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Riverdale Recap: “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt”

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As we’re winding down to the final two episodes of Riverdale’s sophomore season, the war between the North and South side is heating up and Betty thinks she’s discovered the identity of the Black Hood.

Riverdale Recap: “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt”
Airdate: May 2, 2018
Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Yolonda E. Lawrence (#220)

At the end of last week’s episode, it was clear Betty thinks her father, Hal is the Black Hood, a theory which weighs heavily on her mind this week. She makes a passing comment to Jughead about it, but ends up confiding in Cheryl (?). Having a murderer for a father somehow connects them? Sure. Together, they set out to prove one way or the other if Hal is indeed the Black Hood.

It was nice to see the cousins bonding and Cheryl seems genuinely interested in helping Betty and not because there’s anything in it for her, because she wants to. Out of everyone on the canvas, Cheryl is the one character that’s experienced the most growth this season. No longer a campy villainess, Cheryl has truly become one of the group. She discovers Hal’s old room he rented while he was separated from Alice that apparently he’s still paying for; the girls search it and find the Nancy Drew book the Black Hood used to write the cipher. When Betty confronts Hal about it, he claims to have gotten it as a birthday gift. By episodes end, Betty had asked her father to meet her at the school “where it all began” with her speech. Patiently waiting, gun in hand, Betty seems ready for a confrontation with her father. Meanwhile, Cheryl opens her front door to reveal the Black Hood. I’m not entirely sure what to think about this, it’s all so heavy handed and obvious that it can’t possibly be Hal, right?

Over at the Lodges, the 5 families have sent their sons to court Veronica after hearing about what she did to extort money from the St Claire’s. One suitor in particular intrigues her as he’s interested in opening a casino in Riverdale. Veronica thinks it’s a great idea, allowing them to open a legitimate business. Hiram doesn’t want to hear about it.

Archie still being concerned about the Black Hood is going door to door with fliers for his father’s campaign looking into the eyes of the men of Riverdale, trying to see if he recognizes them. Hiram suggests he reform the Dark Circle gang with the Bulldogs as a means of protecting Riverdale. Archie does but soon learns that Hiram has paid all of the guys and apparently told Reggie he’s in charge. This leads him to finally (maybe) stand by his father’s side.

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Fangs reveals to Jughead that he and Midge were hooking up and he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to look guilty. Reggie also finds out this information and is pissed! The Serpents and the Bulldogs get into a fist fight over Midge and eventually Fangs is arrested. Sierra McCoy manages to get him released and FP and the teen Serpents show up to take him home. An angry mob has assembled outside as they all want justice for Midge and are quick to assume this young Serpent is the murderer. Jughead calls Archie in because the Dark Circle crew are fueling this riot. Archie shows up and tackles Reggie, but not before a gun fires and shoots Fangs.

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Black Hood interrupts the Mayoral debate which Alice is moderating because of course she is and Hermione is completely shook up by almost getting shot. Veronica begs her mother to step down and Hiram isn’t having it. This is the final (maybe) straw that sends Veronica straight to the Andrews house pledging her loyalty to Fred’s campaign.

The highlight of this episode was a quick appearance by Joaquin (Rob Raco), Kevin’s Serpent boyfriend from Season 1. Only 2 episodes left, will Hal actually be the Black Hood? Will the North and South side light each other on fire?


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