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Twisters bring unexpected surprises to Pine Valley…

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Saturday, October 10, 2008, 5:45 PM

Twisters Bring Unexpected Surprises to Pine Valley

Greenlee is devastated when Aidan walks out on her, but not before he goes
off on her about the love she still has for Ryan. After leaving Greenlee,
Aidan takes a sledgehammer to the foundation of the house he was building for he
and Greenlee. He later goes to Ryan and pulls a gun on him.  Greenlee
walks in on Aidan holding the gun on Ryan and tries to talk Aidan down. 
Aidan gives the gun to Ryan and tells him to shoot him (Aidan) dead. Greenlee blames herself for the situation they are in, and then tells Ryan she
never stopped loving him. The two share a kiss. Later, Greenlee
tells Ryan they can’t be together, even though they still love each. She
is devastated and breaks down in tears when she returns home after she visits
with Jack. After dealing with Annie, Ryan takes out his frustrations with
a patrolman who pulls him over for speeding.

Twisters are in the Pine Valley area and there has been touchdowns reported
as the residents take shelter where they can and pray they survive the
destruction that is about to hit.  Ryan and Greenlee take shelter in a
shed, while others are at Comeback and are forced to stay due to the very bad
weather.  Aidan stumbles on Ryan and Greenlee in the shed only to see their
closeness is obvious.  He returns to find the shed in a pile of rubble
after a tornado touches down in the vicinity.  Another tornado strikes
Comeback; JR, Babe, Angie, Jesse, and Opal find themselves in a dangerous

Zach escapes death as his car is swept up in a tornado as he is returning to
the beach house to reunite with Kendall and the boys.  He finds the beach
house destroyed and goes in search for Kendall, but he discovers Bianca
underneath the rubble.  tornadoes rip through the town of Pine Valley, who
will survive the night of twisters?  What will be left in the wake of the

Pine Valley Happenings….

Adam moves forward with his plans to take down Fusion and recruits by force,
Pete and Colby. Jack knows why Erica is being so nice to Adam, and it has
to do with Kendall. Colby threatens to expose Adam’s involvement with the
poisoning of Bella. JR and Babe look forward
to a bright future in San Diego. Opal’s continuing premonitions are
unsettling to Krystal. While investigating something suspicious, Adam and
Erica get locked in the tunnels underneath the mansion. Annie suspects
Emma has been kidnapped.

Can’t Miss…..

Kendall stumbles onto the truth when she overhears Annie’s admission that she
killed Richie on Monday, October 13.

Adam subpoenas Babe and JR to force them to stay in Pine Valley on Tuesday, October

A devastated Greenlee is found by Kendall on Wednesday, October 15.

Opal is stricken with a heart attack on Thursday, October 16.

The destruction from the tornadoes have Adam and Erica trapped with limited
air supply on Friday, October 17.

Next week on All My Children…

Kendall’s life hangs in the balance. Bianca’s return brings many
unexpected surprises. Angie hears the shocking truth about Natalie. 
Ryan and Annie desperately search for Emma. Zach learns the discouraging
news about Kendall’s condition from Jake. Greenlee is sworn to secrecy
when she learns of one of Bianca’s surprises.

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