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Day of 'DAYS' Event Recap


Day of 'DAYS' 08 Event Recap

TVSource Magazine’s Jack Peyton attended the recent “Day of ‘DAYS'” Event in Hollywood, CA at Universal Studios.

On Saturday, November 1, 2008, I attended the “Day of ‘DAYS'” fan event in Hollywood, CA at Universal Studios. Before I begin with the recap, I have to give some background on what led to this.

This event was on Nov 1st, the day after Halloween. Now I just turned 21 and my best friend’s parents are out of town. Needless to say I was more than a bit hung-over, especially since I left at 8am for Hollywood. Oh, and it was probably about 60 degrees and raining. Now that may not seem cold to a lot of you, but I live in Southern California — that’s freaking cold for us. I can’t tell you the last time it rained. However, it didn’t start raining until I was there so I was in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. Now on with it…

When I arrived, there was probably about 600 or so people there. Ordinarily I would have been here at 4am, but we’ve already covered why I wasn’t. Anyways, I got a spot next to the red carpet and decided to take a video instead of pictures. Here it is…

In the gallery, you’ll see pictures of the cast. When those were taken, Blake and Deidre were stuck in traffic. Suzanne Rogers wasn’t there for some reason.

I found out they were handing out these awesome Days of Our Lives books that had a photo of every cast member and a picture. Suzanne & Peggy have new pictures! I also won a Days of Our Lives tote bag with a t-shirt, hat, sweet water bottle/canteen type thing, and a notepad (you’ll see that in the gallery).

The first sessions (groups of tables) were Peter Reckell (Bo)/Kristian Alfonso (Hope)/Peggy McCay (Caroline), Thaao Penghlis (Tony)/ Leann Hunley (Anna)/ Joe Mascalo (Stefano), Stephen Nichols (Patch)/Mary Beth Evans (Kayla)/Kevin Dobson (Mickey), Molly Burnett (Melanie)/Galen Gering (Rafe)/Blake Berris (Nick) and Shelly Henning (Stephanie)/Rachel Melvin (Chelsea)/Darin Brooks (Max).

I went for the Shelly, Darin and Rachel table since I didn’t really care about anyone else besides Thaao, Leann and Joe, who already had a super long line.
Shelly was uber sweet. Her hair cut is so cute. I asked her about Stephanie/Philip and she just smiled and said “It’s getting interesting.”

Rachel, whose haircut is also uber cute and her peek-a-boo blonde is amazing, was great. I told her I loved Chelsea & Daniel and she said she enjoys working with Shawn a lot. Darin was my favorite. He asked me how I was and I just kind of grinned and said ok with it being 10am the day after Halloween. He looks at me and nods his head and we discuss hangovers.

Pictures From Event

Note: Click the below image image to bring up the full gallery. There are 15 pictures.

Next up I decide to head over to Molly, Blake, & Galen because they were right across from where I was and the line wasn’t long. Molly & Blake… Ok, first off never been that into him, Blake is hot. Like he just is, and he has this amazing personality. Anyways he was nice. And I can’t stand Melanie at all, but I love Molly. She’s so light and fun and flirty (flirty in a good way, not a whore kind of way. lol). Galen was great, but I knew that because I have met him a ton of times. We got to talking about Rafe & Sami and I told him I was glad he came to days and got paired with Ali because I knew they would have chemistry from when I seen the two of them host the NBC concert in Nashville.

So I still wanted to head to the Thaao/Leann/Joe line was still hella long and I was over it. After some shopping I ran into someone and we chatted and had lunch. I love making new friends, lol.

Ok, so after lunch I head over to the Deidre, Drake, & Eric (Martsolf) line. Now I was torn between them and Shawn/ Ali/Bryan. Or was it James? I forget what other one she was with but I found it odd that Shawn was at her table and not Galen. Wait a minute, it was Bryan because John (Anniston), Arianne and James were at another table. Oh, and James, Renee, and the little kid who plays Theo were together as were Lauren, Jay, and Nadia. But anyways, I chose Dee because I bought that Marlena Barbie doll and needed her to sign it.

The line was long and apparently started in the Thaao/Leann/Joe line. It started pouring down rain again, but I stuck it and made nice with this girl who came to get a picture with Dee and an autograph for her mom. There was also this couple on vacation I made nice with. The four of us discussed everything and then we were next to a huge screen that was showing days clips through the years, that was pretty awesome.

After about 3 hours I FINALLY arrived at the table.

The first person as the table was Eric Martsolf. He was awesome. We spoke for a long time. Drake was last. If you have ever met Drake then you know how that man talks and talks and talks. I think Eric said he starts airing on November 14th, but I don’t exactly remember.

When I got to Deidre, I pulled out my Marlena doll, and she didn’t seem very nice at first. She signed it though, and I asked her if she could put my name on it. After that she seemed really nice. Maybe she thought I was only there to resell it on eBay or something. There was a definite attitude change once I asked for my name on it. I wished her a happy birthday even though it was the day before. We chatted for a bit afterward. She was really nice. I love this woman.
Eric Martsolf noticed the doll I had of Deidre, turned to her and was like “Oh my god, you have a doll?” Dee smiled at him and was like “Yeah, I do.”

Last but not least was Drake Hogestyn. He’s seriously is the best. He really is (I’m serious). All the stars were told not to stand up and take pictures with the fans in order for the lines to move quickly, but Drake didn’t care (Hello, he’s John freaking Black). He stood up for every picture. He is just amazing.

Next up was the finale. It was supposed to be on the stage but it was starting to rain again, so the actors went up to the balcony of the Hard Rock Café. Bryan Dattilo took off his button down shirt, then Stephen (Nichols) took it and threw it over the ledge. James Scott and Ali Sweeney got the loudest reaction from fans when they walked out. Drake & Dee were right behind them in fan reaction, and then Bryan.

I have a video of the November Sweeps Promo and the cast right after. The sweeps promo looks awful on my cam, but oh well.

Then I went home and went to bed for the first time since Friday morning

Final Impressions:

Note: Here are some pics of the items I got/had signed at the event. Click the below image image to bring up the full gallery. There are 3 pictures.

The event was really nice. It was nice to attend an event and have everything presented for you. No one had to pay for pictures, or was told the actor wouldn’t sign a picture or merchandise unless it was bought on site or whatever. The fact that they hand out everything for free, and are so nice to the fans really goes a long way. Especially since we all know DAYS needs the money.

We were given a book with everyone’s picture which all the actors signed. They also signed any other pictures or items (such as my Marlena doll) that we had. That means a lot to fans, who don’t always have money to spend on items once they attend the event. You’d think after paying money (sometimes over one hundred dollars for tickets to one event), you wouldn’t have to pay for pictures too.

I would consider this to be like an NBC version of Super Soap Weekend, very chaotic but a lot more fun.

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