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JaSam Fans Open Forum on ITZ Radio


JaSam fans speak their mind this monday on In The Zone Radio.

Recently on In The Zone Radio, we were joined by a very nice Jason and Sam fan who spoke out about her favorite couple and their possible upcoming storyline. We talked about how the writers of General Hospital ruined couples in 2007 and now they are looking to possibly re-building Jason and Sam, and, Liz and Lucky. We held discussion on this topic for a good hour on LIVE air, and continued the conversation off air for another 30 minutes. It was intense and intelligent conversation regarding all couples involved.

We enjoyed the discussion so much, we invited the Jason and Sam fans to In The Zone Radio for an ON AIR discussion about their favorite couple and why the fanbase has stuck it out for the past couple of years. We have opened up our forum to the fanbase on Monday, December 29 for a special two hour edition of our show talking Jason and Sam, and GH discussion.

In The Zone Radio airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 10PM EST on the Blog Talk Radio Network. We offer our listeners 90 minutes of soap discussion and our phone lines are open for the duration for our listeners to call in and talk to us. Our show is open to any soap fan or fanbase to use to discuss the positive and negative aspects of Daytime, soap opera, characters, couples or storylines.

If you’d like to join us on Monday night for the Jason and Sam discussion, you may call in after 10PM EST at 347-996-5978 or visit our Blog Talk Radio page. There will be a live chat room for those of you who don’t want to call in but would still like to communicate with us. We hope you join us!

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