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ATWT Previews: Week of December 29


ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 29

A new year brings a second chance for Maddie and Casey.

Oakdale Happenings

Dusty is disappointed Johnny will not be there with him, and tells Meg he should of considered joint custody with Craig. After visiting Paul in the hospital, Josie visits Dusty and tells him about Paul’s visions in the hopes of helping him but Dusty doesn’t want to hear it. Meg convinces Dusty to listen to Paul’s visions because he has been right in the past, so they go visit Paul in the hospital. After hearing what Paul’s vision entails, Dusty calls his PI for any new leads and is disappointed to hear there is no news. To distract Casy, Allison tries to seduce him, but she turns off the heat when it becomes to heated for her. Casey is confused by her hot and cold attitude but Allison won’t confess. Maddie overhears and runs off, in tears. Casey follows and tries to explain what she had heard. He apologies but Maddie rejects him. Allison finds Casey alone in the lobby, and the two share a New Year’s Eve kiss.

Stealing Kisses

Brian and Lucinda can’t decide on what they should do for New Year’s Eve. Lucinda sends Brian packing to the Metro, alone. Finding Noah, Maddie tells him all about what she heard between Allison and Casey. Noah takes Maddie to Al’s and Luke sees them walking out together. In a drunken stuper, Luke and Brian share a kiss, and Noah, who’s walking out of the diner, misinterprets the kiss and punches Brian for taking advantage of a drunk Luke. Brian, left battered is found by Lucinda. He hides why he is injured and tells her he was mugged. Noah later learns the truth and storms off upset.

Apologies & Second Chances

Bonnie extends an invitation to Jade to meet her at Metro. Jade rejects Bonnie’s intentions for her and Derek to get together. Luke tells Jade he cannot accept her apology. She follows him in the hopes of making peace with him, but runs into Derek and Bonnie. Derek makes it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with her, and Jade surprises him when she explains why she was really there. Jade finally catches up with Luke and they patch things up, while Bonnie’s apology to Derek is accepted. Henry wonders about Maddie’s intentions towards Casey and doesn’t want to see her heart get broken again. He reluctantly agrees to give both Casey and Maddie another chance.

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