Short Return, Permanent Exit for AMC's Egglesfield

Short Return, Permanent Exit for AMC's Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield will return Pine Valley and exit permanently.

After learning that Colin Egglesfield was returning to All My Children, now comes word that his return will be a short one. Egglesfield, who plays Josh Madden, will be leaving AMC this winter. Egglesfield joined the cast of AMC in 2005, replacing Scott Kinworthy, and played the role of Josh Madden until he was dropped to recurring status this fall. TVSource Magazine announced Egglesfield return but at that time it was unknown the length of time he would be appearing. Soaps in Depth is reporting that Josh Madden will be leaving the canvas permanently. With his sister Kendall Hart Slater in a coma, rumors are swirling that Josh’s death will help save Kendall.

The role of Josh Madden has been one of the most controversial roles in daytime history. In 1973, Erica Kane had the first legal abortion on daytime. Fast forward to 2005 and through the magic of creative soap writing, Erica Kane’s fetus was implanted into another woman’s womb. The Kane family eventually accepted him as one of their own. During his first stay in Pine Valley, Josh started out as a producer on Erica’s talk show. Then he worked at the hospital before he began to work for Zach at the casino. He left Pine Valley after he embezzled $20 million from Cambias Industries this past fall.

Egglesfield will appear in several episodes in January. No word yet on his start date or his end date. Stay tuned to TVSource Magazine for any upcoming news.

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