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GH Previews: Week of December 22


GH Spoilers: Week of December 22

Patrick and Robin’s wedding day finally arrives.

Going to the Chapel … We’re Going to Get Married

Robin asks Robert to walk her down the aisle and he refuses saying Mac is the one who raised her and should have the honor of giving her away on her wedding day. After talking it over with Mac, Robert agrees to escort his daughter down the aisle. Robin asks Anna to be her maid of honor and Anna is touched by the request. Robin, Patrick, Emma, Anna, Robert, and Mac enjoy a Scorpio family Christmas together.

A Day for Christmas Miracles

Spinelli is asked by Santa Clause himself to save Christmas for the residents of Port Charles. Spinelli and Maxie are given the honors of delivering a few Christmas miracles to those they know and love. Robin gets her Christmas wish when she is able to quiet Emma without help from Patrick. Alan makes a Christmas visit to Monica. Luke, Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas find Laura’s angel and place it on the tree, while Tracy watches the Spencer family enjoy Christmas together.

Elsewhere in Port Charles….

Kate has hopes of spending Christmas with Jax, but he has plans to spend the holidays in Australia with Lady Jane. Sonny enjoys spending the day with Morgan while Carly and Jax share a kiss under the mistletoe. Carly not only blames Sonny for what happened to Michael, but herself. With Spinelli’s help, Jason rescues Sam from the pit. Jason asks Sonny to end his ties with the Zaccharra’s. Alexis takes Sam home from the hospital when she is released, and later Sam and Lucky re-commit to their relationship.

Can’t Miss …

Ric and Claudia hit the sheets on Monday, December 22.

Santa Clause pays a visit to Spinelli with a request on Tuesday, December 23.

Luke visits Heaven when he undergoes bypass surgery – Originally aired on 12/24/2007 on Wednesday, December 24.

GH will be pre-empted on Thursday, December 25.

Maxie cannot overcome the feeling of something is going to go wrong on Robin and Patrick’s wedding day on Friday, December 26.

Coming Soon: Week of 12/29…

Jason and Sonny remain at a stand off. Jax comforts Carly when they remember Michael’s birthday. When Port Charles is hit with a power outage, Jax and Carly grow closer. Luke’s charms and schemes have won over Tracy. Claudia scrambles to cover her tracks. Johnny once again finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Nikolas and Nadine are surprised at what they find.

Wednesday December 31 – To Be Announced

Thursday January 1 – Pre-Empted

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