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AMC Previews: Week of November 17


AMC Spoilers: Week of November 17

The Hubbard family tries to accept Rebecca and Natalia into the family.

Growing Pains

Believing the end is near for Rebecca, she and Natalia decide to move back to
Denver so she can live out the time she has left in her own home where she’d be
comfortable. Angie’s heart goes out to them and after receiving Frankie’s
blessing, she asks Rebecca and Natalia to move in with her and Frankie.
Rebecca signs a Do Not Resuscitate Order and it upsets Natalia, but after having
a talk with Frankie, she comes to accept her mother’s decision.

When Jesse comes home from Pine Key, he is touched by Angie’s generosity of
allowing Rebecca and Natalia to move in with her and Frankie. Angie is
unsettled when she realizes how well Rebecca knows Jesse.

Emma’s Kidnapping Exposed

After Aidan is shot protecting Greenlee, he is taken to a less than adequate
clinic. Greenlee calls Jake and insists he come down to Pine Key to
perform life saving surgery on Aidan. Jake’s assessment of Aidan is dismal
if he is not transferred back to the hospital in Pine Valley. Jesse, Ryan,
and Greenlee become suspicious of Annie’s involvement in Emma’s kidnapping.
They soon realize Annie has manipulated them and is the culprit of the
kidnapping goose chase. Jesse and Ryan receive word Emma is in an
abandoned church. When the two arrive a the location, the church is on
fire with Emma still inside. After the rescue of Emma, Jesse makes it
possible for Annie, Ryan and Emma to go home to Pine Valley. Ryan tells
Greenlee he is going to make Annie pay for what she has done. Ryan
confronts Annie about her kidnapping scheme and gets more than he bargained.

Pine Valley Happenings

David and Amanda set plans into motion against JR. Colby tries to convince Brot to see Taylor but he
feels it best not to let her know he is alive. Adam tries to recruit Pete to spy on Erica at
Fusion. Gabriella’s christening is not without problems, but Erica stands
up and defends Bianca and Reese to a less than cooperative bigot priest. A
new priest performs the christening. Krystal takes her anger out on Tad,
but David is more than willing to comfort her. Erica asks Randi to the be
the new face of Fusion.

Can’t Miss …

Angie invites Rebecca and Natalia to move in with the Hubbard family on Monday, November 17.

Ryan risks his life to save Emma from a burning abandoned church on Tuesday, November 18.

After an encounter with Brot and Colby, Pete begins to see Brot as
competition for Colby on Wednesday, November 19.

Kendall has a reaction to hearing a recording of her son’s voice on Thursday, November 20!

Greenlee and Erica square off on Friday, November 21.

Coming Soon: Week of 11/24

While Annie desperately tries to keep her wrong doings from exposure, Aidan
is confessing his part to Greenlee. Jake tells Taylor how he really feels
about her. Amanda takes a strong hand with David and she informs him she
is calling the shots now. With her plans on the verge of being exposed,
Annie begins to unravel. Angie’s emotions get the best of her. Aidan
warns Zach about Annie.

All My Children will re-play October 17th episode on Thursday November 27.
Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, AMC will be pre-empted on Friday November 28th
and will resume their regular schedule on Monday December 1st.

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