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AMC Previews: Week of October 6


AMC Spoilers: Week of October 6

Bottles of Bella have been tainted and Adam is the only suspect.

AMC Spoilers: Week of
October 6


Friday, October 3, 2008, 6:45 PM

Bella Causes Chaos At Fusion

Kendall calls Ryan and tells him, she and Zach are taking a very ill Emma to
the hospital.  Kendall faces off with a man who claims his fiancee got sick
from a tainted bottle of perfume of Bella.  Angie confirms the bottles of
perfume were indeed tainted.  Adam is on the receiving end of a lashing
from Kendall as she confronts him about the tainted bottles and her suspicions
of sabotage.  Erica defends Adam much to Kendall's dismay.  Adam holds
a press conference and announces he is filing a lawsuit against Fusion for
distributing tainted perfume.  After hearing the confession from Pete,
Colby confronts Adam about trying to destroy Fusion and involving Pete in his
plans.  Kendall receives some very bad news about Fusion.

Annie is
grilled by Jesse regarding the gun that was found in her room.  Zach has
plans for Annie and sets them into motion by convincing her to see a therapist.
Ryan and Greenlee have a close encounter on the beach, and Aidan is secretly
listening to the exchange.  Zach is frustrated with Kendall when she will
not stay out of everyone's business.  Ryan compels Kendall to focus on her
marriage rather than everyone else's lives.  Annie meets with the therapist
and confess she killed Ritchie.  After Annie's session, Zach contacts the
therapist to find out what he's learned from Annie.  Zach tells Annie that
is she could lose everything she has if she doesn't stop her fight for Emma. 
She makes a startling announcement at the custody hearing that stuns the

Pine Valley Happenings….

  Jake gets too close and Taylor pushes him away.  Pete makes a
shocking confession to Colby about teaming up with Adam to sabotage Fusion. 
Ryan pushes Greenlee away by pulling her into a kiss.  Randi and Frankie
learn what it means to be room mates.  Annie becomes more unhinged when she
is now believing someone is stalking her.  Greenlee is furious to find the
listening device Aidan planted on her earring.  Jesse faces his past that
has come to visit him unannounced and uninvited.

Can’t Miss…..

Jake and Taylor share a dance after she tells him he makes her feel
vulnerable on Monday, October 6 .

Tad makes a confession to Krystal on Tuesday October 7.

Babe hands in her resignation at Fusion on Thursday October 9.

Next week on All My Children…

Jack discovers what Erica's been up to with Adam.  Annie receives a
warning from Zach never to threaten his family.  Kendall and Zach get
themselves back on the right track.  Some are eating crow when Opal's
premonitions start to come true.  Disaster strikes Pine Valley and leaves
many in grave danger.

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