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ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 22

Jack is none too pleased to see Carly and the kids socializing with Craig.

Oakdale Happenings

Alison returns to Oakdale and tells Casey that she’s serious about getting back together with him. Casey confides in Margo that he’s not sure what to do about his ex. Later, knowing Maddie will be going with them, Noah invites Casey to a New Year’s Eve Party. After Noah gives Maddie a hug, Luke spots the two and immediately becomes jealous, recalling their previous connection. Parker gives Liberty a bracelet for Christmas and she reiterates that she has no feelings for him. Not buying it, he takes a kiss as proof. Although Liberty repeats that she felt nothing, Parker’s determined that she did. Alison receives a text from Lucy and meets her in Old Town. Lucy begs her to keep her return a secret. Alison agrees and gets them a room at the Lakeview. Lucy explains that Johnny is sick and in need of a bone marrow transplant. Lucy asks for her old friend’s help and suggests she start a blood drive in order to collect blood samples from Johnny’s family members. Derek returns to Oakdale with Jade’s ex-boyfriend that made her drive the getaway car. His attempt to hold Jade hostage and escape is foiled when Derek ends up talking him down. After the ordeal, Jade finally asks her aunt why Derek has done so much for her. With no other choice, Lily finally reveals that they think Derek is Jade’s father.

Good Intentions

Vienna finds a manuscript that Henry wrote. It’s a book about Vienna and Henry being hired to look for Lucy and Johnny. Thinking it would be the perfect Christmas present, Vienna asks Lucinda to publish it. However, across town, Henry meets with Maggie who is revealed to be publishing the book for Henry. Once she finds out, Lucinda is furious. Henry reveals he wrote the book to keep Vienna with him after she left him. Meanwhile, Lucinda calls Luke out on being so distant towards Brian lately. Accepting his excuse, Lucinda tries to make love to her husband but they get interrupted. Later, she makes another attempt to get Brian to make love to her, but he gets cold feet and puts a halt on her advances.

A Not So Merry Craigmas

Craig shows up with Christmas presents for Carly’s kids and she isn’t amused. Parker asks about Paul’s car bombing and Craig promises the young teen that he had nothing to do with Paul’s brush with death. He hopes Parker will see him as a friend, and not the enemy. Jack arrives and is less than pleased to see Carly and the kids socializing with Craig. Jack returns home to Janet in a bad mood after seeing Craig and Carly together and Janet tries to cheer him up, reminding him this is their first holiday as man and wife. When Carly and Craig realize Parker forgot his gift, they swing by the farm and Janet tries to prove a point to Jack by being nice to them both. When Dusty and Meg arrive home, they find Craig there waiting for them. He gets emotional when he sees the baby and Carly offers a friendly hug. Noting Dusty’s bond with the infant, Craig taunts him and asks if he’s given up on Johnny. After Craig and Carly leave, Meg realizes that Eliza will never replace Johnny and Dusty will never compensate for Paul’s absence, so she sends him away.

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