B&B Previews: Week of September 15

B&B Spoilers: Week of September 15

Taylor overhears Nick learning about her history of mental problems and it enrages her.

B&B Spoilers: Week of September 15


Sunday, September 14, 2008, 11:44 PM

Brooke reveals a family secret to Eric, which leads to a a fight between Brooke & Stephanie. Taylor overhears Nick learning about her history of mental problems and it enrages her. Even the kiss shared by Owen & Donna doesn’t persuade Donna to tell him what he wants to know. Eric is grilled by Donna.

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Monday – Taylor’s concern about her parenting ability grows. Brooke is told she is not to see Eric. Eric shocked to learn who harmed him. Stephanie visits Donna.

Tuesday – Brooke and Ridge disagree over Stephanie’s motives. Marcus gets caught doing a favor for Eric. Donna gives Owen bad news. Rick feels betrayed by his mother.

Wednesday – Brooke worries Nick when she informs him of Taylor’s problems. Taylor gets mad at Brooke. Stephanie tries to make Ridge doubt Brooke.

Thursday – Brooke manages to see Eric and clues him in to info the Forresters have been keeping from him. Donna questions Marcus about Eric.

Friday – Stephanie tells Brooke to leave Eric alone. Brooke and Stephanie argue. Donna sneaks up to Eric’s room.

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