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‘The Originals’ Claire Holt Books Series Regular Spot on NBC’s ‘Aquarius’

After spending three seasons as an Original vampire, Claire Holt is about to experience life on the other side of the law. The actress has joined the upcoming NBC drama Aquarius as a series regular.

Starring David Duchovny as a police sergeant, Aquarius takes place in 1967 and follows the case of a teenage daughter of a respected lawyer, who goes missing in L.A. The trail leads to a small-time cult leader seeking out vulnerable women to join his cause. If that sounds familiar, it should. What the characters don’t know is that they’re hunting the man who will eventually become a household name – Charles Manson.

Holt will play Officer Charmaine Tully, who is described as a beautiful young police officer who is trying to be taken seriously on the male-dominated police force. Aquarius has been given a 13-episode order and is being billed as a limited series.

The actress is best known for her role as Rebekah Mikaelson, which she originated on The Vampire Diaries before moving to the spinoff, The Originals, last season. Holt shocked fans when she exited the new series after episode 16. Holt returned for the season one finale and she will be back for at least one episode of season two.

Holt’s other previous credits include Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls 2 and H2O: Just Add Water.

NBC has not released a premiere date for Aquarius at this time.

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‘The Originals’ Season 2 First Look: Getting Back to Family Business

Once upon a time there was a majestic king…no, we’re not mixing up our show coverage. That’s the opening line of The Originals season two trailer, which debuted last night at Comic Con. The video cleverly uses Rebekah’s bedtime story to Hope as a way to remind viewers of the intensity season one had to offer.

When our favorite Original vampires signed off in May, the Mikaelson family had been dealt several major blows. Francesca and Genevieve had tricked Klaus into using his blood to create rings for the werewolves – failing to mention the wolves would draw power from him and leave the hybrid weakened at every full moon. The witches kidnapped and killed Hayley after she gave birth to Hope and planned to sacrifice the baby to the elder witches.

A broken Elijah and Klaus raced to stop them and Hayley, newly awakened in transition to becoming a hybrid, joined the brothers. Marcel arrived just in time to stop Monique from killing Hope, but the deaths of the three witches were not enough to keep the baby safe. Klaus, Elijah and Hayley came up with a plan to let everyone believe Hope was dead as Klaus safely delivered her to Rebekah so the brothers could clean up the mess they’d made and make the city safe again.

But they have two much bigger enemies out there – their father, Mikael, who Davina brought back to life to use against Klaus, and their mother, Esther, who returned in the form of a teenage witch with one of her sons in tow. Combine that with the loss and anger the brothers are already feeling and New Orleans is once again a powder keg waiting to blow as we dive into season two.

Since the cast has already filmed the first three episodes, there was a lot of new footage in the trailer. Hayley doesn’t take being a hybrid well and has made it her mission to take down Francesca and the witches who wanted to kill her baby. Elijah is worried about her, but Klaus seems to be lost in his own pain.

Marcel is still banished across the river, but Cami convinces Elijah to bring him back into the fold and use him as a weapon against the wolves. Klaus wants to target the 12 wolves who have rings, but that’s easier said than done because more and more wolves are getting rings thanks to Esther. Klaus wants to meet the mystery witch defying his orders and he quickly picks up that there’s something familiar about her.

Meanwhile, Davina lets Mikael out of the attic and he wastes no time getting back into the vampire killing business, which a shocked Elijah witnesses. Mikael then turns the white oak stake on his son (did anyone else’s heart stop beating at that point?). Davina still plans to keep Mikael in line until she can unlink her friends from Klaus’ sire line (smart girl).

Once Elijah and Klaus put the parental pieces together, Klaus asks which of their parents they should kill first. But the video doesn’t say whether or not they know one of their brothers has returned as well and the writers have been keeping quiet as to which brother rose from the dead with Esther. We get a glimpse of Kol in his coffin, which hints at a flashback so it’s possible he’s the one by his mother’s side.

Or perhaps it is Finn as a lot of us originally guessed since he lived to serve Esther. The video introduces another new foe named Kaleb, who takes an interest in Davina. We know from the casting announcement that he’s a witch, but is it possible that he too is a Mikaelson brother in disguise? The last time viewers saw Kol on The Vampire Diaries, he was desperately trying to find a way out of the crumbling Other Side. Maybe he learned a trick or two from his mother.

Check out the full video below and then hit the comments and tell us what you think. Are you excited for season two? Which Mikaelson return are you most looking forward to? Which brother do you think is back? Share your thoughts and theories with us!

The Originals returns Monday, Oct. 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

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CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates for ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Reign’ ‘The Flash’ and More

Is it just us or does it feel like our favorite CW shows have been on hiatus for a lot longer than just over a month? If you miss the vampires, royals and hunters as much as we do, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that The CW has released its fall premiere dates. The bad news is that October is still very far away.

As it has done in past years, the network will be staggering its premieres beginning with the iHeartRadio Music Festival, which will air over two nights beginning Monday, Sept. 29 through Tuesday, Sept. 30. On Wednesday, Oct. 1, the network will air two encore episodes of Arrow that feature Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) to give viewers a taste of the upcoming new series, The Flash. On Thursday, Oct. 2, The Vampire Diaries and Reign return for their sixth and second seasons.

The following week, The Originals will premiere its second season on Monday, Oct. 6. The Flash will make its debut the following night, Oct. 7, along with the tenth season premiere of Supernatural. Arrow returns for season three on Oct. 8 and will be followed by an encore of the series premiere of The Flash.

Jane the Virgin, the network’s other new drama will premiere on Monday, Oct. 13 and there will be an encore episode on Friday, Oct. 17 airing before the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model.

Finally, on Wednesday, Oct. 22, The 100 will kick off its second season. See the full schedule of premiere dates below:

Monday Sept. 29

8 p.m. iHeartRadio Music Festival

Tuesday, Sept. 30

8 p.m. iHeartRadio Musical Festival

Wednesday, Oct. 1

8 p.m. Arrow (“The Scientist”)

9 p.m. Arrow (“Three Ghosts”)

Thursday, Oct 2.

8 p.m. The Vampire Diaries (Season 6 Premiere)

9 p.m. Reign (Season 2 Premiere)

Monday, Oct. 6

8 p.m. The Originals (Season 2 Premiere)

Tuesday, Oct. 7

8 p.m. The Flash (Series Premiere)

9 p.m. Supernatural (Season 10 Premiere)

Wednesday, Oct. 8

8 p.m. Arrow (Season 3 Premiere)

9 p.m. The Flash (Encore)

Monday, Oct. 13

9 p.m. Jane the Virgin (Series Premiere)

Friday, Oct. 17

8 p.m. Jane the Virgin (Encore)

9 p.m. America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 21 Premiere)

Wednesday, Oct. 22

9 p.m. The 100 (Season 2 Premiere)

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Upfronts 2014: The CW’s Fall Schedule

The CW was the final network to unveil its 2014-15 Schedule this morning. The most notable change is the network’s decision to move The Originals to Mondays and give freshman drama The Flash the Tuesday anchor position while keeping Supernatural in its current timeslot.

New drama Jane the Virgin will join The Originals on Monday, which is probably going to raise some eyebrows as to why the network paired those two shows together. But the same thing happened last year when Reign was slotted on Thursdays after The Vampire Diaries. That proved to work so well that The CW is keeping both shows there this fall.

Arrow and The 100 will also remain in their current Wednesday timeslots and Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast are being held for midseason along with new dramas iZombie and The Messengers. The CW will not confirm the episode counts for Hart of Dixie or Beauty and the Beast at this time.

Check out the full schedule below (all times in EST):


8 p.m. The Originals

9 p.m. Jane the Virgin (New Drama Series)


8 p.m. The Flash (New Drama Series)

9 p.m. Supernatural


8 p.m. Arrow

9 p.m. The 100


8 p.m. The Vampire Diaries

9 p.m. Reign


8 p.m. Whose Line is it Anyway?

9 p.m. America’s Next Top Model

Which CW shows will you watch?

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‘The Originals’ Season 1 Finale Review: Finding Hope in the Mess We’ve Made

There was never a doubt in my mind that The Originals season finale would destroy me to the point that ripping out my own heart would probably hurt a lot less than what the show had in mind. “From a Cradle to a Grave” more than lived up to that. It was incredibly painful and filled with powerful performances from talented actors who brought their A-game like never before.

But it was so much more than emotional havoc and ugly sobbing. The episode was brilliant. It tied up loose ends, gave our heroes the most bittersweet of wins and it beautifully setup the next chapter of the story without missing a beat. I was more than ready to give in to the ache in my chest and just spend the rest of the night sobbing, but then there was that final scene – that OMFG moment that’s going to keep fans guessing and theorizing all summer. Make no mistake though – we’ll still be crying in the corner for the foreseeable future as we celebrate a fantastic first season.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Bob Mahoney/The CW

So let’s talk about the episode, which began with an instant punch to the gut. It was a flashback scene to Hayley writing her baby a letter and Klaus interrupting and assuming she’d been writing a love letter to one of the men in her life. Hayley let Klaus feel the baby kick and it was a beautiful, sweet moment for the expectant parents. Then of course we flash to present day where Hayley is being forced into giving birth in the church and Klaus can’t help her because he’s weak and the witches easily pin him against the wall, powerless.

Baby Girl Mikaelson arrives and Genevieve lets Hayley hold her while Klaus watches, but the moment is over when Monique slits Hayley’s throat and the witches take the baby away. I think most of us expected Hayley to come back a hybrid eventually, but knowing that she was coming back did nothing to make the scene less gut wrenching when Elijah walked in and saw Klaus cradling a dead Hayley. Klaus gave his brother blood to cure his wolf bites and then they headed to the cemetery to search for the witches. That was when Elijah finally let out his grief.

I’ve been a card-carrying Elijah fangirl since his first episode of The Vampire Diaries so it should go without saying that this scene broke me, but I’m going to say it anyway because Daniel Gillies was phenomenal as Elijah blamed Klaus for his sins costing Hayley her life and taking away their family’s only hope. Gillies’ voice cracked as he reminded his brother that he didn’t let anyone in and he’d let Hayley in and he needed her (seriously, just stab me next time, writers. It’ll hurt less). Klaus reminded his brother that the baby was still out there and Elijah could tell his niece how much her mother meant to him. Unfortunately, the witches were screwing with them and blocking the brothers from finding them in the cemetery.

Annette Brown/The CW

Annette Brown/The CW

As expected, Hayley woke up in the church and then found Klaus and Elijah in the cemetery. They realized she was in transition and she’d need to drink the baby’s blood to become a hybrid or she’d die (okay, I actually forgot about that part of the hybrid process). The three set out to find the witches, who had already started the sacrifice ritual. The witches had the ancestors helping them, but Klaus, Hayley and Elijah fought back and managed to injure Gen and kill the blonde witch (Abigail?), but Monique still had every intention of stabbing the baby. But that’s when Marcel showed up and broke his own rule about kids – he killed Monique with a throwing star that had been cursed by the witches and caused thousands of tiny cuts to appear and she bled to death.

Marcel picked up the baby and took her back to the compound as Klaus followed (Hayley and Elijah stayed behind to deal with Gen, who revealed something else we all knew, but had never occurred to the Mikaelson brothers: Esther was pulling the witch strings. Gen started bleeding from her eyes again and Hayley killed her, which was awesome. I liked Gen and her story is tragic, but she had that coming). Back at the compound, all of Marcel’s guys were already dead (I’ll miss you most of all, Diego), but Klaus wanted to heal Marcel for saving his daughter. Marcel blamed himself since he’d brought Mikael to town, but Klaus forgave him because he’d saved the baby. He gave Marcel blood and then Klaus held his daughter for the first time (and then I was crying again, but happy tears this time, especially when Klaus and Marcel smiled at each other and the baby looked over at her big brother Marcel).

Of course while all of this was happening, no one had any clue what Davina was doing. In addition to explaining the throwing star to Marcel, she’d grabbed some items for herself from the O’Connell family weaponry. Then she proceeded to do the spell that brought Mikael back to life. It knocked them both unconscious and he was the first one to wake up and track down the white oak stake (so crafty). Mikael was approaching Klaus, who was alone in the nursery with the baby, when Davina stopped him. She’d put a failsafe into the spell – the bracelet she wore allowed her to keep Mikael on a leash so she brought him to the attic and told him that she wanted him to stay there as her secret weapon until he was needed. Well played, Davina.

Elijah, Klaus, Hayley and Baby Mikaelson were cleaned up and gathered in the nursery. Elijah and Klaus knew that the witches and their other enemies would never stop coming from them. They debated about making the compound a fortress or leaving town, but they knew the baby had inherited their enemies, but she was defenseless. Hayley had another solution and this was Phoebe Tonkin’s turn to shine. She reminded them that she’d grown up alone and unloved because her parents had been slaughtered and she’d promised the baby that she wouldn’t have to live through that – it was bad enough that she had to drink her blood if she wanted to live. Tonkin nailed all of her scenes in the episode, but this one was the most poignant as Hayley realized that the only chance the baby had was if they sent her away to keep her safe. She loved her enough to let her go, even though it was the last thing she wanted.

There’s nothing I love more in television and movies than watching characters team up to put a covert plan into action so watching the execution of this one made me so happy. The only way to keep the baby safe was to let everyone believe that she had died and that’s what they did. Marcel was sent out first and caught Oliver’s eye during Francesca’s speech. Marcel told him that he wanted to make a deal and let him know that Klaus was back on his side. Oliver was skeptical until Marcel told him that they were going to blame the wolves for the baby dying and then he left them with a baby’s body in a box (thankfully we didn’t have to see it, only Oliver’s reaction). Later, we learned that Marcel had taken a stillborn from a nearby hospital and agreed to let Klaus compel him to forget the baby was alive.

Annette Brown/The CW

Annette Brown/The CW

Cami saw a memorial for the baby and went to Klaus. This is the kind of scene that might have gotten lost in an episode like this, but the buildup between these two over the season and the compelling (no pun intended) dynamic they share made it memorable, even for people who might not ship the pairing romantically. Cami felt guilty for not learning the truth about Francesca sooner and Klaus had to tell her that it wasn’t her fault without giving away the truth of the situation. He explained that they couldn’t be friends anymore because beautiful things got broken around him and Cami was beautiful (okay, sobbing again – these two have come so far and now he’s giving her freedom from his world because he doesn’t want anything to happen to her).

Hayley and Elijah turn up at the public memorial because they know people will be suspicious if all three leave town together. Hayley’s grief is palpable once again and so is Elijah’s as he watches her. Before they’d set their plan into action, Elijah had questioned who they could trust the baby with – who could protect her and keep her safe better than they could. Again, it was easy to see where this was going and at this point, I was already crying just anticipating what was coming when Klaus said there was one person. And then we got to see Klaus and his daughter meeting up with Rebekah.

I waited until now to single out Joseph Morgan because even though he was incredible in each and every one of his scenes, he’s never been better than in this final scene as Klaus greeted his sister and entrusted her with his baby girl. Things didn’t end well between the siblings the last time we saw them together, but none of that mattered now. Rebekah teased him about the baby looking like Hayley and Klaus smiled as he pointed out that he was the devilish look in her eyes. Then he promised his daughter that he would make their home safe again and stop anyone who meant her harm so that she could come home (seriously, I don’t know how anyone who feels human emotions wasn’t sobbing at this point).

Rebekah assured Klaus that she would keep the baby safe and after Klaus put the baby in her arms, he gave her back the wooden carving he’d given her when she’d been scared as a child and Claire Holt was as flawless as ever when she let the weight of what that meant cross Rebekah’s face as Klaus told her to be happy and kissed her on the cheek, telling her that despite their differences, there’s no one he would trust more with his daughter’s life. Rebekah asked what the baby’s name was and Klaus replied that her name was Hope (and I could no longer see through my tears at that point).

But that wasn’t the end of the episode. That came when the final Harvest girl, Cassie, walked over to Esther’s grave. She was joined by a man, who looked down at the grave and said, “May you rest in peace.” But Esther had no interest in that because it wasn’t fun and told him to come along because they had much to do to which he replied, “Yes, Mother.” And just like that, not only is Esther back, but she brought Finn with her too and they’re already plotting! I repeat: Esther and Finn are back. Mikael is back. There’s a solid chance Kol will be resurrected on TVD this week. Season two is going to be even more incredible than season one.

And there you have it – a magnificent end to an amazing freshman season. I can’t even begin to imagine what these talented people have in mind for season two as Klaus, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel try to clean up the mess they’ve made while Finn, Esther and Mikael wait for their chances to ruin everyone’s happiness. Since October is much too far away, feel free to hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us. Did you enjoy the finale? Where do you want to see the show go from here?

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‘The Originals’ Review: And They All Fall Down

Has everyone started breathing again after last night’s penultimate episode of The Originals? If not, that’s okay because “The Battle of New Orleans” was basically a solid hour of OMFG! Moments that set the stage for the upcoming first season finale. It’s safe to say most of us probably expected a few of our favorite characters to be in mortal danger going into the finale.

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‘The Originals’ Photo Preview: Who Will Be Left Standing after ‘The Battle of New Orleans’?

We’ve watched tensions between the factions of New Orleans growing steadily over the past few episodes of The Originals. Father Kieran’s death led to a brief ceasefire (aside from Monique trying to kill Hayley), but now each side finds itself more determined than ever to come out victorious.

The CW has released the episode stills for the upcoming penultimate episode of season one, “The Battle of New Orleans.” Marcel and his vampires have brought the fight back to the compound to strike against Klaus and Elijah before they have a chance to arm the werewolves with moonlight rings.

Of course this sounds good in theory, but Klaus has already proven that he’s strong enough to crush a vampire army and now he has Elijah by his side. Is Marcel once again leading his friends on a suicide mission (and if so, can we start a prayer circle for Diego)? It’s possible their real goal is to take out as many werewolves as they can and it looks like Jackson has suffered a beating in the stills. But will that be enough?

Meanwhile, Francesca and the human faction are also paying a visit to the Mikaelson family in this episode. We’re guessing that’s probably not going to go over well since they tried to kill Hayley and the other werewolves. Are they there to make another deal or has Francesca found a way to get her hands on Kieran’s weapon against the supernatural?

Check out the photo gallery below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us! Are you looking forward to the episode?

The Originals airs Tuesday, May 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

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‘The Originals’ Review: The Past Comes Back to Haunt Everyone

Last night The Originals mostly took a break from the faction war to celebrate life and mourn the death of Father Kieran. Each side respected the temporary truce and gathered for the funeral, but the impending battles were still on everyone’s minds. There were plenty of threats, double crossings and secret plots in “A Closer Walk with Thee,” but the real impact of the episode was the emotional punches it delivered.

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