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‘Heroes’ Season 3 Preview


'Heroes' Season 3 Preview'

Are you a Hero or Villain? Now is the time to choose a side because on Sept 22nd NBC’s hit series Heroes returns for its third season. The first chapter of this season will be titled Villains, and for very good reason. When a slew of Level Five Villains escape, our Heroes will be tested like never before – and some may chose the other side. Below is a quick preview of what to expect.

Father vs Daughter. Claire (Hayden Panettiere) goes to work with her father. Okay well maybe not in the typical “take your child to work” kind of way, but the real question is does she go to work against him? Claire may be one of the Heroes who go to the dark side. Looks like she might try and kill Peter… after all; Future Peter did try to kill her real father and his brother, Nathan.

Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and Elle (Kristen Bell) go at it major, having one epic battle. The result? Various Level Five Villains are able to escape The Company. Oh, and speaking of Sylar, he goes after Claire. From what I have heard– and seen – this will please anyone who loves the opening of Scream.  Though for others, it may gross you out if playing with a brain is not your thing. Know what the most shocking part of this? He doesn’t let her die, in fact he tells her she can’t die – and now neither can he.

Here are some other tidbits… Nikki? Jessica? Tracy is the name as Ali Larter takes on a new role. Yes a new role, not a new alter. Matt (Greg Grunberg) is alone in a desert.  There is a new villain named The Speedster.  Hiro gets a special box. Suresh develops powers. Claire’s mother will offer her assistance…and yes, biological mother.

One last thing….rumor has it Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) & Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) have another brother – Sylar. But that is not the only twist. Future Sylar has a baby boy, Noah (Jack Coleman), but who’s his mother? Online gossip says it could be Elle, who might end up being Claire’s half-sister. That would explain why the baby is named Noah. Imagine Christmas with Angela, Nathan, Peter, Sylar, Claire, a baby… and maybe Elle!

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