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AMC Previews: Week of October 20


AMC Spoilers: Week of October 20

With the tornado over, lives are hanging in the balance.

AMC Spoilers: Week of October 20
BY: Trish Mahon

Sunday, October 19, 2008, 11:58 AM

Lives Hanging In The Balance

Desperately searching for Kendall, Zach finds a pregnant Bianca instead.  He then finds an unconscious Kendall who is not breathing.  He manages to get his wife breathing and she is taken to the hospital, barely alive.  Zach asks Bianca about her baby and she starts to go into labor.  With no one there, Zach helps her give birth to a baby girl. Finally, they are rescued and are taken to the hospital.  Zach wants to know why Bianca didn’t inform him of her pregnancy.  At the hospital, Joe and Jake realize that Kendall could have sustained brain damage.  Jake realizes that he has to perform brain surgery right then or she could die. When Zach arrives, Jake tells him that the sooner they operate on Kendall, the better.  Zach doesn’t want to consent to the surgery, but eventually does.  A tornado hits the hospital as Jake is performing Kendall’s surgery.  The power goes out but Jake insists that he can continue the surgery. Kendall takes a turn for the worse.  Jake informs Zach that Kendall has slipped into a coma.  Joe reprimands Jake for continuing the surgery which Zach overhears.

Adam and Erica are trapped in the tunnels in the Chandler Mansion.  With a dwindling air supply, the pair realize that they may not be found.  Adam gets an attack of the conscience and confesses that he was behind the Bella poisoning in order to take over Fusion. Now that Adam has confessed makes Erica want to get out of the tunnel even more so she starts to dig.  Suddenly, a hand reaches through and grabs Erica but the rocks start to fall. Meanwhile, Ryan and Annie, who are looking for a missing Emma are joined by Petey and Colby.  Will the find Erica and Adam?  What has happened to Emma?

Pine Valley Happenings…

Babe’s life is in danger.  Angie tries in vain to stop Babe from bleeding to death but Babe continues to get worse.  Angie starts to operate and Krystal and JR fear the worse.  JR and Krystal prepare for the worse.  Babe tells JR that she wants to get married as soon as possible as she knows that the end is near.  JR and Babe pledge their love to each other…

Jesse confesses to Angie that Natalia is his daughter.  After Natalia regains consciousness, Natalia admits to Frankie and Angie that Jesse loved them more than she and her mother…  Greenlee figures out a secret…Annie and Ryan make a shocking discovery…Taylor falls down a flight of stairs…David Hayward appears at the hospital chapel.

Can’t Miss…..

There’s too many to name. Watch Every Day!

Next week on All My Children…

Erica makes a bedside plea to Kendall. David vows vengeance on the Chandlers. Amanda realizes Jake has feelings for Taylor. Emma’s kidnappers contact Ryan and Annie. Laura Koffman makes her debut as Rebecca on Tuesday, October 28. JR threatens to kill David. Erica turns to David to save Kendall’s life. Jake and Zach clash over Taylor and Kendall. A touching and heartfelt ceremony begins. David is pushed over the edge. Zach remembers good times with Kendall.

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