‘The Originals’ Review: The Gift of Shame

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Klaus’ past is once again coming back to bite him on The Originals.

“Don’t It Just Break Your Heart” continued the hybrid’s quest to track down Hayley by any means necessary.

And those means mostly revolved around torturing Greta. After she stepped forward as the mastermind (the least shocking reveal given all her sassy side eye), Klaus attempted to drain the vervain from her to get answers.

She was willing to make a deal: they’ll give back Hayley if Hope agrees to bind her werewolf side the same way Esther once did to Klaus. Apparently the vamps are more worried about hybrids than anything else.

Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

While I do appreciate the symbolism of supernatural creatures being biased against other supernatural creatures because it’s way too relevant to society, the motivation struck me as weak. Like maybe the writers just wanted to make a Nazi parallel.

But then they surprised me in the best way. It’s not a new grudge Greta’s holding against the Mikaelsons. She’s hated them since the 1930s when Klaus viciously murdered her husband and other villagers because they were anti-werewolf.

That’s more like it, show.

(Although, I’m still not 100 percent sure how being old allowed her to escape her restraints and nearly murder Josh. Dick move, by the way. He was trying to help. But I assume there’s more to her strength).

Via flashback we saw Klaus reacting badly to August (Greta’s husband) hating werewolves. Understandable since he was part-werewolf. But as usual with Klaus, it’s more than that.

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We’ve seen the shame Mikael inflicted upon him at every turn for being different. So of course Klaus was going to take issue with a werewolf hater. And of course paranoid Klaus was going to turn on Elijah back in the day when he tried to help.

Present day Klaus almost made the same mistake with Marcel.

Since I didn’t get to talk about it last week, I need to gush about how happy I am to see Klaus and Marcel working together (and it’s not even the season finale!).

I like that they’re on the same side; not only to find Hayley, but to protect Hope (Marcel is the BEST big brother). But things can’t be all sunshine and roses. Marcel doesn’t like Klaus bossing him around and Klaus definitely did not like Marcel going behind his back.

After Marcel relayed Greta’s offer to Freya, she passed it along to her niece. And since Freya had recently put how much being a wolf sucks in Hope’s head (clearly she forgot she can make moon rings), Hope immediately wanted to do what she could.

Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

Again, not surprising. Hope’s carrying the guilt of putting Hayley in danger in the first place. Plus, she’s a Mikaelson. She’s going to do whatever it takes to get her family back. Even if it does come with a huge side of pain.

Klaus being Klaus interrupted the ritual and forbid Hope from finishing it. Then, he stole the bowl of her blood to make his own hybrids because that’s always the answer to a problem (insert all the eye rolls here).

Desperate and alone (where did Freya go?), Hope turned to Roman, who had an idea of his own: sneak Hope out of school and find another witch to do the spell. Again, a little too convenient to have this cute bad boy willing and able, right?

Right. It turns out that he’s Greta’s son!

I gasped a little at that one. He seemed shady all along and way too interested in Hope even before he learned she was a Mikaelson. So it makes sense that he’s up to no good. Poor Hope.

Poor Elijah, too. Maybe.

Antoinette is Greta’s daughter and Roman’s sister. But she claims she disowned her family. And being trailed by her own paparazzi makes it seem like she might be telling the truth. Maybe she did ditch them and their crazy plan.

Or maybe she’s playing Elijah, too. I genuinely don’t know. On the one hand, who wouldn’t love any version of Elijah? But on the other, we’re talking about family. And shame is a powerful motivator.

Plus, the fact that Elijah is being encouraged to kill Klaus in the previews for the next episode makes her seem like she’s Team Shady, doesn’t it?


The Vampire Diaries nostalgia was stamped all over this episode and I LOVED IT. From the shots of the Salvatore house to the moonstone to the mentions of Stefan and Rebekah in Chicago…keep it up, show.

-Klaus vs. Freya never fails to be awesome. She’s the only sibling he’s never been able to subdue and she has her own tragedies weighing her down. I love that she doesn’t even blink when he gets in her face.

-Even though I knew he was bad (before knowing how bad), I was still shipping Hope and Roman. There are some Kol (played by Daniel Sharman)/Davina similarities to the story. Maybe he’ll have a change of heart and side with her?

(I suppose it depends on whether or not that’s the story for Antoinette and Elijah).

-Speaking of, I continue to fail to care about this romance. However, I did like that he was the one she was talking about when she told him about Shanghai. I enjoyed that bit of the flashback.

-Okay, so we know now that Klaus and Elijah had a falling out in the 1930s. And Elijah knows Rebekah is daggered (Of course Klaus wrote letters gushing about Stefan while pretending to be Rebekah).

But when did Klaus and Elijah have the BIG FIGHT? The one that led to Klaus telling him that he threw their siblings in the ocean? Please don’t forget that bit of continuity, show.

-Elijah needs to get his memories back soon. The little flashback glimpse of real Elijah was not enough.

-I know Phoebe Tonkin isn’t a series regular anymore, but I still hope we see more of Hayley soon.

-A little more gushing: Klaus and Marcel working together is the best. And I’m proud of Klaus for being honest with him at the end. He’s displaying a lot of growth (in between making things worse with the hybrids).

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