The Spin Cycle: Robin’s Wedding


The Spin Cycle: Robin's Wedding

General Hospital is a soap opera, right? Last week’s General Hospital was a pleasant surprise, and a nice reminder of what this soap opera use to be.

Robin Scorpio, a character we all watched grow from a little girl to a woman about to give birth, planned to marry long time boyfriend Patrick Drake. This wedding was everything that it should be — from veterans long forgotten by this show that watched Robin grow up like Edward & Monica Quartermaine and Bobbie Spencer to her family of Anna Devane, Mac Scorpio, and Maxie Jones and her friends Elizabeth Webber, Jason Morgan, and Sonny Corinthos.

The above people shaped Robin into who she is today. They watched her grieve for her parents, fall in love, bury the man she loved, growing up with the HIV virus, and after a few years away return to town as a doctor, and an adult woman. The show didn’t miss a beat in bringing all of that up either. From Jason & Robin’s stroll down memory lane, to Edward being protective of her when everyone thought Patrick was standing her up, to Mac walking her down the aisle, and everything in between.

The show even went a step further and used this event to dig deeper into the complex lives of the residents of Port Charles. We seen Maxie go to Jason and tell him why he had to come to the wedding and seen her open up to Spinelli about her fears and even bond with Mac. Sonny & Jason talked about when they first became friends and how much things have changed, showing how hurt Sonny is by Jason’s actions. We got an amazing moment between Robin & Anna talking about Robert’s cancer. We even got to see some of Patrick’s softer side – his hopes, and dreams, and learned new things about him.

Now why this is so shocking on a soap opera? I mean, after all isn’t this what soaps are all about? Love & romance in the afternoon right? Well, not on this show. Not anymore anyways. Long gone are the days of Maxi getting BJ’s heart, Stones AIDS story, Monica’s breast cancer, and the love triangle of Jax, Brenda, and Sonny. Replaced by woman being shot by children, children being shot in the head, shootouts in Church’s and hospitals, rapes of young heroines so brutal people can’t watch, and the death of veterans and legacy characters that have no long term effect.

So after a week of love and romance in the afternoon, after a week of Scott Baldwin & Laura reliving their honeymoon in Hollywood as Luke & Tracey are tracking them down with Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu not far behind, after a week of veterans and emotions on display, I have to hope this will continue. Sadly, I know it won’t. So I will keep this week on tape – I mean, save it on you tube – because this without a doubt is the best this show has been since the 90’s.

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