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The story of Superman has been told hundreds of times and adapted in many different ways. My Adventures with Superman is a fun and fresh animated take on the characters of Clark, Lois and Jimmy. The adult swim series is full of hope and optimism, which has been lacking from many of the more recent DC adaptations. It is an extremely fun show and most of all, a perfect amount of funny. 

There’s tons of comedy and heart at the core of the series. The two emotions blend seamlessly providing for a highly enjoyable ride. The action sequences are exciting, and engaging. The animation is smooth and visually entertaining. It may appear simple in design, but it is highly effective at building a great world. Many questions are brought up about Superman’s past and who Clark wants to be as he comes into his own identity. Some answers are provided along the way, while at the same time new questions arise, providing for even more story to tell. The amount of world building done over a short period of time is impressive. Audiences can easily follow the story having varied knowledge of Superman lore.

The characters that appear are all great takes on the iconic characters we’ve come to know. The main trio are remarkable leads and all of the villains and other side characters that pop in and out are also utilized well. Jack Quaid’s calm yet confident voice acting suits this version of Clark very well. He can be goofy at times, then right back to serious. In a slightly unusual way, Lois and Jimmy remind me of Luz and Gus from Disney Channel’s The Owl House. I know people have made comments about their appearances being similar when their designs were announced, but their characteristics are actually quite similar. Lois has the same optimism and mannerisms as Luz. Even the vocal intonations and phrasing from Alice Lee reminds me of Sarah-Nicole Robles’s work as Luz. Jimmy is awkward at times, adding to his charm, but always looking for the best in those around him and is really a great friend to Clark and Lois. It is clear that Ishmel Sahid has a lot of fun with the character of Jimmy. Scenes where the three characters interact provide for some great comedy and heartfelt moments. The series sets up tons of awkward encounters for the main characters and side characters mixed with cute and sweet moments.

Episodes flow well from one to another setting up a lot of excitement for the next episode to come. Similar in nature to Genndy Tartakovsky’s Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, the series sits in this in-between zone where it’s not what most come to expect from adult swim series, but still can be easily enjoyed by adults. At the same time, the series is easily accessible to a younger audience and could still fit into Cartoon Network. It will likely work for audiences of all ages. Repeat airings are already planned to air on Cartoon Network and adult swim’s Toonami block. At times it feels like the show could easily transition or fit into episodes of Prime Video’s Invincible or at times to Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls. The more I think about it, the series almost feels like a PG version of Invincible striking a nice balance of humor, heart and action. 

It was exciting seeing an origin story showing Clark’s gradual understanding of his powers as well as his backstory and history. The title may make it seem as if we’d mostly be seeing the story from the perspective of Lois or Jimmy, but at its core is a Superman focused series. Over the seven episodes made available, I found myself completely engaged and excited for the next one to start. I am already anxiously awaiting to see where the final three episodes go. It is clear a lot of love went into the making of this series and I think fans new and old will enjoy it. The series is an absolute delight! 

My Adventures with Superman premieres July 6 at midnight (technically July 7) on adult swim. Episodes stream on Max the next day.

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