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AMC Spoilers: Week of December 22

Ryan & Greenlee make love; Zendall gets a Christmas miracle!

Ryan & Greenlee: One Step Forward

Greenlee runs into Jake, who’s grumpy after having been forced to play Santa for the kids at the hospital and they commiserate over the miserable state of their lives. Inspired by Jake’s tales of Santa woes, Greenlee takes Jake’s Santa suit and drops in on Ryan and Emma. Ryan is impressed by Greenlee’s skill at cheering Emma up. Greenlee and Ryan can’t fight their feelings and end up in each other’s arms. Ryan and Greenlee are on the brink of making love but are interrupted by a phone call from Oak Haven saying Annie had an accidental near overdose. Greenlee watches a Christmas video of Ryan, Annie and Emma in happier times and feels like a dirty home wrecker. Ryan returns to an empty house. Ryan wears down Greenlee’s resistance as he begs her to give them another chance at happiness and let go of the guilt she feels. Greenlee has a nightmare after making love to Ryan.

Zendall’s Christmas Miracle

Zach goes to the hospital with his hopes held high. Kendall’s condition remains unchanged and her prognosis is still grim. As Zach sits by Kendall’s bedside hoping for a miracle, Kendall’s spirit rises from her body and follows Zach when he leaves her room with broken dreams and dashed hopes. Kendall’s spirit watches over Zach and their family on Christmas.

Annie’s Reality Worsens

Annie wakes from her overdose and seems to be her old self again when she recognizes Aidan by her side. Annie escapes from Oak Haven and heads to Ryan’s penthouse thinking she’s actually Emma. Aidan quickly realizes that Annie is still as delusional as ever. Aidan sees Annie leaving the sanitarium and is desperate to break out before she hurts someone. Will Annie and Greenlee cross paths at Ryan’s penthouse?

Elsewhere In Pine Valley….

Bianca gives Reese an engagement ring. JR is grateful for Amanda’s help with Little A. JR panics when he realizes he loses one of Babe’s keepsakes. Amanda finds Babe’s “magic” shell but hides it from JR. A guilt-ridden Amanda manipulates JR into taking a drink. Krystal lashes out at David when she discovers that he’s been drugging her for weeks. Krystal goes into a tirade and accidentally knocks over a candle which sets the curtains on fire after David walks out. Greenlee urges Jake to reach out to Taylor. A jailed Brot rejects Taylor’s offer of help and seems to have abandoned his fighting spirit. Taylor turns to Zach for help with Brot, who’s released from jail after Zach pulls some strings. Brot is uncomfortable when Taylor embraces him and quickly leaves. David rescues Krystal from the fire. David comforts Krystal, and meets little resistance. David manages to learn that JR is taking Little A to the Chandler lodge for Christmas and sends Amanda there to push JR further towards falling off the wagon. Amanda feels guilty for what she’s done to JR.

Coming Soon: Week of 12/29

Krystal finds comfort in David’s arms. JR defends Amanda from Adam’s accusations. Ryan pops the question to Greenlee. Zach and Reese share a friendly kiss. Bianca gets an unexpected visitor. Opal takes a peek into Greenlee’s future. Zach and Reese want to put their kiss behind them. Aidan makes a surprising discovery.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: *All My Children Rebroadcasts 10/20/08 and 10/21/08’s episodes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.*

Wednesday, 12/24 (OAD 10/20/08): Zach digs through the rubble at the beach house searching for Kendall but comes upon Bianca, who’s eight months pregnant. Zach finds an unresponsive Kendall buried under the debris with a severe head wound and manages to get her breathing again. Kendall is taken to the hospital barely clinging to life. Bianca goes into labor. Aidan rescues a trapped Ryan before another twister roars through the area. Angie works desperately to try and stop Babe from bleeding to death but her efforts appear to be in vain. Adam confesses his devious actions to Erica.

Thursday, 12/25 (OAD 10/21/08): Frankie tries to save Kendall’s life but her condition remains critical. Jake insists that he’s capable of performing Kendall’s surgery. Zach helps Bianca deliver a baby girl. A hand breaks through the rubble and grabs Erica as more rocks tumble down on her. Pete promises Colby that he’ll find Adam. Krystal and JR sit vigil as Babe’s operation begins. Babe wants JR to marry her right away. Annie tries to convince Ryan that Emma really has been kidnapped. Jesse confesses to Angie that Natalia is his daughter.

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