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ATWT Previews: Week of November 17


ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 17

Janet and Jack deal with an angry Carly.

ATWT Spoilers: Week of November 17
Saturday, November 15, 2008, 7:15 PM

Jack/Janet vs. Carly – The Custody Trial

Jack tries to convince Sage to tell the truth at the hearing. An angry Carly confronts Janet when she finds out. Liberty tries to defend her mother. Janet warns Jack that Carly’s on the warpath. Later Jack and Carly have a confrontation at the school and goes home with her. Jack tells Carly what he thinks of her and feels she wants Jack and Janet to break up. Jack issues Carly a stern warning, declaring if she wants a war, he’ll give her one.

Janet confides to Liberty her fear of losing Jack. Liberty unsuccessfully tries to convince Carly that Janet is much like her, they both make mistakes but it falls on death ears. Carly preps Sage for the custody hearing. Afterwards Parker upsets Sage when he tells her if she says Janet hits her, she won’t be able to be around Jack or Janet anymore. Janet returns Jack’s ring, unable to wear it until the situation with Sage is resolved. Jack strengthens her resolve and puts the ring back on her. Before the trial begins, Holden questions Carly’s true motives for this custody battle. When Holden presses, Carly admits she doesn’t know what she believes anymore.

The Kiss You Didn’t Expect

Lucinda shares with Lily her decision to have a mastectomy, thanks to Brian’s encouragement. Lily shares her Holden her suspicions of Brian’s sudden closeness to her mother. Brian tells Lily and Holden he loves Lucinda. Holden tells Lily they should be glad Lucinda found a friend. Brian goes to update Luke on Lucinda and learns he’s been drinking. He tells him to clean up so he can go see his grandmother. Luke drinks more after feeling rejected by Noah. Alison and Casey get into a fight with Luke and call Noah.

After Lucinda’s surgery, Brian sends Holden and Lily home and is later asked by Lucinda to marry her. Lily is none too pleased with this news. Lucinda defends her proposal. Lily understands Lucinda doesn’t want to die alone and just wants her mother to be happy. Brian has Lucinda sign a prenuptial agreement to show how much he loves her. Soon after they exchange vows.

Meanwhile Noah tries to help sober Luke up. Luke doesn’t want Noah to leave but when he does he follows suit. While on his way home Brian finds Luke and takes him home. Luke breaks down. Brian consoles Luke…then kisses him!

Oakdale Happenings….

Emily suggests Paul pay off Josie and arranges for Dusty to witness the deal. Josie surprises Paul by slapping him. Josie runs off upset that everyone mistrusts her and winds up at Jennifer’s grave. When Dusty finds her, she reveals she’s always felt a connection to Jennifer but was afraid to admit it. Brad and Katie are warned off investigating Spencer any further. Spencer is on a mysterious call admitting she made a mistake by letting Brad see her. Who’s on the other end? That would be Dani, saying she hopes it won’t happen again. Are Dani and Spencer in cahoots?

Paul and Meg learn they’re having a baby girl. Emma tries to accept Paul for Meg’s sake and invites then to Thanksgiving.

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