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GL Previews: Week of October 20


GL Spoilers: Week of October 20

Reva struggles with the consequences of her pregnancy.

GL Spoilers: Week of October 20
BY: Trish Mahon

Friday, October 17, 2008, 1:20 AM

A Pregnant Pause

People keep asking Reva how she was able to get pregnant at her age.  She confides her frustrations to Buzz.  Josh visits Reva to tell her about Shayne and Reva tells him about her pregnancy.  Jeffrey comes home and asks Josh to stay for dinner, which he declines.  Josh, still in love with Reva, is happy for the couple.  Reva goes to an interview but she realizes that she can’t start a new life while pregnant.  Josh confides to Billy that he is happy for Reva.  Jeffrey later runs into Josh and Josh asks if Jeffrey is ready to be a father.  Jeffrey warns Josh not to go after Reva again.

Later when Josh sees Reva, she tells him about the interview and how she can’t take the job because of her pregnancy.  Reva realizes that Josh isn’t happy about her pregnancy when he can’t talk about her new family.  Josh reminisces with Reva and gives her a gift that reminded him of Marah. Josh wishes her well and goes off to meet Billy.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey is tracking footprints and calls for backup, something that he has never done before.  Frank tells him that he did that because now he has people depending on him.

A Warmed Heart

Olivia is excited to go back to work but when she sees a brochure about heart transplant rejection she becomes upset.  As Emma comes into the room Olivia begins having trouble breathing.  She covers, and Emma tells Olivia that when she grows up, she wants to be a business woman like her Mommy.  Olivia fears that she will never see Emma grown up. Olivia knows that whatever happens, she will always be in Ava and Emma’s hearts. Jeffrey reminds Olivia how much Ava will need her soon. Natalia lets Olivia know how angry she is that Olivia refuses to get the help she needs.  However, she agrees to check herself into Cedars if Natalia will help her out at the Beacon.  Olivia suffers a major setback at Company. Natalia is desperate for Olivia to keep fighting.  Remy and Buzz hurry to help Olivia and she is rushed to the hospital. When Olivia is stabilized, Rick informs Natalia that Olivia needs a pacemaker.  Olivia is prepped for surgery. Before Olivia goes into surgery, Olivia gives Natalia a list of things that she needs done.  Natalia is happy to help Olivia out.

Springfield Happenings….

Frank asks Bill about Lizzie’s whereabouts; Bill lies and says that she is away on business.  When Bill and Alan cross paths, Alan informs Bill that since Bill can’t find Lizzie, he will.  Bill responds that he is meeting with Decker and Alan is stunned to hear that.  Bill tells him that he just wants to ensure that the company is still there when Lizzie returns.  Frank calls Jeffrey and asks Jeffrey to call the judge to issue a search warrant. Alan wants Jeffrey to work alone. Jeffrey agrees and later finds a bag with a lock of hair that may be Lizzie’s.  Bill realizes how much he misses Lizzie.

Ashlee’s confides in Cyrus that Grady and Dinah’s relationship may be more than it seems. Cyrus warns Dinah. Dinah makes a heartfelt confession to Buzz that she wishes her family would take her seriously. Frank lets Cyrus know that because of him, Marina is now with someone good. Remy arrives to take his MCATs. Frank pressures Remy by reminding him how many people were counting on him. Mel reminds him that he saved a life and he is one of the good guys.

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