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AMC Previews: Week of December 29


AMC Spoilers: Week of December 29

The residents of Pine Valley ring in the new year!

Zach & Reese’s Midnight Liplock!

Bianca and Reese decide to have a small commitment ceremony at the casino as soon as it reopens. While Bianca is detained at home tending to Gaby, Reese and Zach ring in the New Year together and share a friendly kiss at midnight. You know what they say about New Year’s! Will Reese be the one Zach is with this year? Later, Bianca is surprised when she opens her door to Simon, the man Reese was once meant to marry. Zach and Reese dismiss their New Year’s kiss and try to convince themselves it was nothing. Simon gives Bianca and earful about his past with Reese. Bianca is worried that Reese is keeping secrets from her. Reese isn’t happy to see ex-fiancé Simon. Reese and Bianca clear the air.

Drawn To The Devil

David continues to draw Krystal further in by miraculously having all the fire damage at the house repaired overnight. Colby is troubled by Krystal’s defense of David and tells Adam and JR about it. Krystal arranges for Winifred to watch Kathy and Jenny so that she can go see David. Krystal throws herself into David’s arms, telling him he’s the only thing she needs. Krystal wakes up in David’s bed feeling guilty about what she’s done. Krystal has a panic attack when Joe summons her to the hospital to break the news that Tad has been reported missing in the Congo while searching for Jamie. JR and Jake notice Krystal’s growing connection to David.

Annie’s Flies Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Still thinking she’s Emma, a delusional Annie confronts Ryan and Greenlee at the penthouse. Opal arrives with Emma, who immediately flies into Annie’s arms. Annie is completely confused by Emma. A courageous Ryan is knocked unconscious as he tries to subdue Annie. Meanwhile, Aidan narrowly avoids being discovered by Jesse at Oak Haven. Dr. Sinclair continues to grow suspicious of Aidan, who takes his crazy act over the line and is thus sedated. Greenlee taunts Annie in order to give Ryan the chance to gather his wits and restrain her. Annie is taken back to Oak Haven after Jesse arrests her. An unhinged Greenlee is convinced Annie will never stop coming after her. Greenlee has another telling nightmare and tries to cover how truly upset she is in front of Ryan. Aidan discovers that Dr. Sinclair put a hidden camera in Annie’s room and has been secretly videotaping her.

It’s Not Because He’s Lonely…It’s Not Because It’s New Years

Emma tells Ryan she likes having her buddy Greenlee around. Ryan and Greenlee spend a romantic New Year’s Eve together at the penthouse. Greenlee is caught off guard by Ryan’s sudden marriage proposal. Ryan tries to ease Greenlee’s fears and insecurities. Opal reads Greenlee’s Tarot cards and sees nothing but happiness for her and Ryan. After Greenlee leaves, however, Opal senses something horrific will happen if Greenlee marries Ryan. Ryan is thrilled when Greenlee accepts his marriage proposal.

Elsewhere In Pine Valley….

Adam realizes that JR fell off the wagon and rightfully blames Amanda. Colby turns Pete down when he asks her out on date for New Year’s Eve. Brot thanks Zach for getting the charges against him dropped. Amanda collects her wages from David. David dedicates the new wing at the hospital in Babe’s memory. Claiming he’d be better off without her, Amanda tells JR she can’t see him anymore. Taylor fakes a fall when she realizes Brot plans on leaving for good once she’s up and walking again. Jake bites the hand that feeds him when he publicly criticizes David at the ceremony. Amanda finds JR fighting the urge to drink.

Coming Soon: Week of 1/5

JR takes action against David. A suspicious Bianca finds Reese with Zach. Adam wants to know where he stands with Ms. Erica Kane. David is one step closer to getting what he wants. Brot realizes Taylor has been lying to him. Opal accuses Krystal of having an affair with David. Bianca decides to play with fire when it comes to Zach & Reese’s willpower. Tad learns his darling wife has been spending most of her time with David.

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