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AMC Spoilers: Week of December 1

Annie finally breaks from reality.

Crazy In Love Or Just Crazy?

Annie insists that Ryan recite his wedding vows, believing that it is their wedding.  Ryan is able to get the knife away from Annie and she is arrested.  Annie continues to break from reality. She is sedated before going to get psychiatric care.  Erica is found in a pool of blood.  At the hospital, Jake operates on Erica.  Ryan feels guilty. Zach admits to Ryan and Greenlee that he knew Annie killed Richie. Ryan warns Zach to stay away from his family.  Ryan grows suspicious of Aidan when he sees him outside of Annie’s room.  Ryan asks Annie who helped her kidnap Emma.  Annie is still delusional and names Richie.  Ryan leaves and Aidan enters Annie’s room. Aidan is convinced that Annie is faking insanity. Feeling guilty, Ryan puts Annie’s care first.  Greenlee walks away from Ryan believing that their love hurts too many people. At Annie’s sanity hearing, Annie has a complete meltdown and makes several accusations against Greenlee. Aidan bribes his way into Annie’s room, how will she react to see her co-conspirator? Ryan and Greenlee know that they can’t be together, but will that stop them from acting on their love?

A Thanksgiving Reunion

Frankie tells Brot that if Brot doesn’t tell Taylor that he is alive, Frankie will. Frankie tells Jake and Jake goes to see Brot. The two get into an argument while Frankie tells Taylor about Brot.  Taylor comes up to Jake and Brot’s fight.  When she sees Brot’s face, she immediately regrets her reaction. Frankie and Jake tell Taylor that Brot feels like he is already dead.  When Brot next comes to see Taylor, she looks into his eyes.  Will this man still be the man she fell in love with in Iraq?  Taylor may not get a chance to find out, as Brot pushes her away. Jake feels that Brot clearly loves Taylor.  Will Brot stay in Pine Valley to try again with Taylor or will he leave her with Jake?

Pine Valley Happenings…

Rebecca is honest with Angie. The two women bond over Natalia coming to live with Jesse and Angie after Rebecca passes away…Krystal confides in Angie about David.  Angie leaves and when she comes back, spies Krystal and David kissing.  Angie warns David to stay away from Krystal. Tad tries to comfort Krystal when she gets upset about celebrating the Holidays without Babe.  Krystal runs out and into the arms of David…Zach’s grief over Kendall consumes him.  Zach tells Bianca and Reese that Kendall is back in Pine Valley. Greenlee visits Kendall and confides in her…JR and Amanda continue to grow closer, much to Adam’s chagrin.  He warns JR to stay away from Amanda. JR comments on how good Amanda is with Little A and Amanda starts to feel guilty about going through with David’s plan…Randi credits Frankie for saving her life.

Can’t Miss

JR admits to Amanda that he wants a drink on Monday December 1st.

Ryan blames himself for all of Annie’s problems and tells Greenlee that Annie’s health is his top priority on Wednesday December 3rd.

Zach receives heartbreaking news about Kendall on Thursday December 4th.

David is up to his old tricks on Friday December 5th.

Coming Soon: Week of 12/08…

David continues his pursuit of Krystal.  Angie realizes how much she has lost out on with Jesse. Bianca thinks that Reese is hiding something from her. Zach turns to David for help.  Ryan is forced to make a difficult decision. Reese is shocked when her father comes to town.

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