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ATWT Previews: Week of October 13


ATWT Spoilers: Week of October 13

Controversy over the gay festival makes for an interesting reunion for Luke.

ATWT Spoilers: Week of October 13
BY: Omar Nobles

Sunday, October 12, 2008, 8:40 PM

The In-Depth Preview

Luke and Noah learn the gay film festival drew criticism for OU, and the college may cut the funding. Dusty arrives shortly before the two head to the student council meeting. Luke gets a little snarky with Dusty and is surprised when Noah wants to speak with him. Luke leaves upset and meets up with Reg at Al’s. There he finds that a student council election will determine the fate of the festival and that Kevin is running for the seat.

Luke and Kevin’s awkward reunion is interrupted by Noah. Luke is goaded into challenging Kevin for the vacant council seat. Later Luke and Noah make amends over Noah’s friendship with Dusty. Brian confronts Luke about posting foundation fliers and the film festival, warning him not to make it political or he’ll quit. When Lucinda learns of this, she tells Brian he can’t quit because they need him.

An angry Lucinda confronts Holden and Lily, wondering if they sent Margo after her for her role in helping Dusty fake his death. Margo and Dallas find evidence connecting Lucinda to Dusty’s "death." Lucinda is later arrested at Lily’s. Lily sneaks out and tracks down Dusty asking him to help her mother. Margo trips Lucinda up during questioning. Holden pleads with Margo to let Lucinda go; Margo insists the person she wants is Dusty, just as he arrives ready to talk. Dusty confesses all to Margo, explaining he did what he did for Johnny, all the while trying to get Lucinda off the hook. Surprisingly Margo lets them both go.

Dusty later tells Lucinda Lily came to him on her behalf. Holden isn’t happy when he realizes Lily went to Dusty for help. Dusty tells Lily they’re now even. Lily things this makes everything right with her and Holden, but Holden says it’s not. This was Dusty’s decision and it should have been hers.

Oakdale Happenings….

Meg tries to make Paul apologize for sending Dusty on a wild goose chase after Johnny. Emily blows off a favor Dusty asks her, and later worries he’ll find out. Carly and Jack’s intimate moment is interrupted by Janet. Katie’s suspicions of Spencer grow stronger after she gets sick from eating Chinese food Spencer gave her. Katie believes she was poisoned but Brad doesn’t believe her. Alison and Casey bond while estranged from their loves. Aaron tells Chris his marriage is over and it’s all his (Chris’) fault. Casey tells Emily he feels she rejected him because of her feelings for Dusty. Chris says goodbye to his parents and Oakdale.

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