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GH Previews: Week of January 5


GH Spoilers: Week of January 5

The tangled web of the rival mob organizations gets more complicated; Carly faces off with Claudia; Robin isn’t ready to be intimate.

Family Ties That Bind

To keep Sonny from finding the incriminating evidence against her, Claudia uses seduction to distract him, and hides the evidence without him seeing her do it. Later, wanting to see if he can trust her, Ric tells Claudia it was Anthony who set up Johnny in order for him to want the family’s help to get him out of it. Claudia wants to go to Johnny and tell him but Ric asks her not to. When Carly pays Sonny a visit, she catches Claudia watching the DVD Jerry sent her. While at Sonny’s, the claws come out when Claudia and Carly lash out at each other. Carly vows to Claudia she will make sure Sonny kicks her out of his life for good, leaving Claudia with an uneasy feeling. When visiting Johnny, Claudia encourages him to come back to the family and allow Anthony to help him. After Lulu goes to Luke to help out Johnny, he steps in and visits Sonny. Luke asks Sonny to help get Johnny released from jail. Luke shows up at the PCPD surprising Claudia, Johnny, and Lulu with news the charges against Johnny will be dropped. Later, Claudia receives surprising news when she learns Sonny is provoking a war by moving shipments through Jason’s territory. Lulu begins to suspect Johnny and Claudia are keeping secrets when Claudia reveals to Johnny that she received the DVD from Jerry.

Meanwhile, when Olivia impresses Jax with her knowledge about how the power outage could of happened to the Metro Court, he offers her a job as plant manager of the hotel. Jax and Carly are honest with each other about their feelings and what the future may hold for their marriage. After making plans to spend the afternoon with Jax, Carly splits when she hears from Max, Sonny plans on landing another shipment at Jason’s piers, she goes to intervene. When Jax realizes Carly chose Sonny over him, once again, he invites Olivia for a dip in the hotel’s new swimming pool. Carly accuses Sonny of being jealous every time she takes Jason’s side. When Jax flirts with Olivia, she makes it quite clear she doesn’t mix business with pleasure.

Elsewhere in Port Charles …

Nikolas learns Nadine’s first love was killed in Iraq and she wants no part of Equinox, the company who holds the patent to her aunt’s invention. Patrick informs Sonny that Michael’s condition will never change. Luke and Bobby talk about re-building Kelly’s. Winifred warns Maxie not to get in her way. Ric cautions Luke not to go up against Anthony. Lucky confides in Elizabeth about his strained relationship with Sam. Spinelli and Maxie argue when he finds out she seduced him to distract him from Winifred. Nikolas tries to convince Nadine to sign over the rights to the patent when he believes she won’t be able to handle the situation she’s about to step into. Diane suggests to Alexis she plays matchmaker to get Carly and Jax back together. Ric lets Johnny know he is his only hope of getting released from jail.

Can’t Miss …

Lucky arrests Johnny for assault on Monday, January 5.

When Patrick wants to be intimate with Robin, she pulls away on Tuesday, January 6.

Sam watches on as Lucky spends time with Elizabeth on Wednesday, January 7.

Luke and Sonny discuss who holds all the power in PC on Thursday, January 8.

When Maxie tries to apologize to Spinelli, they are approached by 2 FBI agents on Friday, January 9.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/12…

Jax and Carly take steps forward in getting back together. Nikolas and Nadine take on Washington, DC. Claudia wants to keep the status quo. Jason is offered a deal by Agent Raynor. Claudia applies the pressure for Sonny to get rid of Jason once and for all. Jax and Carly share a romantic evening together. Kate spies on Claudia. Lucky and Sam can’t seem to connect with each other. Sonny accuses Jason of betrayal. Claudia continues her search for the DVD that incriminates her. Maxie puts Spinelli’s mind at ease. Jason and Sonny come clean with each other. Ric grows more suspicious of Claudia. Patrick recalls what happened before disaster struck.

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