, who begs them to run away. The Collector tries snapping their fingers but nothing happens. Belos begins infecting The Collector’s hands. The Collector tells King and Eda that he doesn’t want anyone else to go away like Luz did, apologizing and crying. The Collector becomes confused by the tears coming out of his eyes. Belos goes to attack, but somehow they survive the attack. 

Luz as a Titan appears, exclaiming that she’s back. Stringbean wakes up and flies to her. Luz then tries another line, growing upset that she still can’t think of the right words to say. Eda and King power down, crying and embracing each other. Belos screams infecting more of the Island. Getting used to Luz’s new powers, she surrounds the group in yellow magic and flies up. They notice the Archive begins to become unstable. The Collector tells them to leave it to him, and flies out, heading towards the Archives.

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Luz teleports Eda and King to the top of the skull. She tries to fire a spell but it sputters. Eda grabs her hand, telling her to concentrate and think about what she wants. The two cast a giant spell, pushing back Belos and his advance. Instead of green corrupted growth, red growth takes its place. Another wave advances. King jumps on Luz’s shoulders and the two let out a giant WEH. The three fly up together, casting another giant spell. Giant light pushes back even more of Belos’ corruption. 

Inside the Archive the kids protect the puppets from falling and being crushed. Camila draws more glyphs for the kids to use. Just as the archive begins to fall, the Collector’s puppet strings grab the building. They realize he’s there to help them now. 

Belos as the Titan begins to wake more. Luz flies all three of them all up into space, looking down on the island coming alive. They look out in awe when Luz realizes her powers are beginning to drain. Luz spots the glowing heart of the Titan. Luz reminds Eda where magic comes from. The three head towards the heart. Belos screams out in pain as they land an attack. 

Raine is now tied up in Belos’ corruption and whistles alone. Their glasses on the ground show a reflection of Eda, Luz and King arriving. Unable to see who is there, they call out, warning to stay away. Eda puts Raine’s glasses back on, freeing them from being restrained. Still not used to Eda’s beast form, they’re just happy she’s there. Raine sees Luz and says she looks fluffier. Confused, they ask how long they were out for lol. Realizing Luz doesn’t have much time left, they head to the heart. 

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They arrive and spot Belos. Luz clears a path with magic. She begins pulling Belos out of the heart. Belos tells her she can’t defeat him. He tries to reach out to her with his corruption. Eda, Raine and King begin blocking attacks, allowing Luz to keep pulling. The Collector begins losing grip on the Archive. Luz tells Belos not to underestimate her because she is the Good Witch Luz. Child of the human realm. Student of the demon realm and warrior of peace. With one last pull, she yells NOW EAT THIS SUCKER. She pulls Belos out of the heart to a blinding array of lights. The Titan’s body stops moving. The dragon turns to ash and blows away. Red growth appears in its place.  

The Collector places the archive back on the titan skull. The Collector flies inside, exhausted,  panting on the floor. The Collector spots the kids and cowers. Amity offers out a hand. The Collector gasps in disbelief and their eyes well up. They all step outside and see the remains of Belos blow away into the wind. The kids at Hexide step outside and watch in disbelief as well. 

Raine, Eda and King emerge from the rubble of the former castle. Luz stands in front of the remaining piece of Belos. It suddenly shifts into Philip. He nervously thanks her for freeing him from the curse. She stares at him unfazed. He blames dark magic for making him do all the horrible things he did. Rain begins falling and it hits Philip. It stings him and his form begins losing its human appearance. He begs Luz to make peace with him. Luz doesn’t move an inch as his skeleton form appears fully. He tells her she’ll be just as bad as the rest of the witches. He grabs her leg saying that they’re human and they’re better than this. She steps back and Eda, King and Raine step forward. Eda proclaims that they aren’t better. The three begin stomping on his remains. Raine proclaims that it was very satisfying. 

Luz’s powers suddenly are expelled from her body. They resemble a giant Titan in the sky. Eda, Raine and King realize it’s King’s dad. King stares up at the entity, eyes glistening. It flies off and disappears. Luz falls from the sky and both Eda and King run to grab her. The three collapse on the ground, watching the clouds part and the sun shine. Luz tells King that his dad has a message for him. She leans into his ear and whispers. King confusedly says “I loaf you?” He begins laughing and cheering over a bread pun. Eda and Luz begin laughing with him. Luz is amazed they did it. After everything they went through, they stuck together.  

In a voice over, Luz says that’s how they saved the Boiling Isles. They were able to save everyone in the Archives. Everyone was able to safely reunite with their loved ones. We see Steve hug Lilith. Amity embraces her dad. Odalia lingers from a distance. Gus hugs his dad. Willow and Hunter stand together when Hunter spots Willow’s dads. She runs over and jumps in their arms. Hunter grabs his chest as he watches. Suddenly, Darius taps him. Eberwolf is there too. They bond over Hunter’s shirt. Bump returns to Hexide to the rejoice of the kids. Boscha runs over to her friends now safe, happy tears in her eyes. The town comes together, enemies now friends. Even if some had some ulterior plans, they are made aware that they are being watched. 

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Back at the Owl House, Eda, Raine, Luz and King rest. The Collector arrives and brings Lilith with him. Eda runs over. Camila and Amity step into the room next. Amity charges towards Luz, lifting her off the ground and the two laugh and kiss. Camila picks up Luz next and twirls her around. Camila, meeting Eda and King for the first time, pulls them all in for a giant group hug. The Collector pulls out Hooty and Lilith brings him back. Hooty wraps up Lilith in a loving yet creepy embrace. Amity and Camila look on in disgust. Luz smiles with tears in her eyes. The Collector approaches King and hands him Francois. In the voice over, Luz says that the two of them made a pinky promise to try their best. The Collector said he had a lot of growing up to do so he chose to return to the stars. We see King run after The Collector as he heads out. He hands Francois back to The Collector and hugs him. Luz says she heard him whisper “I hope I see you again.” The Collector’s eyes well up. 

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Luz says they all got their happy ending, but she realized something in the moment. When the Titan passed on, so did the power of the glyphs. She learned the Titan’s language, but she could no longer speak it to anyone. It helped her find her place when she didn’t have a way. She promises to not forget it. Even though a whole chapter in her life was over, a new one is just beginning. Stringbean flies out and hands Luz her hat, then Stringbean turns back into a staff. Luz stands in a proud pose looking out into the distance. 

Some time later, a college bound Luz packs up her Azula items in her room. Her bulletin board is covered in school accolades and pictures from both the human and demon realm. Camila enters the room, still unable to believe Luz is heading to college. Luz reminds Camila that she plans on majoring in every study at the University of Wild Magic. Luz reveals that she, along with Stringbean, has been working out their own way to do magic without the glyphs. 

Vee stands outside the door and sends Owlbert to alert the others. Owlbert flies out to the formerly abandoned house, now owned by the Nocedas. The door opens and light pours through. The voice of The Collector welcomes Owlbert to the Boiling Isles. 

As the credits roll, Owlbert flies over the island, passing Willow in her Flyer Derby outfit. Willow flies by Hunter carving palismen. He turns to look at Bat Queen and Eda’s parents and we see a blue bird on his shoulder. Hunter and Willow run together holding hands. They come to a grave for Flapjack with the engraving “Thank you for finding me -H”  Suddenly, my allergies begin acting up!  

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Owlbert, Willow and Hunter fly over town. It’s been rebuilt and is hopping with people. They arrive at Hexide to find Kikimora helping build with Mattholomule holding a megaphone. Lilith unrolls blueprints for a library and museum wing addition. Hooty will be the curator. Amity arrives in a blimp, blowing wind in everyone’s faces. She hands a book to Lilith who passes it to Matt. Lilith releases her beast wings and Owlbert, Willow, Hunter and Amity all fly off together. They wave at Bump planting as they head out.

Amity’s dad uses an invention with the help of magic to remove sigils from the arms of the community. The Coven Heads including Raine, Darius and more watch the procedure. Owlbert lands at the window and Raine spots the growing party outside and waves. Raine, Owlbert, Lilith and Hooty arrive at the next stop. We see Ed teaching kids. Gus is there also teaching kids about the demon realm/human realm exchange program. We see Eda emerge from big doors with the word Headmaster above them. A taller King stands in front of the portal door. 

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Vee tells Luz to hurry and Luz asks what’s the rush. Camila pulls her through the door with her eyes covered. Everyone yells surprise!  A banner with the words Happy King-ceanera are illuminated with balloons. Amity runs to Luz and kisses her on the cheek. Luz asks what this is all for. Eda tells her since she spent her fifteenth (and sixteenth and seventeenth) birthday with them helping to rebuild the isles, they wanted to make it up to her. Lilith says they followed Camila’s instructions. Things are half correct in only the way they could do them. Decorations and party items are spooky and the things of nightmares. Camila looks horrified but tells them all good job. 

King runs up to Luz and tells her to watch as he draws a giant glyph. Eda says his powers are getting stronger but they’re different than his dad’s powers. She tells Luz now she has a whole new glyph language to try out! King tells Luz The Collector was in the area and he wanted to do something as well. Magic appears in the sky. It begins streaking like fireworks lighting up the dark sky. Everyone watches the show with a smile on their face. Luz thanks Eda and King for everything. Eda tells her “right back at you kiddo.” They each put their hands in and say weirdos. Luz’s eyes fill with happy tears. Luz notices the lights are almost over. She counts out loud and the whole group looks up at the viewer and says “Bye!”

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WOW. What a way to go down. The series did a great job wrapping everything up, given the limited time they had with three episodes to wrap up a whole world of storytelling. Dana Terrace came up with a great idea for this series and you could see and feel how much it meant to tell the story. 

I wish we were able to have more of Amity, Willow, Luz and Hunter involved in the main story. They felt a bit disconnected from the main story, but they still were able to get their moments to shine, especially in the previous two episodes of the season. I felt that Hunter especially should have had more of an involvement in finally taking down Belos. His whole existence and place in the world were linked to him. Though we did get to see him shine and thrive on his own with his new found family.

I was happy to see Eda and Raine end up in a good place. Their relationship was one of the unexpected bright spots of the series. Raine had their own moment to shine too, proving why they were a coven head and why they were on an equal playing field with the equally exceptional Eda. Raine almost stopped Belos on their own! That’s impressive!

The Collector’s arc would have been much more fleshed out had they had a whole season to do so. They did a great job having him realize the errors of his ways and learning what it’s like to be one of them, susceptible to being broken forever. It was a quick switch to see him go from villain to misunderstood entity. He truly was a childlike character who just needed to learn more. He was tricked his whole life and his trust issues hurt him. Getting to know these lovable weirdos more saved him from himself. 

Peace out Belos! Loved the way he was taken down. He still thought he had way out in the end, but clearly, it didn’t work for him this time. His defeat was pretty funny and dark at the same time for a kids show. Stomped out of existence, that’s one heck of a way to go! The Titan was right, he was only looking out for his own selfish desires. He lost the thread a long time ago. 

I love seeing all the character appear throughout, even if they didn’t have speaking roles. There was so much packed into the hour episode, some characters just had to go by the wayside in speaking roles. They did their best to honor all these rich characters, especially putting so many of them in the credits montage and the goodbye moment at the end. 

The flash forward was amazing. I loved seeing how everyone turned out a few years later. Luz and Amity are still going strong. Lumity lives! Camila is such a proud mom. She really learned to love her daughter for who she is and in doing so helped make her a better person as well. She took in all these kids as if they were her own and the bond shows. Eda is helping to craft a whole new generation of witches who might not fit in. It’s perfect! It was great seeing Gus involved in both worlds, getting others involved in both realms. Hexide is still going strong, even growing. Lilith’s involvement makes me happy! Hunter and Willow going strong is perfect. Them going to visit Flapjack made me a mess. Plus Waffles! His new blue jay palismen is an amazing way to show Hunter growing and learning while also honoring his new found passion for palismen. For some reason I expected King to look the same in the future, but it was a great surprise seeing him older. Also knowing that he has a whole new glyph language was a great addition.

The animation and voice acting was on point as always. Together with the writing they made this whole series feel richer and vivid. The themes of family, friendship and looking out for the rest of society were strong throughout. It was truly an emotional finale. I found myself getting caught up and very emotional multiple times, needing to pause to collect myself. It hit in all the feels. 

I’m going to miss this series, but it will stay with me for a long time. I’m sure I’m going to think of even more great things to say about this series. The show’s legacy will continue to grow long after this finale aired. 

All episodes of The Owl House can be streamed on Disney+. 

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