‘The Originals’ Review: You Love Us…You Love Me

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Elijah Mikaelson is dead.

(Typing those words hurt even if it is a metaphorical death).

Well, technically a compulsion induced death.

The Originals strayed from its formula in a big way during “Ne Me Quitte Pas” as the hour peeled back the curtain to show us what’s been happening to Elijah.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Erasing always and forever from Elijah’s brain resulted in him forgetting he was a vampire (Maybe not the smartest idea, Marcel?). He stepped off a bus, ate the first guy he saw, and then proceeded to steal his belongings and go on his way.

Elijah ended up in New York City where he met another vampire, Antoinette, who gave him insight into the vampire lifestyle. She explained how his daylight ring worked and why she chose not to have one.

Daniel Gillies deserves all the props for acting the hell out of these scenes. He gave us an entirely new version of Elijah with the tiniest glimpses of the vampire we know and love beneath the surface.

The bloodlust remained; at least until Antoinette taught him a better way (compel them first so they think they like it). The goodness in Elijah—the loving heart, the respect for others, and the desire to find happiness and cling to it—shone through as he made a new life for himself.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Unfortunately, he attempted to make that life for himself in New York City. Marcel popped up not once, but twice, to tell him to get out of town before a certain someone returned.

(Side note: Where was Rebekah? Girls trip with Freya and Keelin is my personal head canon).

After Marcel gave Elijah the bare basics (you asked me to do this, you’re doing this for a kid, go make your life elsewhere), Elijah took his words to heart and headed to France to reunite with Antoinette.

The hour jumped back to present day where the two played side by side at the piano. Elijah popped the question and when Antoinette went to retrieve champagne so they could celebrate, Klaus stepped out of the shadows.

He thanked Antoinette for being good to Elijah, but told her that her services were no longer required. He’d come to take his brother home.


Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Guys, I can’t believe I’m saying this since Elijah is my forever favorite Original, but I was so relieved when Klaus showed up. Until he did, I’d been pretty bored with the Elijah-centric episode.

And the Elijah fan in me is shocked and sad about it. But I’m going with the magic loophole: this wasn’t really Elijah we were watching.

Maybe this episode would have been better if we didn’t know this was the last season. Maybe then it wouldn’t have felt so out of place after the two fantastic episodes prior to it. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

It’s understandable why they showed us Elijah adjusting to his new reality. The story needed to build to the climactic moment with Klaus. And it probably wouldn’t have made sense if we didn’t see him falling in love with Antoinette and his new world.

Back to the good stuff: Antoinette resisted Klaus’ compulsion and told Elijah what happened. He made her clear the room. Klaus told him who he was and that they needed him to come home. Hayley was missing.

Elijah didn’t care.

It was like watching a well-acted car accident that you couldn’t look away from as the two brothers essentially traded roles. Klaus reminded him of their bond, their family, their love, and asked for his help.

Elijah continued not to care.

Klaus intended to make his brother come with him whether he liked it or not, but Elijah had a secret of his own: he knew exactly who he was. He knew who the Mikaelsons were and Hayley. He’d researched them; learned of their pain and misery.

Elijah kept on not caring.

He loved his new life so much that he declared Elijah Mikaelson dead, broke Klaus’ neck and left with Antoinette.

While I do have some issues with the revelation (is there a vampire google? Did he visit a fandom wiki?), it destroyed me almost as much as it did Klaus. This belongs on high on the list of the best scenes Gillies and Joseph Morgan have ever done.

To end the hour, Klaus called Freya and lied. Sort of. He told her Elijah was gone (true), but he made it sound as if he couldn’t physically find him.

See what I mean about the brothers switching places? Klaus was heartbroken, but he didn’t bring Freya down with him. Such an Elijah move.

And while we’re on the subject of moves, the fact that Elijah could overpower Klaus proved that he’s been holding back over the years during their fights. Just as Klaus was holding back now.

Finally, Elijah and Antoinette talked about the secrets they’d kept. She knew who he was from the moment they met. He didn’t tell her that he’d filled in the blanks.

She accepted his proposal and he burned his things—including his daylight ring—so they could start their life together free of his past.


-Remember when daylight rings were a rare thing? Now random vampires have them—and discard them—as if it’s no big deal.

-Seriously, shouldn’t Marcel have given Elijah instructions on being a vampire before he sent him out of New Orleans? If nothing else, he should have known the bloodlust would cause a problem.

-So if Elijah knew who he was—and who is family was—that means he recognized Klaus and Rebekah each time they came to see him. But he was still nice to them? That doesn’t make sense (unless the Vampire Google didn’t provide family photos).

-Are we supposed to trust Antoinette knowing she lied to Elijah from Day 1? Wouldn’t someone who’s against vampires living as humans want to avoid the trouble of an amnesiac Original? Didn’t she worry when she heard the stories of Klaus the Mad terrorizing Europe? Did she not recognize him either when he lurked at the piano bar?

-The fact that Klaus didn’t murder her on sight shows how much he’s grown—even on his own for seven years.

-If there are already snakes and blood rain, why would Klaus and Freya think it’s a good idea to add another Original to the mix? Not that I’m complaining; I want Elijah home, too, but where’s the logic?

-As a Haylijah fan, it hurt so much to hear Elijah brush off Hayley as if she was nothing. I know how compulsion works, but pain is pain.

-Will Marcel restore his memories or will Hope drag the compulsion out of his head like Davina did to Cami?

(Either way, please let it happen sooner rather than later. I need always and forever back).

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